A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


43. We've all done it (15+)


WARNING: This chapter may include mature content such as descriptions of drugs, sex and/or violence. (15+)


Harry's POV:

“What are you grinning at?” Jodie cautiously looks at me. “I just saw a really cute picture that's all” Louis and Zayn giggle and catch on that I'd just seen the photo of me and Jodie asleep together that Liam posted on Twitter. It showed Jodie lying on top of me; her face on my chest and my chin rested against her head with one of my hands holding the top of her head slightly and the covers pulled over us. I really like it, it's definitely cute. “Why are you two laughing aswell? Have you done something?” She questions and tries not to grin too. She hates having her photo taken when she doesn't know- especially when over 1 million fans are going to see it. “It was Liam- he did it” Louis blurts out and I turn my phone round showing her the photo. “Oh- that's cute, I like that”she smiles. “I'll let you get away with this one because I like the photo” she winks to Liam who was sitting at the table eating food. “I want to go buy some baby stuff- who's coming?” Louis pauses, “Oh. I'm sorry, I completely forgot” “It's fine! I'm gonna stay here- I don't want to move all day” Jodie laughs. “I've got to meet Danielle in half an hour” Liam adds, “Me too with Perrie but in an hour”. “I'll come” I say, rolling my eyes at the others, “What about you Niall?” Louis asks. Niall shakes his head, “Na- I'll stay here. I can't be bothered”. My phone rings and answer as it's Lou, “Would you and Jodie mind having Lux tonight? It's alright if you don't want to” “Alright if we have Lux tonight?” I move the phone from my ear and ask Jodie. She nods smiling- Lux had taken to Jodie and always liked being in our company especially when we're together. “Yeah, we'll have her. Bring her round whenever”.


Jodie's POV:

Louis and El told the fans about the pregnancy so they can actually go shopping now; so that's where Harry and Louis have gone. I'm still curled up on the sofa under the cover. Liam's gone to meet Danielle and Zayn's sat at the over side of me; also under the cover. Niall's watching the TV too but from the other couch. “Right, Perrie's outside. I'll see you both soon” he says goodbye and leaves. “Jodie- we need to talk” Niall tells me. This was something I'd been dreading.


Niall's POV:

It's just me and Jodie in the house now; perfect opportunity to speak to her. “I know you've been through a lot but I can't help it.. I still love you”. “I don't get where all this has come from Niall- you were happy with Demi a few weeks ago” she frowns. “No, I was in the beginning and then I came to my senses and realised I'm not really happy with her- it's all a front. I miss you” “Niall” she sighs, “I'm with Harry, you know that”. I nod, “I know but I needed to get it off my chest and see if maybe you feel the same way?” She shakes her head once again, “I'm sorry Niall. I'm happy with Harry and I see you as a really good friend. A close friend. I don't want things to change between us.. Are we still ok?” I nod. I guess now I know the answer. I may not be happy with it but I suppose and hopefully I will move on. “You will find her one day; the right girl for you, ya know” she says. “I know” I sigh, “We won't let this affect our friendship though will we?” “No- course not” she smiles showing off her small dimples. If she doesn't love me now, I'll show her I'm better for her than Harry and then soon she will feel the same way. I hope.. Now I just need to think of a way to do that.


Harry's POV:

“We can have her the whole night if you want?” “Would you? It'd be really nice” I nod as Lou passes Lux to Jodie. “There's pyjamas and a new set of clothes in there anyway so she has enough until tomorrow morning” “Have a good time- see you in the morning!” Jodie and I shout after her. We sit Lux down on the sofa in the middle of us after putting on her favourite film.

“Babe, we should go to bed” I gently shake Jodie as I hold Lux in my other arm. She soon wakes from her little snooze and follows me up the stairs. We've had Lux over night before and we just keep her in the middle of us in our bed and she usually falls right off to sleep. However, she too had fallen asleep along with Jodie earlier and was now full of life. I sit on the bed impersonating a Liverpool accent because she always found it funny. She giggled constantly. “Shall I get another film for her? We can sit up and watch it with her until she falls asleep again?” Jodie suggests. I nod and let her go downstairs to get a film from the bag that Lou had packed.


Jodie's POV:

I walk back up with the whole bag just incase Lux doesn't fall asleep during the first film. Harry is being silly and making her laugh when I walk in. He's adorable and even cuter around kids. I insert another film into the TV in Harry's room. I sit down on my side of the bed as Harry picks up Lux, shuffles closer to me and places her just between us with his arm round my back.


