The Styles Twins (Styles Love Story)

When Harry's long lost twin brother Edward, moves to his school. Everything changes. There was also a girl named Adrianna who transfered from Sydney, Australia. Beverly Hills High School. BHHS for short. A school filled with snotty, cocky rich people. And who knows if Edward will turn bad too. And what happens when Adrianna gets stuck in a love triangle that might never end?


1. Chapter 1

Harry's P.O.V.

The English room filled with chatters when I walked in. Everyone turned their heads to look at me with a smile and waved. Some winked and I just winked back and flirted. I walked to my regular seat which was in the middle of the large classroom. I laid my head on my desk, English was so boring. Before I even knew it, slumber took over me as soon as I closed my eyes.

"MR. STYLES!!!!" Someone yelled causing me to jolt in my seat. I looked around in frustration to see who woke me up when I came face to face with Mr. Moore. I backed up a little, letting out a nervous laugh.

"Umm hi Mr.Moore. How's your day going so far?" I said nervously, slightly shaking. I can't get in detention today, apparently there's an really important dinner tonight.

"As I was sayimg, we have 2 new students transferring from Europe. One's from the UK and the other's from Australia." Whispers spread around the room quickly, and somehow I felt excited.

The two new kids came in and I choked on air as I saw the first kid. He had brown curls, hazel eyes, some weird nerdy glasses and he looked exactly like me! Like a copy of me! And he also wore a paper airplane necklace, like me.

Again, gasps and murmurs filled the room. Even Mr. Moore was surprised at the sight. People started to look at me and give me weird looks and I just shook my head. I rubbed my eyes to see if I was imagining him since I just woke up from my sleep.

"Holy Shit!" The both of us yelled.

"Why do you look like me?!" I freaked out. This is just creepy, maybe he's a clone people made of me.

"I don't know!" The kid yelled, he started to pull his hair in frustration, that's what I do when I'm frustrated.

"Anyways, this is Edward Cox and the girl is Adrianna Harris." Mr. Moore rudely interrupted our conversations making the both of us glare at him.He pointed  to the both of them as he explained and my eyes flickered to the brunette. She was pretty, but I had a girlfriend.

Edward's P.O.V.

I almost died when I saw that kid... He was just like me. Could he be...? No he couldn't be... But I was stil really curious. Why does he look like me? What is he doing here if he's my real brother? Shouldn't we be together and living in the same house?Millions of questions formed in my head. I thought I was gonna explode.

Also, I couldn't take my eyes off that girl who's new as well as me. She was beautiful. Wait what? What am I thinking? I don't even know her yet? She might even be a rich, snotty brat. Besides, I think I have to figure out this look-a-like problem before anything else. It's highly possible that he's my twin brother... I mean, I lived with my mom. Where's my dad? My mom said he left when I was younger. As I grew up, my mom made a confession, they divorced and I had a brother and sister. That's all she said.

As our English teacher, Mr. Moore, and the other students kept whispering and muttering things, I thought I was already popular in this school due to my brother. Mr. Moore made me sit in that guy's seat. I assumed his name was Harry, since the teacher called him that. What a coincidence, my middle name is Harold.

"Harry Styles, would you please move so Edward can sit in your seat?" Mr.Moore asked, more like demanded. Harry looked pretty frustrated to move, but he reluctantly stood up and grabbed his things and moved in the seat behind. I sat at my seat and listened to the boring talks of Shakespear.


Heyyyy! I started this story with my co author. So please comment, like and favorite. And tell me if I should continue this or delete it :) xx 


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