The Gangs

Gangs: "A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents."
Most gangs are made because of lables, and two of the most deadly, well-known rivals are 'emos' and 'chavs'. 15 year old gang leader Hope is caught up in all of this and her choices will not only destroy her life, but also Jesse's, her older brother.


3. Chapter 3: Hope

Chapter 3: Hope

I woke up, being blinded by a small piece of sunlight creeping through the cracks between the pieces of wood which replaced the windows. I groaned and turned over to face the clock which was on the desk beside me. 3:30pm.

“Taylor it’s time to wake u-” I stopped myself, realizing I was alone. Then everything came flooding back to me. The fight. Tonight. In eight and a half hours, my craving for revenge will finally be fed. I won’t have to feel this guilt anymore and for once in my life, I will make Taylor proud.

      My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I yelled. Scar's head popped around the corner.

"Hi." He said, walking into the room and sitting on my bed next to me.

"How's Jesse?" I said.

"I got Mercy to bring him some food this morning." He said. "And he told me to tell you not to fight."

"I have to. For Taylor." I said my voice broke as I said his name. Scar leant in and hugged me.

“But he wouldn’t want you too. He would want you to let go, to be safe.”

"Did you talk to Sorrow yesterday?" I said, attempting to change the subject.



"She really doesn't like Harp; I wouldn’t leave them two alone together." He said, sounding concerned.

"Ok, make sure someone is watching them both at all times." I said. "Anyway, I'm going to get ready, then see Jesse." I began to walk to the chair which had the clothes I wore yesterday on it. Scar kissed the top of my head and left the room, and I put on my clothes. I did my hair and make-up then brushed my teeth and left the room.

            As I got closer to the room where Jesse was, nerves and dread filled my body. A few ‘bangs’ and ‘thuds’ came from the room. I walked in. Jesse was lying on the floor, still tied up, and covered in blood. Shark was stood over him and Moon was stood in front of him. None of them realised that I had walked in.

“Stop it Shark.” Moon cried, trying to push him back.

“Get out of the way.” Shark grunted. Moon refused to move and Shark raised his hand, about to slap her. Jesse was trying to yell at Shark and break free from the tape.

“What’s going on?” I yelled. They all turned in perfect unison. Jesse continued to struggle, but this time his anger was directed at me as well as Shark. Shark looked at Moon, whose eyes were begging him not to tell me about what had just happened.

“Nothing.” He said in and angry voice. He pushed pass me and stormed out of the room.

“Moon, why don’t you go gets some food or something whilst I quickly speak to Jesse.” I said and she silently left the room. I turned to Jesse. “Hi.” I said nervously. I walked over to him and took the tape off of his mouth.

“You’re a fucking idiot!” He yelled at me coldly.

“I know you’re angry about this bu-”

“I’m angrier about the fact that you are still going to fight.” His voice was calmer this time.

“I’m sorry.” I said, put the tape back on his mouth, and left.

      The next few hours passed as a blur. The wait was killing me, but soon enough, the time came. Adrenaline was already taking over my body. Everyone was buzzing with excitement as we walked to the warehouse, everyone except Blood. Her twin brother Pablo, who normally gets called Pub, is in the chav gang. No one really knows why they both joined different gangs, but apparently their dad died in a fire when they were both ten and that changed them.

            We reached the warehouse at exactly midnight the chavs were waiting for us. They were outnumbering us, thirteen to eleven. Everyone pulled a knife out of their bags, boots or pockets, and stood opposite them. Glares were exchanged, but no words. Then the fight began.

            Erik and Mel came towards me straight away. The rest was a bit of a blur. Mel went to stab me in the leg but I quickly grabbed hold of her knife before she could. Although it was almost completely blunt, it still managed to cut my right palm. I flinched in pain as I pulled the knife out of her hand, and then held on to the handle. I pointed both knives towards her, and just as I was about to stab her, an arm went around my body, holding my arms to it, and a knife was at my throat. Everyone had stopped fighting.

"If you want her to survive then you better leave now." Erik yelled to my gang.

“Let’s go.” Shark said, but the gang ignored him.

“Go” I said, and they all reluctantly left.

            Just as they all faded into the night, I remembered that I still had two knives. I pierced one of them into the side of Erik’s leg. He roared in pain and his grip weakened. I ran, as fast as I could, but not fast enough. Someone leaped on to my back, tackling me to the ground. The knife I was holding started to cut into my left hand.

“Let go of the knife.” The person, who I think is Spoons, ordered.

“No.” I said, attempting to break free, but I couldn’t.

“Come on love, I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispered with concern. I refused again.

"’K, ‘ard way it is." He said, with regret, as he grabbed a handful of my hair and smashed my head against floor. Everything went black.

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