Separated at birth

Harry looked at me with intensity in his eyes, “I don’t know why you’re here, or who you are. I don’t know if you’re telling me the truth, or if it’s a pack of lies. But I do know for the first time in my life, I feel complete. I feel like I’ve finally found you Marty, this is crazy and I know it is. But it’s true. You could be my twin like you say, or you could be another person, but whatever it is I don’t feel empty anymore.”


26. Chapter 25

Pete certainly dulled the mood on the house. Liam kept away from me and Marty for the day and made himself scarce. He’s getting too close to her, I don’t like it. Pete has made me furious, how could he touch her!? She’s not a piece of meat. She’s a girl who needs protecting, maybe even from me. But Liam is not her protector and I will make sure of that.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

She nodded.

“Did he do anything to you?” I asked wearily.

“Harry just stop” she demanded.

I sighed “you can always talk to me, just be aware of that okay?”

“I wouldn’t want you to think I was lying about anything” she said coldly.

Yeah I deserved that.

“Suit yourself” I said stubbornly.

My phone rang, and Hayley’s name appeared.

“Hey” she half shouted.

“Calm down” I laughed.

“I’m outside.”

I ran to the door, there she stood my Hayley.

“Hey beautiful” I hugged her.

“Now are you going to tell me what’s happened?” she got straight to the point.

I looked back at Marty “now is not the time.”

She looked at Marty “wait what?”

“I’ll explain later, but for now this is Marty” I pointed to her.

“Hi” she said bluntly.

Marty stood up and held out her hand “Hayley is it?”

She nodded.

“I’ve heard so much about you. It’s nice to meet you.”

Liam came in and hugged Hayley “thank god now Harry can stop pining over you” he laughed.

“He looks preoccupied anyway” she said coldly.

Liam looked at Marty and me “Marty want to get out of here, give them some space?”

She followed Liam outside.

“You’re not jealous are you?” I smirked.

“No” she lied.

“It’s not like that, which is why it’s so complicated.”

“Tell me” she ordered.

“She claims to be my twin” I looked at her to see her reaction.

But she reacted differently to what I expected. She didn’t laugh or seem surprised.

“What?” I asked.

“I mean it sounds crazy of course, but it does sort of make sense?”


“Think about the first day you met. The way you felt, I’ve never seen you like that before.”

“Yes but that doesn’t mean we’re twins?” I shrieked.

“No sure there could be another explanation. But why would she make it up?”

“Do you know how many stories I hear from fans?”

“Yes, but she doesn’t seem like a fan does she?”

Silly me to think Hayley would actually agree with me. But she never did and I should be used to that by now.

“Anyway get a DNA test Harry” she shrugged.

“I can’t.”

“Why not? It’s clear to me you don’t not believe it, you haven’t ruled out the possibility that it could be true. Don’t you want to know for definite?”

“I suppose,” damn you.

She smiled “then what are you waiting for?”

Marty’s POV

Liam took me out for breakfast, bacon, sausage and egg.

“This is nice” I mumbled as I stuffed the food into my mouth.

“Has anybody told you, you eat like a pig?” he laughed.

I laughed with him “many times.”

After the laughter stopped Liam grew more serious, “I want to apologise to you.”

“You don’t need to,” I shook my head.

He covered my mouth with his hand “Shh listen to me. I should never have acted like that towards you when we first met. I was rude and a complete ass which you didn’t deserve. I’m very protective over Harry. He’s like a brother to me. Then he met you at the hospital and he started acting different and well…” he paused trying to find the words. “I thought you were hot, and I know myself too well. If I even bothered to talk to you I would become attracted to you and you were Harry’s.”

“And how do you feel now?” I asked.

“I was right” he smiled.

This was all way too much. Liam likes me? First he hated me, well he pretended to anyway. Now he feels the opposite, what does this even mean?”

“But nothing can ever happen of course” his smile faded.

“Harry?” I asked.

He nodded “I could never do that to him.”

“I know” I smiled. “Anyway let’s go back to yours.”

“Well it’s yours to, well for now anyway, okay let’s go” he seemed disappointed

Once we were back Liam let me go into Niall’s room to look at his guitars.

“Wow” I was speechless.

“You play?” he asked.

I nodded “but I haven’t in a long time.”

“Play something” he sat on the bed.

“I couldn’t, it’s Niall’s.”

“Well I won’t tell him” he shrugged.

I couldn’t deny what I felt when I played. He passed me one of his guitars and sat me down on the chair. It was only then when I felt comfortable as my hands started to play the guitar.

Harry’s POV

Hayley sat down on the sofa reading one of her books.

“I thought you’d want to talk rather than read?” I laughed.

She smiled “sorry.”

“What’s that?” she turned her head towards the door.

“What?” I asked.

But that was when I heard it, well her.

Come on skinny love just last the year. Pour a little salt we were never hear…

I got up off my chair and followed the voice. I pressed my ear up to the door and listened to her sing.

I told you to be patient I told you to be fine. I told you to be balanced I told you to be kind.

My heart raced at the sound of her voice. How can it sound so familiar, yet so unique? She came to a halt and I heard the noise of her putting down the guitar.

“That was wow” I heard Liam say.

Her laugh came next and then the door opened. I stood there frozen, she stared back at me.

“Sorry I know I shouldn’t be in here,” she frowned.

“Huh?” I said dazed.

“Are you alright?” Liam asked.

“Yeah yeah, sorry I was just yeah never mind.”

I moved away from them and back into the living room. Her voice was stuck in my head. It had a bigger effect on me than when we touched. When she sang it brought me back to a time in my life, a time I don’t think of often. A time that was only in my nightmares, a time when I lost someone very important to me, a girl I can only remember in my dreams.

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