I still remeber

Patrick, see what you have done ...


1. Everything in my memory


I still remember how you looked at me.
I felt as though I was the only one.
You were saying me things which I wanted to hear,
But I didn't realised, you were doing it on purpose. 
You just needed someone to have beside you,
who could fill this hole in your heart,
but only then, when you were looking for it. 


I gave you my heart,
I opened it to you.
And what have you done ? 
You've crushed it. 

You perfectly knew my feelings towards you,
but you ignored them. 
You were reaching for me only when you needed me,
because you were feeling lonely.
But what about me, 
did you ever cosidered my point of view ? 
Of course no ... 


So when she left you,
you were trying to get me back. 
There was one thing you forgot about.
I will never forget about what my heart had been through,
when you decided to end our relationship
and leave me as though I was a toy. 


Be sure, I won't come back.
I see how hard you are trying
to be so close as we used to be before.
But you won't be given that chance.


And please ...
To break somebodys' soul - 
Do not ever dare to do it again.

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