A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


42. Sweet, adorable love

Harry's POV:

Jodie's been allowed out now, so we're going to head home. "You ready to go babe?" I peep my head round the door and watch her walk my way. It was only last night that we found out, so both of us are still pretty cut up about it. "I thought you should see this.." Louis' voice fades as he passes me a magazine. Him and Eleanor were sat in the front as they're taking us both home; I'd stayed with Jodie last night at the hospital so I didn't have my car. Jodie shuffled in closer and I put my arm around her. My eyes bulged at the title spread across the double-paged article.



The pair were seen entering and leaving the hospital together before yesterday's show in Manchester. Our sources have said that Jodie's stomach seemed unusually round and slightly bumped.. Could she be pregnant? There was a photo to the right showing us both entering the hospital smiling- I hadn't even seen any paps around.. I read further down the page.

During the boys' concert last night; Harry had an 'emergency' he had to attend to there and then, meaning he left the boys to finish without him. Both him and Jodie were then seen pulling up at the hospital once again; this time looking rather serious. What do you make of all this? Is there something they've been hiding? Tweet us on @NEWSNOWmag and tell us what you think! Next to that was a photograph of me holding Jodie up; us both looking concerned. I looked puzzled at both photographs- I hadn't recalled seeing any paps around so was clueless to how they got these HQ pictures. Sometimes, I really dislike them; there's some things they should leave be and let us have our privacy with. "I guess it's out now, there's nothing we can do or say" Jodie sighs, looking teary eyed. "This really pisses me off; can't they leave us alone for just a few days" I grit my teeth and throw the magazine across the seat and away from me. "I wouldn't mind if it was over silly rumors and stuff but this is serious. It's real life; you can't just blurt that out in magazines". Louis and Eleanor nod from the front. Jodie just sat there quiet in my arms.

"I really don't understand why we still have to do this today- I don't feel up to it at all" I tell Lou; our hair and make-up stylist. "I know you don't, just stay strong and it'll be over before you know it". We had an interview. You would of thought they'd try and put it off until a couple of days, but no. They wanted us to carry on like nothing had happened. Well that's not going to happen because I'm not afraid to show how I feel.

The room was filled with around 50 fans; each sat around the platform where there were seats for us along with mics and a seat for the interviewer. Jodie and Eleanor were sat just at the end of the first row; watching us too. "So what's all these rumors about Jodie being pregnant Harry? Are they true?" he spoke the words I really didn't want to be bought up. But I guess I have to answer.


Jodie's POV:

Don't do it to yourself Harry.. Just say they're rumors or something. I say in my head. I could see he was heartbroken and struggling not to cry as the interviewer questioned him. I just want to run up and hug him; tell him we'll be ok. "You seem to have teared up there" the interviewer giggles lightly. Harry clears his throat, "She was" he mumbles looking down. "Sorry Harry? We didn't quite catch that. So she is pregnant?" Harry continues once again, "No not anymore.. She had a miscarriage.." he trailed off and took his thumb to his face, wiping away the tears from his eyes. "Oh- I'm sorry for you both.. Tell us Harry, when did you find out? Was you upset or maybe even relieved?" "I think some things are best left between the two of them and not the media" Louis cuts in defending us both. I smile at how Louis straight away helps between the awkwardness.

This is a meet and greet interview, so while the boys relax; the fans can meet them once the interviewing part is over with. "You could have just said it was rumors Harry, I wouldn't have minded" I pull him aside. He shakes his head, "No- it needed to be said. Better to get it over with sooner". He hugs me tight and then pulls me back out to the fans. I walk over with Eleanor; standing just to the side of the platform. "I'm so sorry for yours and Harry's loss Jodie.. Can we have a photo with you?" several fans walk up to us. I liked the fans who were like this; caring and kind. "Thank you" I smile and stand beside them posing with a smile whilst their parents take a photo of me, El and them together. They walk away, leaving me and Eleanor alone again. "Hes kicking!" Eleanor keeps her voice low but loud enough for me to hear. "Want to feel?" she asks. I nod and we go behind the curtains so we are no longer visible to the others. "Aw, I can feel him.. I think he's going to like football" I giggle. It's the first laugh I've managed to let out since finding out our bad news. Eleanor had a bump which was only noticeable if you knew about it. She'd been wearing baggier tops recently to hid it- she told me that her and Louis are telling the fans over Twitter; it'd be easier than face to face in interviews. Because it just gets awkward that way.


