A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


57. This is it.


Before you read this chapter, on another tab please get up;


Go to Youtube and type: Titanic Instrumental (Piano) click on the first one there is- it should be 9minutes, 33seconds.

Leave them playing whilst you read this chapter; to set the mood of it. Trust me it makes it better! xx


Harry's POV:

The rain pours down outside; setting the mood even gloomier. Outside is dark as ever; only lit a little by the streetlights. Inside is pretty much the same; just with lamps instead. Jodie snaps me from my daze when she speaks, "What is it Harry?" Her face drops and I can't bear to look at her stood there infront of me. "Harry what have you done? Tell me!" her voice cracks. As I begin to speak, she takes a seat opposite me. "When you left I was still annoyed and I lashed out" I gulp, "It was the night after- we all went out. I guess I had quite a bit to drink but I knew what I was doing". When I look up, her face is motionless; there's no expression. "I cheated on you" my voice breaks as I look down with tears filling in my eyes. How could I be so stupid to do it again?! Yes we were arguing but everything was fine apart from that. "Cheated as in you kissed someone? Because we can get over that" she sighs. "No Jode. I slept with her" I shake my head. The tears fall freely from my bottom lids. "Harry. I-" her voice trembles. "I wanted to lash out because you went to dinner with Niall. Because we'd argued and you didn't want to sort it out. I just- there's no excuses" I stop talking. Jodie looks back up at me with tears rolling from her eyes too, "You promised you'd never do it again". I get up and drop myself down to her level so I'm rested against my feet still. A small amount of hair falls over her face. As I tuck it back behind her ear then use my hand to cup the side of her face, she closes her eyes tight and struggles to keep the tears from cascading down her cheek. "I'm so sorry" I whisper. Never have I seen the look of disgust planted on her face before. Not even when this happened before. I've really hurt her this time. She stands up and runs to the bedroom; slamming the door shut. "Jodie what are you doing?!" I frantically ask as she throws random bits of clothing in a suitcase. I try and stop her but nothing will. "Get off of me Harry". She zips it up and drags it off the bed; pulling it all the way down the stairs. "Where are you going? Jodie just speak to me" the worried shows through my voice and tears spill even more from both of us. As she reaches the door, she comes to a halt and turns, "I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry Harry". I follow her out. This can't happen. "Please Jode, please don't do this" I cry. Before she can turn around, I grab her waist and kiss her hard and strong. This kiss is different to any other. Its more passionate, strong. Our lips are pressed tightly against one anothers, too forced as if we both expect this kiss to be our last and want to savour every moment, feel and sensation for an eternity.


Jodie's POV:

His lips feel so smooth, supple. His bottom lip purses tightly over mine; lingering a little each time. I'm so hurt, heartbroken, angry but I don't want this to end. But it's for the better. Harry's hand caresses my neck; slowly sliding up to my cheek. The rain pours down; drenching us both. This kiss is nothing to any previous moment I've ever had in my entire life. Its a kiss of affection, deep passion. Something that's igniting from both our hearts and coursing through our lips. His lingering mouth over mine occupy my thoughts for what seems forever. Finally my voice speaks out, "I'll always love you Harry". I turn round; my entire body saturated from the constant rain which continues to gush down from the sky. "I love you" are the last words I hear from Harry as he shouts out to me whilst I walk off into the distance. I can't even think about being without him. Not even a day. Where am I even going to go?  I can't go to Niall because what will Harry think? I'm not bothering Louis or Eleanor they have a family now. Danielle and Liam are spending time together. Zayn and Perrie are doing the same. I have no one. Not one person, not even my own flat. There's nothing. My phone rings and I see Harry's caller ID flash up. Do I really want to break my heart anymore and talk to him? Something obviously tells me I do because I answer. "Jodie, where are you going? Just come home and find somewhere in the morning please". I shake my head with tears falling once again, "It's not my home anymore Harry" I sigh and shut down the phone.

"Jodie? Is that you?" the familiar voice of Zayn speaks,  less than a few meters from me as I sit underneath a bus-stop with my suitcase by my side; shivering and soaked. My words are broken as I cry and stutter, "I-I thought you were with Perrie tonight?" He shakes his head, "No babe, she's in America. What's wrong?" "Its over Zayn. Me and Harry we're over". He hugs me tight and squeezes me in his arms, "C'mon you can stay with me".


Zayn's POV:

After letting Jodie calm down for a while, she finally told me what happened. I'd seen Harry with that girl that night- we all did. But we thought nothing of it. How can he be so stupid to do this to her again? She's having the spare room and I told her to stay as long as she needs to. She's been upstairs for about an hour now. I've left her to it; she needs some time alone to think. She's heartbroken and I'm not being horrible but apart from us she doesn't really have anyone. No family. No friends. No one, nothing. Guess, I should ring Harry and tell him she's safe at least.


Jodie's POV:

I'm writing out a short note right now. Once done, I leave it in the middle of the bed. I take a look in the mirror for a good 5 or more minutes. All I see is a girl who's been hurt all her life. A girl who has no one and nothing. Useless. Worthless. That's the last time I'll see myself like this. I make myself comfortable in the bathtub. There's no water in it but I just want somewhere more comfortable but not the bed. I take out my phone and gaze over pictures of Harry and I. Then me and the others. Water continuously drops down my cheeks; sliding down to fall on the screen of my phone. If I'm not with Harry then I have no one. My life isn't worth living anymore. I'm just a girl. Nothing more, nothing less. I unscrew the lid,

1 pill.. 2 pills.. 3 pills.. 4 pills, 5, 6, 7. Everything's becoming distant, I can feel myself going. This is it.


Harry's POV:

"I just want to see her. Just quickly Zayn" the tears are still printed in my cheek. "Fine, she's in the spare room but I think she might be asleep" he moves aside to let me pass. My legs carry me as fast as they can to the spare room. I open it up, the lights on but no Jodie. As I gaze round the room, I see paper. It reads;

Whoever's reading this, I'm sorry but I had to. I love you all but I just can't do it anymore. I have nothing and no one. I'm worthless, useless. My life isn't worth living anymore. Tell Harry I'll always love him and I forgive him. I love you Harry. I love you all. This is it. I'm sorry. Goodbye. Love Jodie. xxx

My face screws up in confusion. She couldn't have. I rush to the en-suite bathroom. As I walk just inside a picture of us lay open on her phone and sprawled along the floor are dropped pills. That's when I notice her lying in the bathtub. "NO-NO-NO. JODIE! ZAYN! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE" I cry and shout. Zayn's footsteps rush to the top of the stairs and soon enough he's next to me. "JODIE" I shake her body; craddling it in my arms. No response. "No" he mouths whilst shaking his head at the sight he's seeing. Zayn's straight onto an ambulance and after that I'm guessing the others. She can't go. "Please don't leave me Jode. Please, don't let me go. Not like this. I love you so much". This can't be it.

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