A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


39. We'll be ok **skipping a week**

Harry's POV:

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping outside and Jodie also awake by my side. I've been home for just over a week now and I feel so much better. She jumps up; exiting to the toilet and I hear the sound of her being sick. I follow her into the toilet and sit down beside her where I hold her hair away from her face and rub her back. “I think you should go back to the doctors,Eleanor told me it's been 3 weeks and you're still being sick.” “I'm fine” is all she replies before sitting back slightly. I change my position so I'm now sat against the wall facing Jodie. “She also said she thinks there's something you're not telling her; she's worried”. Her eyes water up and she fidgets around on the floor. “You've been really quiet for the last week- what's up?” I provoke her to tell me. “James is out of prison and” she stops. “He's not coming anywhere near you, not whilst I'm about; forget about him ok? I'm here, you're going to be fine” I say, not letting on how angry I was that he'd been let out and also not expressing the fact that I am actually concerned about what he could do again. “There's something else though” she sighs and puts her head in her hands. I shuffle myself closer and pull her hands away from her face. “What is it?”. She doesn't reply, only shakes her head. I lift up her face to my level, “Tell me what it is Jode- you're starting to worry me”. “I don't want it to change us and I'm so scared it will” the tears fill in her eyes as she stares straight into mine. “I-I'm pregnant Harry” she finally stutters out. “What? When did you find out?” My mouth slightly opens, not quite believing what I've just heard. “I went to the doctors with El about 3 weeks ago and they told me then- I'm not really ill.. I just needed to speak to you first so I had to say that” she bows her head, “I'm sorry Harry- I understand if you don't want this”. I pull her to my chest, “Don't be sorry Jode- we did this together”. “So you're not mad?” her voice trembles as she stay in the same position. “No, I just didn't expect you to say that, that's all.” I pause and rest my chin on her head. “Have you got a scan?” She nods, “next week”. “What day and time?” “Tuesday, 1:15 in the afternoon”. “We've got some interviews that day but I'm coming with you”. We sit there in silence for a couple of minutes; neither of us saying a word or moving from how we sat. “Harry.. are we too young for this? I mean you're only 19 and I'm only 18. What about your career?” Jodie breaks the silence. “It won't effect my career; Lou and El are going to mange, it'll be the same for us. We're both adults now Jode, we've got each other, we'll be fine; me, you and our little boy or girl” I smile, picturing our little family together. She pulls away from my chest and observes me. “Why are you smiling like that?”. “Because I'm picturing our little family together” I say letting tears build in my eyes whilst still smiling. She throws her hands round me and smiles, “So it's all fine?” I rock her back and forth slightly, “Yeah, you had nothing to be worried about, we're both happy- that's all that matters”. “I'm gonna ring mum and Gemma, let them know.. Maybe we shouldn't tell the others just yet- not until your a couple of months gone, to be on the safe side you know?” She nods and smiles at me as I stand to my feet; pulling her with me.


Jodie's POV:

We pull up outside Harry's house- the boys had a concert in Manchester tonight so we popped in to see Anne and Gemma. Harry had decided against calling Anne two nights ago- we both agreed we should tell her in person.

“We've got some brilliant news.. Me and Jodie we're, well not me but.. anyway. Jodie's pregnant!” Harry says with a beaming smile spread across his face. I watch Anne's face as she looks shocked, “Congratulations both of you” she pulled both of us in for a hug, squeezing us both tight.


