A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


44. You've done it again.. **skipping to end of tour**

Niall's POV:

"This tour has been incredible and without all of you guys we wouldn't have even be able to do it. So thank you to every one of you in this room. We love you and we hope to see you all very soon!" I finish speaking and bringing the final concert of this tour to an end.

"So who's out tonight?" I ask as we go backstage. "Well, I don't know if I should really" Eleanor looks down to her stomach. "A couple of hours won't hurt" I provoke her. She grins and looks back up at me, "Fine- just a couple of hours then I'm going home". "I'm coming!" Liam shouts out, then the voice of Zayn and Perrie does the same. "You two?" I look toward Harry and Jodie who hadn't said anything. "Erm, I don't know- what do you want to do?" Jodie asks Harry. "It won't hurt for a few hours I suppose" he replies. It's been about 2 and a half months since I said I was going to somehow get Jodie to feel the same way and so far I've done nothing. Well, tonight that's hopefully going to change.

Three hours in, Harry and Eleanor look like they want to leave already. "Do you wanna leave?" Harry shouts over to Jodie. She- who is near enough drunk already pouts, "Nooo! Stay a bit longer". "I'm just not feeling it tonight- you can always stay here and I go home" he smiles, hugging her waist. "Right, Niall- I'm trusting you with her.. Keep an eye on her" he says to me. "Yeah, me and Eleanor are going to head off to" Louis smiles at the rest of us. This just left Liam and Danielle, Zayn and Perrie and me and Jodie. Time to get my plan into action.


Jodie's POV:

The song 'Shots' by LMFAO starts playing in the club and all I hear is Perrie's voice shouting "You know what that means, 3 shots each!". We each order our drinks and Niall kindly pays for mine. "Ok, so drink the first one, spin round then do the same for the other two!" Zayn adds in. As it hits the chorus of the song, each of us race to finish first. Zayn wins; leaving me second, Danielle third and Perrie, Liam and Niall finish at the same time.


Niall's POV:

"Yeah, go round in half an hour ok? He should be home by now but I need to wait til we leave.. Thanks for doing this. You don't need to do anything just when she gets in, make it look like you're about to ok?" I speak through the phone as I stand outside of the club to let myself hear the other side. I know what I'm making happen is going to break Jodie's heart again but it's to prove a point that Harry will easily do it again and I'll be the one who's there for her again. So far, I've managed to get Jodie fairly drunk to the stage where she's really giggly, loud and sways slightly when walking. "Whoa there!" I catch her in my arms as she falls straight onto me. "Niall! What are you doing out here?" She giggles. "Ya know, I could ask you the same thing". "I don't really know" she looks confused, "I just went for a walk". I laugh at the nonsense coming from her mouth. "Right; lets get you back inside then".


Danielle's POV:

"You seem really drunk Jode, maybe you should stop-" "She's fine" Niall licks his lips as he watches her drink another. "Niall- Harry told you to look after her and all you've done so far is manage to get her completely out of her head". "Nothing's happened to her has it? And if I'm not mistaken, she's enjoying herself isn't she?" "Liam- she needs to stop drinking, I've never seen her like this before" I frown. She was highly drunk to the point of it being dangerous really. He nods and walks over to Jodie, passing her a bottle of water. Niall quickly scurries by her side too, "Got it!" "Niall she can't have anymore- stop buying her drinks" Liam changes his tone.


Niall's POV:

"My shoes hurt" Jodie looks down to her feet which were covered by the heels Harry had bought her for her birthday. Then changes her mind, "Look at my shoes, don't you like them? They're so pretty" she giggles to herself. She can't walk straight.. Infact, she needs me to hold her up.

I start handing her water whilst we're all in the taxi. She lets out a small yawn and I place her head on my shoulder, "We've got a fairly long journey. Sleep for a bit if you can". The clubs we'd been too were further away from our houses than usual. The taxi is dropping off Zayn and Perrie first, Jodie second, me third and finally Liam and Danielle.

"See you all later" Perrie says before holding up a very drunk Zayn. "Harry isn't going to be happy with you" Danielle frowns at me. "Why? I've done nothing wrong" "Niall, have you seen Jodie? She can't even walk without you holding her up and she never gets like that" she sighs. "Harry told you to look after her. Getting her that drunk so she can't function properly could end her up in trouble. You know that" Liam adds. I ignore their comments as we soon approach Harry's house. "I won't be long" I say getting out of the taxi. I open up the door with the key Jodie has just passed to me. "Is that you Jode?" Harry's voice calls out. "Yeah- I bought her in" I call back. Harry makes an appearance in the hallway as he comes down the stairs. He's hair and body is wet, with a towel covering his lower waist. "HARRY!" Jodie shouts, smiling and walking over to him but failing when she stumbles into the wall slightly. He catches her before she can fall onto the floor, "Niall, I told you to look after her and keep an eye on her! Not get her fucking hammered to the point where she can't even walk properly" he raises his voice with annoyance in his tone. She hugs his waist as he holds her head to his bare chest. "Nothing happened to her did it? She's fine" I reply, trying to hide my smirk.


