Separated at birth

Harry looked at me with intensity in his eyes, “I don’t know why you’re here, or who you are. I don’t know if you’re telling me the truth, or if it’s a pack of lies. But I do know for the first time in my life, I feel complete. I feel like I’ve finally found you Marty, this is crazy and I know it is. But it’s true. You could be my twin like you say, or you could be another person, but whatever it is I don’t feel empty anymore.”


14. Chapter 13

Marty’s POV

Tears fell hopelessly down my face as I sat down on the cold concrete floor. Paula was trying to tell me something, something that I don’t know if I can admit to myself. But what she was saying was hard to believe, his second name was Styles? So then why is it that my birth certificate says Cox? God maybe if I was a bigger One Direction fan I could know this stuff.

The phone I owned had nothing like Google meaning I couldn’t search him. Should I go back to the hospital and ask to use the internet? One Direction may be meeting fans, I could just ask him? Or would he think I’m just a crazy fan making up lies? Of course he would.

My conscious was right. He wouldn’t believe me even if I wanted him to. I would never fit in with his life, I don’t fit in anywhere. But where do I go from here?

Fans ran out of the hospital queuing by the gates. I brought my knees up to my stomach and wrapped my arms around them. Maybe I could just watch him with the fans that could be enough for me; I guess.

Another thing that struck me was that my birthday is completely different. I was born in February? What is that all about, why would they change my birthday? As the days go by I’m starting to think less and less of my adopted parents. Everything they seemed to say was a lie.

Once everybody was lined up One Direction came out and met everyone. My heart beat fast when I saw Harry, my twin? I can’t deny the feeling I had when we made contact, the tingles down my spine. Is that what it’s supposed to feel like? I watched him as he hugged one of the fans as they cried.

 A smile appeared on my face as he laughed. He’s happy I’m glad he’s happy, I’m glad he’s had a good life. I can’t answer why I was given up and he wasn’t, but I wouldn’t wish my own flesh and blood to have a life like mine. He’s done well for himself, I mean come on he’s Harry Styles.

“You can’t sit here” one of the security guards said to me.

“I’m not causing any harm?”

“That’s not the point. It’s either behind the barriers with the rest or leave.”

“You don’t own the hospital” I said coldly.

“For the day I do and it’s in my power to protect the boys.”

“You think I’m going to hurt him? I’m just sitting here” I shrieked.

“Him, what about all of them?”

“I meant all of them, sorry” I looked down.

“Who do you want to meet?”

“None of them, I just want to sit here.”

He sighed “I can’t make exceptions for you darling.”

“Don’t call me that” I shouted. “Not when you refuse me my rights to sit on the floor.”

“Have we got a problem here?” Harry stood next to him.

I looked up at him and stood up “no I was just leaving.”

I knew tears were on their way. I couldn’t let them see how pathetic I was.

“Please stay” Harry said calmly.

I turned back around and looked at him.

“I want to ask you a question” my voice started to shake.

“Bless her she’s nervous” the security guard joked.

I rolled my eyes and ignored him focusing my attention on Harry.

“Of course what is it?”

“When is your birthday?”

The security guard burst into fits of laughter making me feel uncomfortable.

“Can you leave us alone?” he said agitated.

The security guard nodded and walked off, his laughter was still heard.

“Why do you ask?” Harry asked.

I shrugged.

“1st February.”

“1996 right?”

He nodded “Yes.”

I sighed “Your mum is Anne Cox?”

“Yes she is, you don’t seem much of a One Direction fan” he tried to laugh, it was obvious he was nervous.

I closed my eyes, my twin brother standing in front of me.

“Are you alright?” his arm touched mine.

The same feeling from earlier came, causing my body to tense.

“Do you feel that?” he asked.

I opened my eyes “you feel it too?”

He nodded.

“I don’t understand it” he tried to laugh.

“I do” I admitted.

“You do?”

I nodded.

“Care to explain?”

I began to speak when Zayn interrupted us.

“We have to go Haz, come on.”

He frowned and looked back at me.

A girl’s scream caused me to jolt back smacking my head against the wall. Harry jumped pulling me back.

“Are you okay?”

I looked at him and Zayn speechless.

“I-I need to go.”

This time I was too fast for him, his hand skimmed my arm as I ran away from him.

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