Along the Beach

In her new town, Maplecrest, the only thing that makes Mallory happy is the quietness and the emptiness of the beach. After her mom died, Mallory hasn't been much of a talker. But will that change when one night, on a long lonely walk on the beach she meets a boy name Hunter. Hunter Hayes is his full name. Mallory instantly changes into a loving girl with a big heart. The only problem is, is Hunter who he appears to be?


1. MapleCrest

Mallory's P.O.V

My head began to ache for being in the car so long. I don't even get why my dad and I are moving anyway, we always move. We've been moving to places after places after my mom died. I think the reason is because my dad could never find a job that he liked or wanted to at least keep. He never thinks of me, he only thinks about what job is good for him, even if it means leaving the only school I had actually made any friends. 

"Why did we have to leave dad?" I complained with a frown on my face.

"You know this is for the better," my dad said. I rolled my eyes and turned towards the window.

"Don't be like that," my dad said sadly. 

"I'm sorry dad, its just that we move like every 3 months. You only care about your job. What about my feelings?" I responded.

"No more moving," he whispered quietly, so quiet I could barely hear him. 

"Too late for that, we already left the town when I actually had friends," I replied bitterly. It's not like I wanted to be mean to my dad, but moving around all the time is hard.  Even before we started moving, when my mom was alive, I was always the outcast. I always  was shy and hid in the corner daydreaming about being Jessica Farner, the most popular girl in middle school at the time. My mom died when I was 13, so I was in middle school. Now I'm 16 and we've been moving for 3 years. That's going to get you crabby! My dad sighed and stopped trying to make me feel better. Yea, that only lasted 15 minutes. When we passed a sign saying, WELCOME TO MAPLECREST, my dad starting babbling about how nice our house was, and that I would break it in, in no time. I rolled my eyes again. The last 15 minutes of the drive, I slouched in my seat. That was until I saw the beach.  

The best part about it was it was completely empty. Nobody in sight. I thought to my self, well at least one good thing comes out of this own. And when we reached into our driveway, 5 minutes away from the beach, I jumped out of the car, plopped my stuff in the house and started to make my way up the street.

"Where do you think you're going?" my dad asked. 

I answered him by walking faster and replied, "I'm going to go check out the beach, a place where I might enjoy in this town."

My dad said be careful, and I was on my way.

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