Separated at birth

Harry looked at me with intensity in his eyes, “I don’t know why you’re here, or who you are. I don’t know if you’re telling me the truth, or if it’s a pack of lies. But I do know for the first time in my life, I feel complete. I feel like I’ve finally found you Marty, this is crazy and I know it is. But it’s true. You could be my twin like you say, or you could be another person, but whatever it is I don’t feel empty anymore.”


35. Chapter 34

Marty’s POV

Derek’s gone. I heard him packing up his stuff early this morning.  Liam tried to speak to me after dinner probably after he heard what I said. But I couldn’t face anyone after admitting it. I am embarrassed and mortified.

Liam knocked on the door to Harry’s bedroom. I sat up as he came in tiptoeing across the floor.

“What are you doing in here?” I whispered.

“Can we talk?”

I looked at Harry fast asleep.

“Okay your room.”

After sneaking into Liam’s room I sat down on his bed.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked.

I shook my head “not really.”

He nodded “I had no idea I’m…”

“Don’t you dare apologise. I was the bitch I should have just told you.”

“Not if you didn’t want to,” he reassured me.

"It's not that it's embarrassing" I blushed.

"Embarrassing? No Marty how can you say that?"

I shrugged "I mean how can you look at me the same when he, when..."

He covered my mouth with his finger "you Marty are beautiful, never think of yourself as disgusting."

I frowned at how wrong he was "I don't want to lose you Liam."

"You never will" he smiled softly.

"You promise?"

He nodded.

I took his hand and held it tightly. He lay down pulling me down next to him.

“Sleep here” he whispered.

“Liam have you forgotten about Harry?”

“He sleeps for Britain, please?”

How could I say no when this is where I wanted to be? I snuggled close to him nuzzling my nose into his neck. He kissed me on the lips surrendering me. I allowed our bodies to curl into each other as he lay on top of me.

“You make me crazy” he moaned.

I giggled “likewise babe.”

“Did you just call me babe?” he smirked.

I laughed “yeah and what?”

“Never again” he shook his head.

“Sorry babe,” I joked.

He shut me up by planting another kissing on my lips.

“I don’t really feel like having sex in my family’s house” I laughed.

“Not even in my room?” he raised his brow.

He kissed my stomach, my toes curled at the sensation of his touch. He kissed down my leg and then back up again returning to my stomach, between my breasts and up to my neck.

“You’re right it would be wrong” he smiled.

He knew damn well what he was doing but I wasn’t giving in, I’m too stubborn.

“Night then” I closed my eyes.

I heard his chuckle before I fell asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~

Harry’s POV

“Marty” I whispered.

No answer. I turned on the lamp to see she wasn’t there. I rubbed my eyes and walked out my room. Most people were up all but Liam ha sucker.

“Guys have you seen Marty?”

Kalli answered “I think she went for a walk.”

“Oh right okay, can you get Liam up for me?”

She nodded.

10 minutes later she returned with Liam fully dressed.

“So what time do you call this?” I joked.

He yawned “sorry overslept, where’s Marty?” he asked.

“She went out for a walk why?”

“Just asking” he looked down.

“Liam can we talk?”

“I really need to…”


He sighed “yeah sure.”

Once away from everyone else I was blunt with him “tell me you aren’t sleeping with her.”

“What no?” he half shouted.

“Then what’s going on between you two?”

“Would you believe me when I said nothing?” he asked.

“Liam” I warned.

“Nothing has happened well not anything you could hit me for. I like her Harry I like her a lot in fact I think I love her.”

“Tell me you’re joking” I pleaded.

“I’m not please don’t be mad at her, it was all me.”

“She feels the same?” I asked.

“I think so” he admitted.

“How could you do this?” I grunted.

“She affected you from when you guys first met right?”

“Yes so?”

“Well she affected me too only different…”

“But you hated her?” I creased my eyebrows.

“Because I couldn’t be with her, she was yours not mine.”

“You know I won’t allow this?”

His expression changed “I know.”

“Then what are we going to do?” I asked.

“I can’t leave her Harry, please.”

“You like her that much huh?”

He nodded “I’ve never felt like this about anyone.”

“Then okay” I smiled.

“Wait what?”

“You can date her. Just you know don’t do anything in front of me alright?”

He looked at me cautiously “I don’t know whether you’re joking or not.”

“I’m not joking Liam. I know you, you’re my best friend and I believe you when you tell me you love her. Why can’t I let two people who mean a lot to me be happy?”

“Thank you” he hugged me.

“Now where is she?”

“In my room” he laughed.

I rolled my eyes “can you get her for me?”


Marty’s POV

As I was trying to work out how to escape Liam’s room, he interrupted me.

“Harry wants you.”

“He knows I’m in here?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Okay and…”

“He’s fine with it Marty, but don’t push him who knows how long this will last.”

I jumped on to Liam “are you serious?”

His smile widened “yeah.”

Harry came in at that moment “get a room?”

“If I wasn’t mistaken I believe we were in mine” Liam joked.

“Marty come here please” Harry demanded.

I got off Liam and followed him outside.

“I have something for you,” he dug through his pocket and pulled out a necklace.

“Our mum once told me to give this to the girl I loved… I know it’s not the same as she meant but I want to give this to you.”

I held the necklace in my hands, admiring its emerald crystal.

“Thank you I love it” I chirped.

Liam joined me in the living room and wrapped his arm around me.

“So what did you say to make Harry change his mind?” I asked.

“I told him I loved you.”

My heart combusted “you what?”

“I love you” he smiled.

I kissed his face repeatedly “I love you too.”

A/N Okay so there is one more chapter left and I have done it as an epilogue which is one year later and I will be posting that tomorrow xx

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