My Love

One Direction:
The World's most famous boyband. Girls worldwide love them - some may even be in love with them.

Louis Tomlinson had already broken many girls hearts, simply by dating his beautiful girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.
Louis always had feelings for someone else though. And one night, in the middle of it all, it suddenly hits him.

Not only has he fallen for Harry Styles, ever since the day he met him. He now realized, he loves Harry.


"Please... Harry. Don't do this to me. I swear, this is just like a bad flue; I'll get over it!" I almost cried while my voice broke, it has officially let me down.
"Louis... I'm sorry." His raspy voice sounded hurt. He avoided eye contact with me - both knowing he'll break down, if he looked into my eyes.

And that was it. Until this day today, he's been avoiding me. That's the last memory I have of him. The last memory of My Love.


2. The Dream.

It’s always lovely with a cup of tea. I sat there with my cup, watching the boys play a game of Fifa. Niall versus Zayn. I didn’t really cheer for any of them, since my mind got the best of me and started to wander off. Valentine’s coming up soon and I’m supposedly taking Eleanor out to a fancy restaurant, at least that’s what she want us to do. I’ve actually asked Harry about what he’s going to do, but he just shrugs and says he’ll probably ‘hang with friends’.

“YES! YES! I WON! I WON!” Niall literally screamed and therefor also dragged me back to reality, and just when I was beginning to think about Harry…

“Okay, you won! Now shut up, we all got it!” I laughed and reached out for a pillow to throw at him. “Let him have his moment,” Harry said with a smile and sat down next to me, resting his legs on my lap. I leaned back, took a sip of my tea and tried not to act like my heart was running a race, and also being the quickest in the competition. “Never,” I took a look at Niall again and winked at him, just to let him know that I’m absolutely serious and not kidding with this one. He just smiled and switched places with Liam, since it’s his turn against Zayn now. Obviously, Niall didn’t understand the seriousness in my wink…




His brown hair fell down, slightly covering his eyes as they were focusing on the convolute I just gave him. He managed to open it and immediately showed his dimples the second he saw what it was.

“Concert tickets to Arctic Monkeys! Babe, you’re the best!” He pulled me into a hug, one of those special hugs you only give to the people you love. I kissed his cheek, but he turned his head and caught my mouth instead. Not shortly after, our tongues were playing with each other. Teasing.

“What the fuck is going on?!” A disgusted, female voice screamed. I pulled away from Harry and turned around. Eleanor. But she was not alone…The boys where standing right behind her, with a confused expression on their faces…

I was completely tongue-tied. But it wasn’t until Harry walked over to them, my body began to shake. He decided to stand right next to Eleanor, looking disappointed and humiliated. All eyes were on me. I would normally not give two shits. I wouldn’t be reacting this way. But Harry was not on my side; He wasn’t here to support me. To support Us. Harry is my strength and now, my strength is gone.


“Louis, wake up. Come on, wake up. Unless you wanna call for a Taxa and get home yourself…”

My eyes shut open. It was just a dream. Big, brown eyes were looking at me, trying to get me up.

“Zayn… Leave me alone…” I mumbled, closing my eyes again.

“I’m serious, we’re all leaving and Liam is going to bed soon. Come on, man. You can’t just continue to sleep on the sofa.”

I moaned in complain, before finally deciding to get up. His hand ran through my hair and tried to fix it, it made me laugh.

“Is it really that bad?” He just nodded, without saying a word. Five minutes later my hair looked good again, thanks to Zayn, we said our goodbyes to Liam and drove home. Niall literally lived right across the street, so he walked back to his flat. Harry and Zayn live close, so I was the one who got dropped off first. Harry and I used to live together, but he recently moved out. Even though fans think he did moved ages ago – he didn’t. He always had two houses, besides the one we shared, but he stayed with me. Only just three months ago, he decided it was time to move, seriously move, and that he did. Of course, our management got extremely happy about that, due to ‘Larry Stylinson’ – rumors. But I got angry over their reaction, since I was sadder than ever.

I don’t get to see him that much in my spare time, but last week he went with me to the tattoo shop, because I wanted a chest tattoo. He was there for me. He got one himself too, so I got to return the favor.

But truth be told, I’m sick of everything. I know I complain a lot, but it’s not fair.

It’s not fair that I can spend eternity thinking about him, while he doesn’t even consider me as more than a friend.

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