Jodie's POV:

"Am I seeing things or is that a girl standing at the bottom of the stairs?" I stand back from Harry's arms. She was blonde- with hair to her shoulders. The only thing covering her was a sheet. "What?" he looks confused and turns around to stare at her. His face turns to shock as he looks back at me. I look down at what he's wearing; a towel round his lower waist. "Harry, how could you?" I say taking another step back with tears falling down my face. "I haven't done anything" "Don't lie Harry! At least tell me the truth! She's wearing a sheet and you're in a towel. It's obvious you both have done something" I cry. "She came and I w-" "Save it Harry. I'm not staying here" I say turning back around and walking straight into Liam who had just made an appearance in the doorway. "Hurry up Niall, what's taking you so lon-" He's eyes scan the room noticing Harry and the blonde girl on the stairs. I shove past him, exiting to the the taxi.


Niall's POV:

"You've messed up big time" Liam shakes his head and turns around. I follow him back out, shutting the door behind me. "Do you want to stay with me?" I ask Jodie. She shakes her head, "No". "Well where are you going to stay? If you're not staying with Harry, there's no one else. So yes you are staying with me" I nudge her side as she watches the rain outside the car. The tears fall down her face as she continues to stare. I felt horrible but I knew he'd fall for it. Except, I didn't think she'd actually go through with it; she was only meant to make it look like it had happened. "What's happened?" Danielle asks, confused. "Basically Harry's had some girl round there. When I went to the door, he was in a towel, she was wrapped in a sheet- figure the rest out" Liam told her.

Jodie's in my bed with me on the other side. Now, I can kind of see why the others were telling me to stop giving her drinks because she feels ill and also can't walk anywhere without swaying or stumbling. "I feel really sick" she jolts up and runs into the en-suite. I retrieve a glass of cold water from the fridge downstairs, along with some paracetamol and walk back up to rummage through my draws; I find a few hairbands which Demi must have left over here when we were together. "Here, take these" I say passing her the drink and tablets whilst tying up her hair behind her. "Thank you Niall". She throws up several times and I continue to rub and pat her back. "I'm sorry for getting you this drunk". She looked as pale as anything and quite weak. "Well, I could have said no to the drinks but I didn't". "I don't really think I gave you the chance to think, I just kept handing them to you.. Sorry" she smiles and leaves it be.


Harry's POV:

"What the fuck was that for?! What were you playing at?" I shout to the blonde girl who told me her name was Mia. "I told you to stay downstairs whilst I had a shower and instead you go upstairs find one of my clean sheets and wrap it round you to make it look like we had sex?! Why? I don't get it" She grins a little before shrugging, "I've got to put my clothes back on." I leave her to go upstairs and get changed. "Jode- please pick up, I honestly haven't done anything. Come back and I'll explain it.. Please" I say as the tone dials off. "Bye then, nice meeting you!" Mia chirps and makes her way to the door. "No, why did you do that? Do you even realise I've just probably lost the love of my life because of you and I've done nothing wrong?" "Maybe you should be telling her that" she pats my shoulder and walks out of the door.

A few hours pass and Jodie still hasn't replied to my voice message and I've left a few more since then too. I just don't understand what even went on there.. It's like I was set up, except I didn't actually do anything.


Jodie's POV:

I receive another voice message from Harry.

"I'm sorry. I haven't done anything Jode- I promise I haven't. I miss you.. It's empty and quiet. Please come home and I can just explain, please? I love you" he lets out a sigh before hanging up the message.

"Another message from Harry?" Niall adds from where he's sat. I nod but making no sound. "What'd he say?" "That he didn't do anything and he's sorry" "If he'd done nothing then he wouldn't be sorry" Niall looks at me before getting up. "You need some sleep, come to bed?" "No, I'll just stay here for a bit" I peak a smile through my unhappiness. He doesn't let up before picking me up and taking me to the bed; laying me down on my side, "No, you'll fall asleep and be uncomfortable out there. Just sleep there" he smiles and lays the other side.

For some reason, part of me feels as though Harry is telling the truth; that he didn't actually do anything. But then again, it's probably because I want to believe that right? After all, he has done it before..

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