A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


22. Time to let them know (15+)


WARNING: This chapter my include some cursing and descriptions of drugs, sex and/or violence.(15+)


“You nervous?” I say to Harry as he fidgets with his hands. “A bit” “Harry, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” I tell him. “Yes I do. I’m not having you sit at home on your own with no one to protect you.” “I’ll have Danielle we have-“ I was cut off by Harry interrupting, “I know you don’t have rehearsals- you’ve all got a month’s break.” “How did you know?” “Because Danielle told Liam when I was there- that’s why she’s coming with us too” he smirks; getting satisfaction because he knew there was nothing I could argue back with.


Harry’s POV:

Finally our meeting with the whole management had finished. I stood up and made my way to the front where everyone stared at me. “Is there something you want Harry?” I hear someone speak. I was more nervous that I thought.. “Well” I started. “I don’t care what any of you say. I have a girlfriend and I will be seen with her in public. I’m not losing her again. I don’t care if you don’t like it, I’m with her and none of you are changing that. Oh and she’ll be coming on tour with us too.” I say sternly. I gather a few weird looks; making it awkward. “Well, I think it’s nice that Harry cares so much about her to feel this way. After all, he is 19- he’s allowed to do what he wants. None of you can stop him from being in a relationship” I hear Paul stand up and tell the others. I look back to those sitting infront of me to see them all nodding. “Well, we’re happy for you Harry” I receive from several of them. Everyone starts to leave the room. “Looks like being demanding worked” Liam jokes with me. “I’m a bit shocked they took it so well” I answer him. “It’s probably because you told them how it is and put them straight” Zayn laughs. “Well done Haz- for telling them how it is”, “Thanks” I nod toward all of them. “How’d it go?” Jodie looked at me; trying to judge my mood. “Great! They didn’t say anything- they all seemed pretty happy” I smiled, embracing her in a hug. “Yeah the sassy side came out in him” Louis nudges me in the side and we all laugh. “So we’re off to Australia tonight, looking forward to it?” “Yeah!” she squeals, excited.


After a long journey, we finally reach our hotel. “Right, I’ll let you organise who’s staying it what room” Paul says, handing us 4 sets of keys. “How about Liam and Danielle stay in one room, Niall and Zayn in another, Jodie and Harry in the third, then me and Eleanor can stay in the last one?” Louis suggests. “Eleanor’s coming on tour with you?!” Jodie asks excitedly. “Yeah, she’ll be joining us tomorrow” he replies smiling. “I can’t wait to meet her”. We each take our keys. You have Liam and Danielle’s’ room first, Louis and Eleanor’s second, Niall and Zayn’s the third room and then fourth; at the end being mine and Jodie’s.


Jodie enters the living room area wearing short shorts with a white vest top. “I’m going to bed Harry- see you in the morning” she says; grabbing some water from the fridge.


Jodie’s POV:

I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and make my way to the bedroom. “Not without me you don’t” Harry says tickling my sides. “Harry, stop!” I laugh. “What do you want?” I turn to him; smiling. “YOU” he growls in my ear. I wrap my arms round his neck and lean back so we can see one another, “really?” I ask sarcastically. “Yep” he licks his lips. I blush and my head falls; looking at the ground. He rests his hand against the left side of my face whilst the other wraps around my neck; pulling our faces together. I bite my lip; looking into his eyes. He places his lips to mine; kissing me hard. I give in straight away and allow his tongue access. I lift myself up onto him; so he is holding me. I wrap my legs around his waist and leave my arms round the back of his neck. He carries me into the bedroom; shutting the door behind him. He drops me onto the floor so I’m now standing with my back to the wall; with him infront of me. He leans against the wall, taking off my top. I follow his lead; doing the same, throwing his top to the floor. As he walks backwards; pulling me with him, he stumbles back onto the bed; me falling on top of him. I kiss his neck and trail down his chest. With his large, warm hands, he picks me up turning me over, so he’s hovering over me. I undo his belt and jeans, where he takes off both mine and his; throwing them across the floor. He unclips my bra, pulling it off me; not once parting from my lips. He took off my underwear as I did his; leaving us both naked. He continued pressing his lips against my skin; all over my chest, neck and finally on my lips. “You sure you want this?” he says pulling away slightly. I nod my head; not taking my eyes off his. He leans back down; hovering over me. “I’ll be gentle. Promise” he whispers in my ear and plants a kiss just below it. He pushes into me, gently and carefully; gradually picking up the pace. I rest my hands against his curls, playing with them; a moan escapes both our mouth’s as pleasure runs through our bodies. My breath became an uneven pace and so did Harry’s. He leans down, sucking against the skin where he once made a red mark on my neck; re-placing it once again; but this time leaving more of a mark. Shortly after, I tense as he pulls out and lies by the side of me.


Harry’s POV:

“You’re perfect” I say looking into Jodie’s eyes as I re-adjust my position; laying on my side and leaning against my right arm. She lowers her head into the pillow and blushes. “And you’re adorable when you blush” I say, lifting her chin up where I plant a kiss on her lips. “I love you Jode- you’re my everything” I say; pulling her in towards my bare chest. “I love you too Harry” is the last thing I hear before falling asleep.

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