Separated at birth

Harry looked at me with intensity in his eyes, “I don’t know why you’re here, or who you are. I don’t know if you’re telling me the truth, or if it’s a pack of lies. But I do know for the first time in my life, I feel complete. I feel like I’ve finally found you Marty, this is crazy and I know it is. But it’s true. You could be my twin like you say, or you could be another person, but whatever it is I don’t feel empty anymore.”


2. Chapter 2

My breaths uneven as I tried to make sense of the letter, this can’t be true. I won’t allow it to be true, there has to be some mistake. I waited for the nurse to come back in so I could talk to him, maybe he will know something about it. He entered the room looking wearily at me as if I were a threat to him.

“I don’t understand” I said to him.

“What don’t you understand?”

I handed him the letter without making eye contact. I sat back on the bed. He read the letter quietly muttering a few words now and then. After he had read it he looked up at me, his eyes were full of sadness.

“I’m sorry Marty.”

I shook my head “Stop apologising, and explain” I ordered.

“I’m just a nurse, I don’t know anything” he said unconvincingly, he was lying to me.

“Fine” I said bluntly.

“Give me a shout if you need anything” he smiled before leaving.

As soon as he had left I stood up ignoring the pain in my head and back, I looked around the room for my notes. On the end of the bed was a brown folder labelled ‘Marty Sheen’. I peeked in the folder looking for information that would make sense to me, I groaned not able to find anything. Come on there has to be some notes on my birth, I looked to the front of the folder. My birth certificate, my eyes wandered across the page. I was born in Holms Chapel? But they said I was born here, they said in this hospital. I rolled my eyes, lies all of it was lies!

I heard movement from outside I put the notes back down jumping into my bed. A small whimper escaped my lips as the pain grew worse, the nurse had returned with a glass of water. He placed it down on the table beside my bed, I smiled at him hoping he would go away. My notes fell to the floor, I mentally punched myself for not putting them back properly. The nurse picked them up and wrapped his arms around the brown folder. Great, now I have no chance of finding anything else out.

“Marty as you are only 17, it is required for social services to visit you. They will talk to you about your living situation, as your parents had no money to leave you they will probably put you into foster care.”

My hand unconsciously tightened around the glass I held, everything in slow motion. Foster care? That’s not right, I’m 17 surely that means something. 

“I can see you’re scared, but foster care is great” he smiled.

"But i'm 17, it is legal to live by yourself when you are 16?" I shrieked.

"Yes that may be true, but your living situation is a little different" he shrugged.

“Have you been in foster care?” my voice shook.

“No I haven’t, but I’ve heard it sounds alright.”

“Right” was all I said, nothing else mattered anymore.

I needed to get my thoughts together, I needed to find out more about my real life the one I was meant to have. I then asked myself the question I didn’t want to ask, why did they give me up? Was I not a good baby? 3 months is a long time, they must have looked after me for that amount of time. Did they have any more children? Was I not good enough for them? My body tensed as I heard voices from outside, I pulled my blanket over me. They can’t take me away, I won’t go I won’t let them!

A women and a man appeared just then, both looking at each other. My eyes stared in the distance lost and afraid.

“Look at her she’s so scared” the woman whispered. “Marty don’t worry, we just want to ask you a few questions” she approached me kneeling down beside the bed.

“Can you state your date of birth?”

I thought about lying but there was no point, they probably already knew the answer.

“6th December 1995” I stuttered.

“Okay Hun, so you will be 18 in quite a while” she frowned.

“I’m fine really, there is no need for foster care” I started to panic.

“You will have someone to look after you, someone who will care about you.”

I cried “I already had that with my parents, well with my adopted parents.”

“I know, but now you can find somebody new” she smiled.

“I don’t want someone new” I shouted. “I want my parents back, I want to see my real parents. Give me either of those, not someone new” I pleaded.

“It’s for the best Marty, please know that we will do everything we can to make you happy.”

“Bullshit” I hissed. “Get out, I want some privacy.”

They nodded and left me alone, I needed to get out of here. I jumped out of bed staggering towards the chair. I managed to catch myself before I fell over. I put on my jeans and top and grabbed my phone. I peeked out the curtain. They were standing right outside, crap. They were talking about me, but I’m not sure what they were saying. The woman stepped away from the man walking towards the other direction. He looked over at her before following, a smile spread across my face. I ran out of my cubical and headed for the door. I didn’t look back, it would only slow me down, someone could be following me. My eyes searched outside, I instantly ran towards a car almost getting myself run over. Good one Marty… my conscious moaned. I had about £24 from birthday money. I got in a taxi and gave them the address to my friend’s house. She’s the only person I can trust right now.

The taxi cost £10 leaving me with only £14. The bastard could have been sympathetic towards me and charged me cheaper. Lily came out. She began to cry pulling me in for a hug. I shied away from her as the pain only got worse.

“Shit I’m sorry I forgot, Marty please tell me you’re okay?”

I looked up at her giving her the answer she didn’t want. I was far from it.

“Oh Marty come in.”

I followed her inside, making myself comfortable on the sofa. She made me a cup of hot chocolate, her way of cheering someone up.

“They want me to go into foster care” I blurted out.

“Why?” she shouted.

“I don’t know I’m not going I don’t care.”

“Stay with me?”

I shook my head “there’s one more thing.”

“Okay” she said cautiously.

How could I tell her about my real parents, when I knew nothing about them? She loved my adopted parents. Tears appeared as I thought about them. About my mother’s loving smile, my father’s wise words. How much of it was a lie?

“My mum and dad, they aren’t who they say they are.”

“Marty you’re scaring me” she shuddered.

“They aren’t my parents Lil” I looked at her.

She gasped loudly, her hand covered her mouth.

“That doesn’t make any sense, you look just like her Marty” she shouted.

It’s true. We had the same colour eyes, the same hair. But hair could always be changed and developed. Maybe she did that when I was a child, I was too young to notice. Was every word a lie? Every memory they shared with me, was that bullshit? Part of me was disgusted at myself thinking horribly of them. Another part agreed with my thoughts and felt angry and cheated.

“I need to get out of here, they will take me away.”

“But where will you go Marty?” she looked horrified.

“Holmes Chapel” the name may have meant nothing to me before, but now it meant everything.


“It’s where I was born, maybe I could find answers. I don’t know” I looked down.

“This is stupid Marty, I know you want to be happy and trust me I want that for you. But to travel all the way there, to get answers you won’t be allowed to get is irrational.”

“I need to find myself Lil. I need to know who I am. Not who people told me I was can you accept that?”

“It’s so far away Marty, how will you afford it?”

“That was something I needed to ask you…”

“How much?”

“£100” I said quickly.

She sighed “I want you to take my card, spend whatever you need.”

I hugged her tightly “you’re the best do you know that?”

She nodded “I’m going to miss you, make sure you call me at every chance you get. Don’t hesitate to call, any hour of the day I’m here.”

People gathered outside the door, a shrill of noise came crashing from outside. This was it, I needed to go now.

“I love you Lil” I kissed her cheek running out the back.

I didn’t have much time. They would find me and bring me back. I hopped over the gate running through someone’s back garden. My body ducked in case someone noticed me. The contents of my bag consisted of my phone, a charger and Lil’s debit card. Here goes nothing I guess…

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