The Gangs

Gangs: "A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents."
Most gangs are made because of lables, and two of the most deadly, well-known rivals are 'emos' and 'chavs'. 15 year old gang leader Hope is caught up in all of this and her choices will not only destroy her life, but also Jesse's, her older brother.


2. Chapter 2: Jesse

Chapter 2: Jesse

Crap! I knew I shouldn't have followed Hope here and now I'm going to die. His knife moved closer, to the point where I could feel it lightly grazing my throat. I tried to move away from it but the wall I was pushed against prevented me from doing so.

"Do you know him?" The aggressive asked boy, trying his hardest to not break eye contact with me.

"Yes Shark, he's my idiot of a brother." Hope groaned as she glared at me.

"What should I do with him?" Shark hissed. Fear shot through me.

"Give me his phone and Blood go get Cutta and some tape." Hope ordered coldly.

Blood scurried off obediently whilst Shark rummaged through my pockets, hunting for my phone. Once he found it, he tossed it to Hope. An awkward silence filled the room whilst she sent a text to someone.

"I sent a text to mum and dad saying that we are sleeping at a mate's house for a few nights and that we will be back on Monday." She said, before putting my phone in her pocket.

"Can I at least have my phone back?" I said. The knife got even closer and started to cut a little deeper. "I guess that's a no then."  There was another silence, which was broken by the sound of footsteps getting closer. Blood and a boy, who I guess is Cutta, came into sight. Cutta had spikey dark brown hair and brown eyes. Like the others, he had black make up on and chipped black nail varnish but he also had a small black tear painted underneath his right eye.

"Who's this? What does he want? Why is he still alive?" Cutta questioned whilst pointing at me. Great, a psycho called Cutta wants me dead, well that’s made me feel a lot better.

"That's my brother, Jesse." Hope said.

"Ok, so why did you want the tape?" Cutta said, sounding confused.

"The normal reason, tie him up, Shark will help you, and when you’re done bring him where the rest of us are." Hope ordered, again.

“Seriously?” I asked.

Shark moved his knife away from my throat, and Hope punched me in the gut. I grunted in pain and bent double.

“Seriously.” She confirmed as she and Blood ran back up the stairs.

"Put your hands behind your back." Cutta demanded. I refused, which after seconds of doing, I realised was a big mistake.

Another fist flew into my gut and causing me to grunt again. Shark put his arm around my throat.

"Do what he says." Shark whispered in my ear.

"Put them behind your back or we will make you." Cutta threatened, but again I refused. Cutta's fist flew into my gut again. The arm around my neck got tighter and tape was slapped over my mouth. I kicked back, kicking Shark in his ‘man parts’. I then punched forward, hitting Cutta in the gut, making him crouch down. Then, in one smooth movement, I bought my fist back, elbowing Shark in the face, then punched forward, punching Cutta in the face. They both fell to the floor. I went to run out of the door, but as I did, Shark grabbed my ankle, and I fell to the floor.

Within seconds of me falling, Cutta jumped on my back, and violently taped my hands together behind my back. Shark did the same with my feet.

"You can tell he's Hope's brother, always doing things the hard way." Cutta joked whilst Shark grabbed a handful of my hair and used it to get me to stand up. As soon as Shark let go of it, I head butted him, causing Shark’s nose to bleed. Cutta quickly grabbed a handful of my hair.

"Walk, well at least try to." Shark said with a smirk whilst Cutta pulled at my hair. At first I didn’t move, but after a few more punches, I decided that it is the smartest thing to do.

I hopped up several flights of stairs and into a room filled with psychotic looking people. The room had black walls and carpet. Everything in there was black accept a few lights which only let off a dim glow. Shark and Cutta threw me into a corner of the room before standing with the others. I continued to struggle. I recognised a few of the people because Hope has told me about them before. Cutta stood next to Tear, a pretty brown haired girl. Her hair was long and straight and her skin was slightly tanned. She had green eyes which were made up with thick black make up and a tear painted under her right eye like Cutta. I continued to look around the room until I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

A small black heart tattoo marked her pale skin on her left hand, making me think that she was Moon. Her skinny jeans and corseted top highlighted her tall and curvy body. Her curly, chocolate brown hair was put into to equal pigtails, and her side fringe was perfectly straightened. Her eyes were as blue as the sea, and were complimented by her carefully applied black make-up.

Shark stood next to Hope.

"Shall we start?" Hope asked whilst eight members got into a semi-circle. Hope, Shark, Scar and Harvey were stood in the front. Harvey was short and chubby. He had swept over black hair and brown eyes. He had less eyeliner on compared to the others but did have a line painted at both corners of his mouth. Scar was tall and skinny. He also had brown eyes covered in eye liner and two lip piercing. There was a small red cross on his left cheek bone and his black hair, with a few blond highlights, was long with parts spiked up at the back. He looked like someone you really don’t want to mess with.

"Harvey would like to join the gang today." Hope announced "We have told him the risks, rules and consequences and he understands and accepts them all. Has anyone got any reasons why he can't?"

"I do." A short girl mumbled. She was chubby with long, wavy black hair and red highlights. Her black make up was applied beautifully around her green eyes. She had a small nose stud in and a painted on smile.

"Why not Sorrow?" Hope said.

"I don't trust him." She replied. Hope looked around the room, clearly not sure what to do.

"We'll have a vote." Hope said. "Who's for?" The whole room except Sorrow put their hands up.

"I'm sorry Sorrow. Scar, do the honours." Hope said. Scar began to cut something into the back of Harvey’s neck.

"Your are now Harp" Scar said.

            When Scar had finished he nodded to Hope, who nodded at the rest of the group. Some of the others walked out of the room, leaving me with Hope, Shark, Cutta, Tear, Moon, Scar and another girl who I think is called Eternal. The group of them moved closer to me.

"Is he your brother?" Tear asked.

"Yep" Hope said popping the p.

"Where's he sleeping tonight?" Said Moon

"My room and I want you to watch him." Hope replied.

"Where will you sleep?" Cutta said.

"Taylor's room." Hope said. Sympathy for Hope overpowered my anger. Taylor was her life. Seeing him be murdered and the guilt that came with his death is slowly killing her, I can tell.

"Cutta, Shark, Moon and Tear, can you take him to my room, and check there are no sharp objects in there and Scar and Eternal go and talk to Sorrow please." Hope ordered avoiding eye contact with me. She walked out the room.

Shark dragged me by my feet across a hallway and into a bedroom whilst the other three followed. The room was exactly like Hope's room at home, except smaller and had hardly any furniture in it.

"How longs he staying here for?" Tear said.

"Until after the fight." Cutta said whilst kissing her then they both continued helping Moon search the room. Shark pushed me into the corner whilst Moon and Shark searched the room.

"All clear." Cutta stated as he ripped the tape off of my mouth.

“Why did you even have to check?” I asked my mouth stinging.

“In case you hurt us or yourself.” Tear said in a quiet voice.

“I’m not a stupid little emo like you.” I spat. Cutta’s face changed instantly. He moved forward and I braced myself for a kick in the guts, but before his foot touched me Tear stopped him. Shark slapped some more tape on my mouth and then left with Tear and Cutta, leaving me alone with Moon. She sat down on the chair and started flicking through an old copy of ‘Kerrang’ magazine. After looking at it for a few minutes, Moon put it down and looked at me. Her eyes met mine, and for the rest of the day I sat there, mesmerized by her beauty.



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