Harry's POV: **skipping 2 weeks**

We're in Spain for the next part of our tour and then in a couple of days, we'll be in Italy. Jodie and Eleanor are the only one's allowed with us. Eleanor because she's pregnant and Jodie because I said she can't be left alone- it's too soon after the news we had. Everyone else had to leave their girlfriends behind. For once, we're all in an apartment together and it's actually quite nice. “Right, I'm heading off to bed” Jodie speaks leaving only me and Liam. “Night” I say to Liam. “No- we're going to bed” I whisper in her ear, smirking. She carries on walking to our bedroom where I push her down onto the bed. I hover over her lips ready to kiss her but then stop and look into her eyes, whispering “I love you”. I move my hand up her shirt; lifting it off and throwing it to the floor. She soon follows my lead and does the same with mine. I leave wet kisses along her body and then a love bite on her neck. She lets out several moans as I kiss her neck and jaw; thrusting myself slowly in and out of her. She moves her head into the crook of my neck to silence and muffle herself and grabs onto my back; leaving a few small scratches from where I pick up the pace every now and then. “Harry, I can't hold on anymore” she looks me in the eye and arches her back as I fill her with pleasure. “Just a tiny bit longer babe” I say, almost out of breath. After a few more seconds, I too am at the same level as her, “You can do it now” my voice barely whispers. As we both release, the pair of us moan in unison. I roll over onto my side of the bed; bringing Jodie on top of me. I grin letting her take over. She straddles my waist and leaves a love bite on my neck. Then proceeds to pleasure me in every possible way. My breathing soon becomes rapid once again and I let out moans as the pleasure of us both releasing runs through my body once again.


Louis' POV:

“Sounds like you two enjoyed yourselves last night” I smirk when Harry walks into the kitchen. We were the only ones awake. “I don't know what you're on about” “There's no point lying” I laugh, “We've all done it- I mean it's quite obvious me and El have” I laugh even more. “Shut up Lou- just don't say anything to her or any of the others, she'll get embarrassed” he grins at me. He falls silent then speaks again, “We weren't that loud..” “No but when you're only next door..These walls are thin!” I say patting him on the back. I think he then came to his senses that Niall was in the next room, “Niall won't have heard you; he falls asleep almost straight away and really deeply” I laugh putting his mind at rest. It was the truth though.


Harry's POV:

I sit in the living room with tea and toast. We had an interview in just over an hour. “Someone sealed the deal last night” Zayn winks and sits opposite me. Why did he have to be so rude with the way he put it?! “What? No tha-” my brows furrow as he cuts me off. “Don't pretend Haz- you've just got that look about you and you've woken up really happy”. “Just be quiet” I stare at him. He laughs, “I was right though weren't I?” I can't help but smirk and he throws his head back laughing, “AH! I knew I was right”. “Zayn stop it, just leave it” I say still grinning. “Good? Bad? Average?” “ZAYN! I don't wish to talk about my sex life with you!” I loudly whisper. He laughs once again, “She obviously was. I can just tell by that look in your eyes” he laughs and sits back, leaving the conversation be.


“We got the fans to send in some questions earlier and we've chosen a few of them”.

“Is there going to be a music video for 'Rock Me'?” “We're not sure yet- we've been talking about it but there hasn't been anything much said about it so probably not, but you never know!” Liam replies to the first question.

“What's your favourite thing to do when you get back from tour?” “I like to go and see my family in Ireland me” Niall speaks up, with the rest of us nodding in agreement. “Yeah- I like to go and see the family and just relax mainly” Zayn adds.

“How are your relationships going with your girlfriends?” “Yeah, good” Zayn and Liam tell the interviewer. “Yeah- really great” I smile and Louis jumps in before anyone else can speak, “You should have heard them last night” he bursts out with laughter. I can't help but giggle as I look down, blushing. Zayn catches on and spits out the water he had only just put into his mouth. “Erm, I'm sorry- didn't mean to do that” he laughs. The interviewer grins, shaking her head slightly and moves on, “But you're single now Niall? Is that right?” He nods, “Yeah. I'm single”


Jodie's POV:

“Louis! I can't believe you said that! Everyone's going to see and hear it” I keep a straight face. He puts his arm round my neck, “Like I said to Harry this morning, We've all done it, you can clearly see me and El have- no need to be embarrassed babe” I shove his arm off of me, “Just be quiet” I laugh. We spend the rest of the day lounging around by the pool until everyone needs to get ready for the concert tonight. “So have you thought of any names yet?” I ask Eleanor who lay there sunbathing next to me. “Not really- I ask Louis and he says stupid names” she rolls her eyes whilst reeling off an amount of silly names. “He actually suggested all of them?!” “Oh yeah, he rolled off about 15 silly names the other night” we both laugh. “No we're going to have a proper think soon though” she smiles.


Niall's POV:

"We should do something, truth or dare, twister.. Anything!" I exclaim; buzzing from the concert we'd just done. "Yeah, we haven't done that in ages actually" Liam smiles. We're back at the apartment now so we all sit in the living room and play some music from the speakers. I grab a few beers; chucking one to Zayn, Liam and Harry. "Want one?" I nod toward Louis. He shakes his head, "I'm alright thanks". "Louis- have one please. You won't be able to do it every night once the baby's here so enjoy yourself" Eleanor smiles at him. After several persuasions from Eleanor he finally gives in. "Right what are we playing first?" Jodie grins from beside Harry. Everyone was in a really happy mood; the concert we'd just done was amazing, the crowd was incredible tonight.

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