Just another girl

Hi, my name is Rebecca but you can call me Becca. I'm 17 and I live in Canada. I am currently in a relationship with Justin Smith, the jock of my school. But I have to break up with him, because I'm am moving to Doncaster, England. My celebrity crush is Harry Styles, who knows maybe I will bump into him someday.


1. Moving across the ocean



 today is the day I will be leaving Canada, I am really going to miss it here. "Becca, where leaving in 2 minutes" mom yelled. Ughh, I guess it's time to leave. *ring ring* hello, oh hi Justin ummm I can't I'm busy, no you can't comeover, I have plans, I'm breaking up with you. With that I hung up. "It's time to go honey are you ready?" Yeah, I'll be down in a minute.

we were on the plane to England, I had an empty plane seat because my mom got first class. A really attractive guy came over and asked to sit with me, he had a hoody on and was hiding himself. Excuse me , he looked over and took his disguise off. My hands instantly flew to my mouth, harry styles was sitting next to me. "Are you okay love" he asked. Yeah I'm fine just a bit shocked.  "You look really beautiful" thanks. I looked down to the floor blushing, but before I noticed he put his hand under my chin and said "your too beautiful to look at the ground. I knew this was a dream, I started pinching myself. "Babe why are you pinching yourself", harry said. Just a bit shocked I guess. I started to yawn, "are you tired love" ya I said, come here he said while pointing at his shoulder.  I instantly fell asleep on his shoulder, he smelt so good.

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