A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


20. Tonight's the night

Liam's POV:

I step over to the bar, buying a round of drinks for everyone. Once paid, I take them back to the table where the others are sat. “Thanks Liam” they each say in unison. “Lets get on that dance floor Jodie!” I hear Danielle shout pulling Jodie to her feet. The rest of us soon follow their lead and join them.


Unknown’s POV:

She doesn’t know it but I’m here- watching her. She hasn’t got a clue.. Yet. I sip my drink as I closely watch her move her body in time with the music. I haven’t sent any texts for the last week so she won’t even think I’d be here tonight.


Jodie’s POV:

I haven’t had any texts for the last week, so I just want to have a good time and forget it all, even if it is just for tonight. I dance my way to the bar with Danielle by my side. “This ones on me, for your birthday!” She shouts over the music, “I’ll have two Malibu and Cokes please” she says handing over the money, before turning round to face the dance floor. “What the hell is Niall doing?” we both laugh. He’s trying to do some sort of dance but is completely failing at it. We turn back around, where our drinks are sat behind us. “Lets go” I say pulling her towards Zayn and Liam. After about 10 minutes I start to feel really strange. I know it’s not the alcohol because this is only my second drink. I decide to take a seat by one of the tables. “You alright Jode? It’s not like you to sit down instead of dancing” Louis comes over to me. “Yeah, I’m fine, just felt abit dizzy that’s all” I smile, getting up to join the rest of them. Louis disappears into the distance and I feel as though my whole body is slowly shutting down; making me stop in the middle of where I’m walking. “Harry” I try and shout out to him. it’s no use; he’s too far away. I feel a large pair of hands pulling me back. “I told you you’d see me soon” he growls in my ear. “Get off” I try and fight back as he pulls me through the back door of the club. He props my limp body up against the wall and slurs in my ear- I can’t really make out what he’s saying. Everything becomes blurry, my eyes start to droop and my body doesn’t really move. As he continues to whisper in my ear, I suddenly recognize the voice. It was James; my ex. He left kisses all over me; my neck, face; everywhere. I tried to struggle out of his grip and his hands wondered all over my body; lifting up my dress and fiddling around with his belt. “I told you, you ever leave me, and I’ll hurt you.”



Harry’s POV:

“Have you seen Jodie?” I ask Liam and Danielle. “No, she went to sit down, last time I saw her” they both reply. I make my way over to Louis, Zayn and Niall; “Have any of you seen Jodie?” I ask frantically. “Last time I saw her she was behind me” Louis says. “How long ago was that?” “About 10 minutes ago” I start to panic; thinking back to all those texts she’d been receiving. What if someone was here? “Liam, we need to find Jodie, she’s been gone and no one’s seen her for 10 minutes” “Alright, calm down Harry, she’ll be somewhere. She can’t have gone far.” I make my way to the toilets; Danielle doing the same. “She’s not in either” Danielle tells me. By this time, everyone’s standing with me and Danielle, “We’ve looked round the club; she’s not in here” they all nod in agreement. I run my hands through my curls thinking where she could be. That’s when I hear a feint scream of my name “Harry, please” I hear crying. My eyes bulge as I realise its Jodie. I run towards the back door of the club. And there I see her, with a figure stood infront; pinning her against the wall. My jaw tenses and my fists squeeze together tightly. “GET OFF HER NOW” I yell, yanking him away.  He throws a few punches; missing as my fist pounds against his face several times.


Danielle’s POV:

As Harry deals with him, I run to Jodie, where she falls into my arms. I straighten out her outfit as she’s unable to herself. I lay her down along the floor, then take a seat; propping her head against my legs. “Did he do anything to you?” I watch her shrug as her eyes feel with tears; fluttering tightly shut. “Jodie, Jodie. Can you hear me?” I say, shaking her body as she lay there still. “LIAM, I NEED YOU” They’re all too busy trying to pull Harry away. “I NEED ONE OF YOU NOW” I shout with tears falling down my cheeks; still shaking her. Niall runs over “Is she ok?!” he frantically asks; looking at her body as she lay there lifeless and still. “CALL AN AMBULANCE NIALL” He quickly retrieves his phone from his pocket.


Niall’s POV:

“I need an ambulance please” I say giving the details needed. “She’s been spiked and she’s unconscious” I stutter. I place the phone on the floor and press loud speaker as they ask me to check several things. “Ok, calm down. We’ll be there in a few minutes. I need you to check her pulse, is she still breathing?” I hear the paramedic talk through the phone. “Yeah, her pulse- it’s there but very faint” I reply panicking. “Zayn, get them two over here, NOW- she’s in serious trouble” I turn around shouting. Within seconds, Liam and Zayn appear- pulling Harry away from the man who was now very bloody- who ran off into the distance. Harry’s face was also cut up- with blood slightly dripping from his lip.


