Along the Beach

In her new town, Maplecrest, the only thing that makes Mallory happy is the quietness and the emptiness of the beach. After her mom died, Mallory hasn't been much of a talker. But will that change when one night, on a long lonely walk on the beach she meets a boy name Hunter. Hunter Hayes is his full name. Mallory instantly changes into a loving girl with a big heart. The only problem is, is Hunter who he appears to be?


2. The Beach

My long brown hair flied everywhere from the wind. I loved the nice breeze on my cheeks as they turned red from the coldness. It was Fall so it was pretty cold out, but at the same time pretty warm. I removed my socks and shoes off from my feet as I walked along the cold water. For some reason I had always loved the beach. I could remember the stories my mom used to tell me about angels loving beaches and then me always telling her I wanted to be an angel. Those were the days. I looked out into the ocean suspecting to see something, anything. The sign of life in this town. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a big figure to my right. When I turned to see what it was, I saw a lot of tree bark. It leaned up against the giant sand hill, kind of making a little fort. Next to the tree bark was a cave.There was a sign with smudged letters on it. I could barely read it, but I made out:CORAL CAVE

I entered the cave in curiosity and found just darkness. The cave was quiet just the way I liked it. I sat down and just sit still. I didn't want to go back to my stupid house. It wasn't even my real house. I just wanted to stay here where it was quiet and no one can find me. My eyes started to close as I quietly drifted off to sleep.


I woke up to the sound of a bang. My eyes opened up wide with fear. What was that?

"Hello, Is anybody there?" I called. no answer. I quickly got up to my feet and ran out of the cave. I kept turning around expecting to see a murderer or a guy with a knife, but when I always turned to look there was nothing. The only sound was the wind blowing. I was just imagining things. Stop Mallory I told myself. I ran faster all the way to my road. I stopped running and panting when I reached 2 houses away from mine. I looked up to see a green house. One of the upstairs curtains was open. Right when I looked at the curtain, it was closed just like that. This time, I hope my dad actually does decide to move soon. This town was just so creepy. I would leave in a heartbeat, even if it meant leaving a quiet beach. 

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