The Styles Twins (Styles Love Story)

When Harry's long lost twin brother Edward, moves to his school. Everything changes. There was also a girl named Adrianna who transfered from Sydney, Australia. Beverly Hills High School. BHHS for short. A school filled with snotty, cocky rich people. And who knows if Edward will turn bad too. And what happens when Adrianna gets stuck in a love triangle that might never end?


2. Chapter 2

Adrianna's P.O.V.

I'm seriously starting to get annoyed by the people here and hate this school. After all those boring classes I went to, so much dirty looks and glares head towards my direction. But some people were nice enough to smile at me. And of course the boys winked, they're all the same. What did I do to deserve this? Anyways, lunch finally came. I was STARVING. Food's the most important thing in my life, without it I'd be crushed.

So I went in the line in the cafeterai for about, hmm 1.. minute? And people started spreading out a path for me to go. I just gave them a confused look when a brungette in front of me told me that I could cut. I said no and we ended up talking and we had lots of things in common.

I finally got my lunch, a burger(which looks...pretty nasty), water(probably from the faucet), and a slice of cake(it has molds on it). I would've thought a rich school would have good foods but I thought I was wrong.

"I walked around the cafetera for like ages and tried to find a table to sit at. Nerds, dorks, cool ones, jocks(which my brother's in) and the popular table. Most of the tables were occupied with people giving me death glares. Can people just chill out? I'm the new girl. And gues what? You know that Edward guy? He's new too and look who's sitting with the so called populars(my way I call them the dumbheads). I guess you get lots of attentions when you see someone who looks JUST like you.

"I was trying to go to a table where it was empty but people kept trying to trip me. Ughh. I was almost...there... Adrianna you can do it. I was just about to exit the dumbhead world until someone bumped into me. My tray ended up flying and smashing into a blonde girl's face.

"You bitch!" She exclaimed being over dramatic. I looked up at her to see her covered in meat(from the burger) and cream on her hair. I just snickered at the sight. I fished my iPhone 5 out of my purse and took a picture of the hilarious sight. This is totally going on twitter and tumblr.

"Well it wasn't my fault that you're blind." I snapped. I was never a person with good temper. The chatters in the room suddenly died down and the attention was on us. It seems like a drama scene but add some spotlights.

"What. Did. You. Say?" She asked through gritted teeth, getting angrier by the minute.

"You're deaf too? I'm sorry that I embarrassed you in front of everyone." I fake gasped and saying it in a sympathic tone.

"Don't pity m. You're just jealous I'm prettier and richer than you." She said. I scoffed and laughed. People started to give me weird looks and she just looks she's on cloud 9. Until I bring her down.

"Well let's just see who's richer. What does your parents work for?" I asked probably interrupting her daydream.

"My dad used to be a international singer. And my mom was a fashion designer." I looked at her laughing shaking my head. This girl can be so stupid. "Better jobs than yours?"

"Nope" Popping the p sound. "My dad created twitter and my mom is a music producer and supermodel."

Loud gasps were heard around the room. I just smiled at her and spotted Nina waving for me to come over. At least, I've made a new friend today. I sighed making my way towards the table.

"Woah girl. You're rich." She said, also surprised.

"Thanks? I think I've seen you somewhere on TV before." I said, thinking my hardest at where I've seen her.

"Vampire Diaries?" she asked.

"That's a really good show. Elena's better with her humanity off... Wait omg." She laughed at me at my slowness. I can't believe I was talking with THE Nina Dobrev!

"Well now that you know me, that's Miranda, she's a model for Victoria Secret." She introduced me to her friend. Miranda looked up from her phone and we both gasped. Then, we both squealed not caring the looks we got from everyone.

"Do you know each other?" Nina asked confused. Miranda was my best friend since we were born, out moms were best friends and so were we.

"Yeah, I've known Miranda since I was in Australia." I explained to her.

"Oh yeahhhhhh. Miranda always talked about you and I would often get confused." The bell rang and I was still starving since the blonde bimbo is technically wearing my lunch. My next class was dance and none of them are in it. Why does God hate me so much?


Here's the second chapter! I hope you enjoy it. And thanks for the likes, comments and favorite from the last chapter. And please comment and favorite :) XX



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