Harry's POV:

Liam pulls me away with the help from Zayn. “Jodie needs you, forget about him for the moment. She needs you” Liam tries to calm me down. As my eyes meet with Jodie’s body which lies still between Danielle’s legs, I run my hand through my curls. Tears fall from my eyes as I bend down; kneeling beside her. I link my hand with hers. The paramedics barge through the back door along with the bouncers. Liam rushes to the security and lets them know what’s gone on. “We need to get her to hospital now.” I hear the paramedics talk amongst themselves. Danielle doesn’t leave her side as she says “I’ll go with her”. The rest of us take a taxi to the hospital- the journey there is quiet; with no one saying a word.

“She’s in room 107” I hear the receptionist tell Liam. “I’m sorry you can’t come in here at the moment.” The nurse tells us- stopping us from walking in. “Take a seat and we’ll be out in 5”. “I wasn’t there for her Liam, again” I weep into my hands. “Look, there’s nothing you could’ve done, don’t blame yourself. You was the one who noticed it wasn’t right when she was gone for 10 minutes- not us. If anything you’re the one who saved her from it” he tries to reassure me. “Could we just have a word?” One of the nurses says to Danielle before pulling her aside.


Danielle’s POV:

“Do you know if this man did anything to her?” She asked me. “I don’t know- I think so” I bow my head down, “Before she fell unconscious, asked her and she gently shrugged- it looked more of a nod to me- I don't know.. Then her eyes filled with tears- and that’s when she closed her eyes” I started to cry. “Ok, thank you.” She re-enters the room leaving me to sit over with the others. “What did she want?” Liam asks and everyone else stares at me. “Just asking what happened when she went unconscious.” I lied. I didn’t know whether to tell them what I thought I knew or to leave it and let Jodie tell them by herself. I decided to go with letting Jodie tell them- just in case. A nurse leaves the room and Harry shoots up “Can I just go in? Please” he asks with tears running down his face. “Only if you’re related to her- the doctors should be done within a few minutes” “I’m her boyfriend” Harry blurts out. “Oh ok, yes you may go in. Just let the doctors know who you are when entering” she replies, turning on her heels. “What? He isn’t her boyfriend” Zayn looks confused. Liam shakes his head and rolls his eyes. “They’re together?” Niall speaks from the back. I sigh and look at Liam, “It’s not really a secret anymore” I say to him. “Yeah” we both nod. “What?! For how long? Harry never told me” Louis spoke up. “That’s because they were keeping it quiet so management didn’t find out- they couldn’t tell anyone” I say. “So why do you two know then?” Zayn asks baffled. “That night we stayed at Jodie’s- we woke up and they were both in Harry’s bed; all cuddled up together. We just guessed and Harry asked us not to tell anyone”.


Harry’s POV:

“I’m her boyfriend; the nurse said I can come in.” “We’re all done now anyway- we’ll let the others know they can come in too”. I took a seat by Jodie- where she was sleeping. Before one of the doctors leaves I ask, “Can you tell me what happened?” “As you know she was spiked and it makes you fall unconscious after a while- she’s sleeping at the moment. She’ll wake whenever she’s ready to” “Did anything else happen to her? You know- was she..” I couldn’t bring myself to even say it. “We aren’t sure yet. From what your friend has told us- we’re thinking she has. To make sure- we’re running some tests and we’ll know when she’s awake.” Tears run down my face as I realise I was more than likely too late. “Harry, have they said anything?” Louis rushes in through the door. “She was spiked. I think you can guess the rest” I say gritting my teeth at the thought of someone else harming my Jodie.


“Harry” I hear Jodie’s voice. “Jodie? You’re awake!” I pull her towards me. She cries into my shoulder; squeezing me as tight as she can. “I thought you wasn’t going to come- I was so scared Harry” her voice trembled. “I know, I’m sorry.” I say embracing her in another hug. “Can you tell me something? Did he do anything to you?” I watched her carefully as the tears fell down her face. “I don’t know Harry” she bowed her head down. “I need you to tell me everything that happened” I say comforting her. She looked up at me with watery, bloodshot eyes, “I just remember him pulling me away and pinning me against the wall. I couldn’t move; I tried to. He kept kissing my skin and whispering in my ear- I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Everything went funny” she paused. “I just felt his hands pull up my dress and wander my body. I looked down and he was fiddling with his belt.. I screamed for you but nothing was working. I don’t remember anything after that” she cried. “Shhh, I’m here, we’re going to see what these tests say and we’ll go from there” I say, rocking her back and forth. “We have your test results” the nurse barges through the door.  Jodie sits up and looks at me nervously. I take her hand in mine.

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