A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


45. Who would do that?

Harry and I still haven't spoke. We have tried but each time we get interrupted; they've been so busy with meet and greets, interviews, flying out to other countries, etc that we just haven't really had the time. Infact, I haven't even spoke to any of the others for a month.. It's just sort of gone down hill. I have kept in contact with Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie though. I've moved back into my apartment. I hate it; it brings back the memories of that night. I haven't been here in months. Not by myself or over night anyway. I'd been staying with Harry and was only coming back here to get extra bulks of clothing. I'm not going to lie, I do miss Harry. It's 7:30am so I decide on taking a seat on my sofa and switching through the TV channels. There's never anything much on in the mornings, just like today so I settle with leaving on 'Daybreak'. And there they are. All 5 of them plastered across my TV screen. Like I said, there's nothing else on so I'm leaving it on.

"So, Harry we haven't seen you with Jodie and there's a lot of rumours that you aren't together anymore?" she stares at him; waiting for an answer. He shuffles around in his seat before speaking very awkwardly, "Er. Yeah.. We're just taking a break" A break? It's been a month and neither of us have contacted one another. He sleeps with someone again and doesn't bother to really try and get me back after a whole month, but it's just a break? Seems like he's made it over between us in my eyes- much to my disappointment. "So do you still see or speak to her?" she persists on keeping the topic flowing. "I haven't for a few weeks-" he stops himself from continuing as he lowers his head and rubs his eyes hard. The interviewer gives him a strange look before moving on to Louis. "So you're going to be a dad soon!" Louis nods and his face lights up as he answers, "Yeah- just over a month now, we can't wait!".

"Are you watching the interview?" Eleanor doesn't give me chance to even greet her when I answer the phone. "Yeah. it's on.. Why?" "And did you see Harry? You can't tell me you're not missing him. I know you are and I know he's missing you too. It's obvious by what he just did" "I didn't see anything. What are you talking about?" I ask a tad confused. "When he was talking about you, he stopped himself from speaking anymore and rubbed his eyes. We both know he does that when he's trying to hide tears or when he's upset. You both need to speak to each other and sort it all out". She was right- whenever Harry is trying to hide tears or sad emotions from someone, he rubs his eyes hard and he tell you 'I had something in my eye' but I could see straight through that- Eleanor knew because after knowing him for a little while, you just notice things. And he had done it whilst talking about us. "I know, we haven't had the time" We say our goodbyes and hang up; leaving me left in a daze to think through everything and wonder what I'm going to do.


Niall's POV:

My plan hasn't really worked that well. Yeah, it's split them up but the whole point was for it to bring Jodie closer to me and if anything it's pushed her further apart from not just me, but all of us. "Can you come round? We haven't seen you in a month" I ask Jodie through the phone. The first thing I'd done was call her once the interview was over. "I'm busy today. Maybe another time" she sighs before telling me she has to go and ending the call.


Jodie's POV:

It's now 9 pm and I'm bored stiff. I decide on going out- just for a couple of drinks to the new bar in Central London. It's in the same area we'd all usually go out in- it's just a new venue. I'm already showered so I slip on a pair of jeans, a smart top with a blazer and heels, then quickly do my hair and makeup. I put enough money, my phone, keys and lipgloss inside m clutch bag and head out the door; catching a taxi.

I order myself a cocktail and take large sips of it from my seat at the bar. "Aren't you the girl who's dating that Harry Styles?" A blonde guy sits by my side on the stool next to me. "Was dating" I remind him. "Even better! Can I get you drink?" I accept his offer as I've finished the one I previously had. We actually have a fairly good conversation and order several drinks for what must've been about half an hour before my phone rings. "Hello?" "Where are you? That music is really loud" Niall's voice murmurs through the phone. "I'm at this new bar-" I stop in my tracks as I notice there seems to be a distraction on the other side. "Is that Jodie? Give me the phone please" Harry's voice gets louder as he must've taken the phone from Niall. "Jode is that you? Can we talk?" his voice sounded in my ear. "I'm just going to the toilet, be back in a sec" the boy who I now know to be as Mike tells me. "Yeah, ok" I smile and continue my conversation on the phone. "Who was that? Where are you? Are you with someone?" "Calm down!" I sigh, "It's only someone I met and I'm out. Why?" "Because we need to talk" he states and I can tell he's irritated because I have company. "Harry, you've had a whole month to explain yourself" "I know just come over to Zayn's and we can talk?" I shake my head even though he can't see me, "No. I'm busy Harry".


Harry's POV:

"What, too busy being chatted up by some sleazy man at a bar?" I snap. I can't help it. I can't bear the thought of her being out on her own; other men chatting her up, taking advantage of her. "Sleazy? Says you who slept with another girl behind my back. AGAIN?" She raises her voice with the last word. "That's why we need to talk, just come over". "No Harry" she hangs up the phone. Fine. If she's not coming over, I'll go to her. "Where was she?" I turn to Niall whilst pulling my jacket over my arms. "Dunno- she just said at this new bar" he shrugs. I get a taxi into the centre of London where all the top clubs are. I notice the sign on one saying it's a new bar and venue. It's the opening night tonight. I walk in, scanning the packed floor. It's no use; I can't see a thing through the crowds of people. Making my way through the crowd, I reach the bar where Jodie is sat with a drink in one hand whilst she talks to a man who I presume is the one I heard on the phone. She hasn't seen me yet but I watch her and can clearly see she isn't herself. She seems distant from the conversation they're having and a lot shyer than usual.