Harry's POV: **skipping a week**

Over the past week, Jodie and I have been even more inseparable than before. I haven't wanted to leave her by herself and her the same with me. "You know I'll always love you right?.. No matter what happens, ever" By now, the realisation of our terrible news was slowly sinking in. We were both coming to the terms with the fact that we've sadly lost our little girl but there's nothing we can do and we need to move on. The rain started lashing down outside; allowing us to hear the drops hit against the windows. I pick up Jodie in my arms and take her outside. It's extremely dark out. Street-lights were the only things to be lit up; lighting up the road just outside my house as I place Jodie down on the concrete. "Harry what are you doing?" she looks puzzled. "There's something I've always wanted to do but I wanted to wait until I found the right girl" I smile. I attach our lips together and we stand there for a little while kissing passionately; letting the rain fall down onto us; soaking through our clothes. "I've always wanted to do that too- it was on my bucket list" she smiles. "Well, you can tick it off now can't you?" I grin, embracing her in a hug. "There's another thing on there that you might be able to help with.." "What is it?" "For you to sing to me, you haven't done that yet" she smiles so innocently. I step out further into the street and begin singing 'Little Things' rather loud. I chose this song because she's always so insecure about herself and she really doesn't know how stunning she actually is. I love everything about her and all her little things- it was the perfect song choice; summing up our relationship in some ways. "I really love you Harry" she hugs me tight; shivering as I finish. Until now, I hadn't realised how could it actually is out here- I'd been too wrapped up in Jodie and us. "I love you too.. Let's go back inside, it's freezing".


Jodie's POV:

We re-enter the living room. Harry lit up the fire which created a warm gust of air to blow my way. He walked into the kitchen and stayed there for several minutes whilst I retrieved us some different pyjamas. "Here you go" he hands me a hot water bottle as I change into my warm onesie. I pass him the pyajama's I had just bought down for him and he changes too. We snuggle up on the couch; me lying against Harry's chest, both watching re-runs of Jersey Shore. My eyes feel heavy and they soon begin to droop; shutting asleep.


Harry's POV:

Me and Jodie had fallen asleep on the sofa last night, It's actually the best I've slept in a week. I was rudely woken by the doorbell. I slide out of Jodie's grip; lying her down onto the cushioned couch. "Don't be loud- Jodie's asleep" I whisper as I open up the door revealing Louis, Zayn and Niall. They each nod and take a seat in the living room where Jodie was sound asleep. The TV is still on from last night. I let them turn it over and watch what they like as I slip back underneath Jodie. Except I'd retrieved a cover from upstairs quickly and pulled it over the pair of us.


Niall's POV:

They were both obviously really tired still. Harry laid back into the position I presume he was in before we got here and Jodie still hadn't woken up. I can't help but wish it were me in Harry's place right now. I just want to feel her touch; her breath against my skin and her lips on mine. Before anyone notices me staring, I quickly snap out of my daze. I need to talk to her. Soon.

"Look! Harry's fallen asleep aswell" Liam laughs and stands up; taking a photo of them. "They just look so happy and peaceful like that" Louis adds, gazing at the two and smiling. "They're adorable" Zayn butts in grinning, "They really are suited to each other so much" he carries on. I nod, despite my disagreements. No one knew how I actually felt or what I'd told Jodie at the after party several nights ago and I didn't want them knowing so I let it go and say nothing or it'll just become awkward and complicated like last time again.

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