Harry's POV:

“I've been thinking Harry.. Are you sure you're ready for this?” “I've never been more ready for anything in my life.” Jodie was in the toilet whilst me, mum and Gemma were in the kitchen. “It's not that I'm not happy for you because I am. I just don't want to see you hurt her- she's a really nice girl. She's been through a lot and she doesn't deserve it”. “How could I hurt her?” I was slightly taken back by my mums comment. Why would I hurt Jodie? In what way? “If you've found the right girl which I think you have then you'll be fine but if not, it won't work out and one of you will get hurt in the end” she turns to me. “I have found the right girl, I've never loved anyone as much as I love her and now? Now, we're taking it to the next level and creating our own little family- which I can't wait for.” I smile. She turns to me with tears in her eyes, “My little boy is growing up so fast! As long as you're both happy, I'm happy; I just wanted to make sure that's all.” “Yeah, congratulations Haz” Gemma smiles at me from the kitchen counter. I nod to show my thanks to the pair of them. Jodie soon joins my side. Putting my hand around her waist and pulling her in, I lean against the counter. “Right, we best get going our concert starts soon and we've got to get ready yet”. I leave a kiss on both my mum and Gemma's cheek before exiting to the car. “You ever need anyone or anything, you've always got us” I hear my mums voice speak to Jodie as we leave the house.


Jodie's POV:

We chose to stay backstage tonight to make a change. The boys are currently answering some Twitter questions on stage. “Harry- this ones for you I think” Liam giggles and continues, “What's the one thing you love about Jodie?” Harry looked to the side of the stage where I, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie were stood. “Everything. She's perfect I-” he smiled and turned back to the crowd; who were now half screaming and half booing. “Lovely! Well that's from Jennifer in Block B, Row A. Thank you Jennifer, we love you!” Niall shouts out to the crowd; cutting Harry off from finishing.

“You coming to the after party?” Louis nods towards both me and Harry. “Yeah, wouldn't miss it” I giggle. We arrive to the bar which has been rented out for the night just for the after party. Niall was already drinking tons of bottles down; getting absolutely hammered, Zayn doing pretty much the same. Danielle, Liam and Perrie were drinking but not excessively. “How comes you're not drinking tonight, you never don't drink!” Louis jokes around, “Oh, I don't feel like it thats all!” I shout over the music. “I stroll over to Harry who was also coming my way. “Need anything to drink?” He asks and takes my hand, leading me to the bar. “Just an orange juice please”. “An orange juice and a coke please” he says to the bartender. “How comes you're not drinking?” I ask slightly confused. “I have to be responsible now” he shows off his dimples by smiling hugely. “Just because I can't drink alcohol, doesn't mean you can't Harry” I laugh. He lowers his tone and leans his head down beside me, “Yes, but I want it this way- I'll be a dad soon, I need to take my responsibility for you and our little one” he continues to smile. I'm guessing he thought no one would hear through the music and because he leant down to my ear. He was wrong. Louis came from nowhere and spat his drink from his mouth, “WHAT?!” he shrieked. Our faces must have been priceless when we turned round to see Louis standing there gob-smacked. “Did I just hear right or am I hearing things?!” his face still shocked.


Louis' POV:

I watch them both as they look at one another then back to me; fidgeting uncomfortably. “So that's why you're not drinking tonight?” I smirk toward Jodie. “Lou, you can't tell anyone. She's only a few weeks gone, we didn't want anyone knowing til she's a few months” Harry speaks all seriously. “I understand, I would have been the same with Eleanor if she wasn't 2 months”. “You can't even tell Eleanor- no one” I nod at them both, “Secrets safe with me”.


Jodie's POV:

It felt weird knowing there was an actual reason I wasn't able to drink tonight. It almost seems unreal. "Jodie!" Niall slurs as I make my way to the bathroom. This part of the bar was more secluded- only the toilets and nothing else around. "I really miss you" he links my hand with his. "That's just the drink talking" I pull my hand away from his. "Well, they say the truth comes out when you're drunk" he trips slightly as he pulls me away from the loud music and further down the stairs. "I miss you so much" "Niall, you're drunk and you have Demi- I have Harry" I say continuing my walk to the the bathroom. "I don't love Demi; I never have. I made myself believe it because I knew eventually you'd go back to Harry" he looked so vulnerable as he stood in the same stance I had left him in. "I have to go Niall.. We'll talk when you're sober". And with that I entered the toilet.

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