"Jode" I tap her shoulder. She turns to me frowning, "What are you doing here?" "I don't think she wants you here mate" he smirks from by her side. "I'm trying to speak to my girlfriend. Just butt out of it" I stare at him; sending daggers his way. "From what I've heard and seen everywhere, you aren't together anymore.. She's a free woman" he pauses and licks his lips to Jodie. "C'mon" he takes her hand and leads her away; making an exit for the back door. No. Does she even realise what he's about to try out there with her? I feel frozen- if I go after she'll continue with rebelling against me, if I don't- she'll get hurt again.


Jodie's POV:

Something isn't right, why is he leading me further out of the club? But from the back doors? I shake my hand from Mikes strong grip and come to a halt. At first, I thought he was just leading me to another seat in the bar but I was so wrong. "C'mon babe, forget about him" his hand pulls on mine and I begin to panic thinking back to everything happened with James, It's all too similar; taking me away through the back exit, pulling me along. "No- get off me" his grip only tightens and I turn around to look for Harry but the bar is packed and I can't see him. "We'll have a good time. You'll forget about him in no time" he isn't easing up on his grip so instead I raise my voice "Get your fucking hands off me now". He looks stunned as his hands drop from mine and let me go.

"Jode are you alright? Please tell me nothing happened" Harry's familiar voice catches up with me from behind as I walk briskly away from all the bars and clubs to a the taxi point. My breathing's uneven as my chest rises and falls quicker and quicker; giving me shortness of breath.


Harry's POV:

"Calm down, it's alright" I pull her into my arms as her breathing becomes an unusual pace and she begins to wheeze through lack of breath. She was having an anxiety attack- she started suffering from them after the incidents with James. "Just breath deeply. In and out" I breath with her to regulate her breathing back to normal; holding her head to my chest with the use of my hand; slowly playing with her hair too. Once she'd calmed down after a couple of minutes, I release her from my arms but to my surprise she doesn't move. "Did something happen?" Her head shakes from side to side, "I thought we was going to sit at a table but then he kept pulling me down toward the back doors and I just shouted for him to get off because I knew where it was going. I panicked- it bought back them memories". I knew why she'd panicked. The first time James made an appearance at the club that night; he pulled outside the back and wouldn't let her go. The thought of her not being able to get away and it all happening again scared her. I fully understand that. "Thank God for that" I let out a sigh of relief as I put my arms round her back. I knew I'd missed having her in my arms but I didn't realise how much until now. I don't want to let her go. Just come back to Zayn's, they'll be happy to see you and we do need to talk" "I'll get a taxi" she tries avoiding the situation. "No. I can take you; I'm going there anyway".

"Did you find her?" Liam calls out when I shut the door behind us both. "Yeah, Zayn can I use your room for a minute?" He enters the hallway where Jodie and I are stood. "Why? Oh right- yeah take as long as you need" he notices Jodie behind me.

"You need to believe me. Nothing happened that night. You're going to think I'm being silly but I think I was set up somehow". She lets out a sarcastic laugh, "Is that the best excuse?" "It isn't an excuse. I really didn't do anything! I'm sorry" "Like Niall told me that night; if you'd done nothing wrong then you wouldn't need to be sorry". That's when I clicked. I thought I'd been set up and come on, lets face it- we all know Niall still fancies Jodie. And the girl who had come round was one of Niall's old friends.. Surely he wouldn't do that though? The more I think of it, the more it makes sens- the reason he got her so drunk, why he was smirking constantly. I never thought of it before. "Just let me explain" I hush her with my words. "I was about to get in the shower right? But then she came to the door so I put all my clothes back on because I knew it was too early for it to be all of you lot getting back. She's called Mia- she's an old friend of Nialls. She told me how Niall text her saying he'd be dropping you off here and because she hadn't seen any of us in ages, Niall told her to wait here til he got her and then she could quickly see all the others. I told her that you shouldn't be long and I left her downstairs whilst I went and had a shower, ALONE" I emphasize the last word even more than the others. "I heard you come in and straight away got out. When you said she was standing there like that, I was shocked because only 10 minutes ago she was downstairs watching TV" I pause and sigh. "She obviously knew what she was doing because she must have gone upstairs to get a sheet and make it look like we'd been upto something. But that's completely false. I had a go at her when you left; I couldn't get my head round it myself but I know I never did anything and I need you to believe me". "How can I trust what you're saying Harry? For all I know, you could be making this all up" she furrows her brows a little. "Because it's the truth. Do you not think by now I would just tell you if something happened? I couldn't lie to you. I'm not the same boy as I was at the beginning of this year. I've changed. You changed me; for the better. I honestly haven't done anything Jodie. I'd tell you if I had". Her eyes were watery as she gazed over my face for a few seconds. "Ok, I believe you Harry but if I ever find out you're lying then-" I cut her off before she has the chance to say it. "And you won't because I'm not lying" I nod whilst squeezing her tight. "Who would do that though? To us?" I sigh, "I don't know but I will find out and get to the bottom of all this". I know who's to blame really. It's Niall. Except I'm not letting Jodie know that, not yet anyway. I'm not defending him but I want to see and hear what he has to say for himself first.

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