A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


33. Surprises **jumping 5 months ahead**


WARNING: This chapter may include some cursing and descriptions of drugs, sex and/or violence. (15+)

**There will be quite a bit of skipping days and months in this chapter**


Jodie’s POV:

What I went through was horrible and it still disgusts me to this day. Me and Harry are still together- he’s been really good with me- I kept having nightmares and flashbacks in the beginning but he always calmed me down; held me in his arms and got me off to sleep again. Niall told me about he’s new girlfriend- and they do seem pretty loved up; I’m happy for them both. We’re all getting along; there’s no drama whatsoever. I quit my job at X-Factor; I needed a lot of time off to relax and get over everything; they understood and said there’s always a place if I ever want to go back. This last month, I’ve started to really get over what happened to me; my wounds and bruises have all healed. As for everything else- it’s all going good.

I wake up to the sound of birds tweeting away. Harry wasn’t by my side when I woke; although he had left a note saying; ‘I’m only in the kitchen x’. I laughed at the silliness of his note. “Harry, I could hear that you’re in the kitchen anyway- you didn’t need to leave a note” I giggled. “Yeah, I know. I like you to know where I am so you don’t panic or anything” he says smiling at me. “What’s for breakfast?” I say scanning all the pans he has out. “Fry up. It was meant to be breakfast in bed but you kind of.. Got up” he smirks. “We can always take it back to bed anyway” I laugh. I help  him finish the rest of the breakfast. Neither of us can be bothered to take it upstairs so we settle on laying with one another on the sofa. “So, me and the boys have done something for all you girls” Harry begins. “Yeah?” I question, wondering what it could be. “Well, the tours on a break for a whole month. So, we’re going abroad; all of us together” “Ahh, that’s really nice of you all, where are you taking us?” “Dubai for the first week and then Caribbean the next” “OMG Harry!” I squeal, cuddling him. “And then when we get back- you’re going to meet my mum and sister” “I can’t wait Harry” I smile widely, “When do we go?” “At 7pm” “What?! I’ve not packed anything!” I jump up, Harry doing the same. “Yeah, I forgot about that part” he giggles.

We all meet each other at the airport. Zayn arrives with Perrie, Liam with Danielle, Niall with Demi and Louis with Eleanor. “I can’t believe they did this for us” Perrie smiles. “I know, when did they tell you?” I ask each of them. “This morning” “Same, then we both had a rush to pack everything” I laugh. “Yeah; I just packed my whole summer wardrobe” Eleanor giggles, “Don’t worry, so have I”. We all agree that each of us have done the same and laugh. Once we’ve arrived in Dubai; the heat hits us as soon as we step off the plane. I take in a deep breath; inhaling the warm air that surrounds me.


We stayed down in the hotel bar for the whole night; joking around and having a good time. We let the boys take all the luggage upto the rooms whilst we get a table big enough for the 10 of us.

“Wait who’s in what room?” Perrie and Danielle ask confused; the pair of them slightly tipsy. Zayn shouts and giggles over the music, “I’ve told you two 3 times now” he pauses, turns to Liam and continues once again, “I’ve forgotten.. Who’s in what room Liam?” Liam chuckles. “Me, Danielle, Zayn and Perrie are in the first one. Jodie, Harry, Lou and El, you’re in the second and then Niall and Demi; you’re in the third”. I think by this time everyone was a little bit tipsy but nowhere near drunk.


Harry’s POV:

“Right us 4 are heading up now, see you later guys” I let the others know before me, Jodie, Louis and Eleanor head up to our room. “See you in the morning” they shout after us. “Night Lou, El, see ya in the morning!” Jodie says to them both before heading into the bedroom. “This is amazing already Harry. Thank you” she smiles at me. “It’s fine, it’s nice for us all to come away like this together”. “It’s already really hot- and it’s only the night” she giggles taking off her shorts and top, replacing it with a nightshirt. I do the same as her but I keep my boxers on and nothing else. 5 minutes later when we’re in bed, Jodie chirps up, “Nope; I can’t sleep with this on- it’s too hot”. I smirk as I watch her take off the nightshirt and lay on top of the quilt wearing only her bra and knickers. “You don’t usually do that around me” I smirk. “What?” she laughs. “You never wear anything like that infront of me unless it’s  a bikini- you always cover up” I smirk once again. “Well incase you hadn’t noticed; it’s extremely hot in here” she replies sarcastically. “Wanna make it even hotter?” I nudge her side. I prop myself up so I’m hovering over her. Our faces nearly touching. “I mean we’re half way there already?” I suggest. “Mhmm” she replies, biting her lip slightly. “I guess we can’t though; Louis and Eleanor are in the next room” I tease her, pushing myself up so our faces aren’t as close. Jodie puts her hands round the back of my neck and whispers loudly “Just shut up and kiss me”. I slide off her underwear and do the same with mine, throwing them to the floor. “You’re gonna have to be quiet” I whisper in her ear. “I think it’s you who needs to take that advice actually” she throws back at me, giggling. I kiss her; letting it become more heated and intimate. I slowly push myself into her; keeping a slow and steady pace, letting our hips glide together perfectly. Tonight was different to any other night- it was special. And this- it wasn’t just sex, I was making love to her- to the girl I’m madly in love with. My breathing soon became an uneven pattern and I felt both of us start to reach that high. “Just hang on that little bit more Jode” I lowered my tone. She arched her back slightly and let her fingers play with the curls at the back of my neck. I let out a small moan and pulled out shortly after. “That was amazing” I whisper in her ear and leave a kiss on her neck. She hovers over me; using me to prop herself up on, “I know and so are you”. I let out another small moan as she found my sweet spot; where she left a kiss just behind my ear. “I said it was you who had to take that advice didn’t I?” she cockily adds. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.. Maybe I need reminding what that was?” I play dumb, knowing full well what I’m doing. I’m pretty sure she too got what I meant when she straddled my waist, inserted herself into me and started moving her hips in towards me. “Remembered yet?” her voice trembled. I find it difficult to reply as I feel myself reaching that high again. She copies my words from before; whispering them in my ear “Just hold on that little bit more Harry” I pull her face to mine; kissing her lips. I couldn’t hold on any longer as I let myself relax, moaning fairly loud as she pulled out and lay on top of me. “You know, I have the best girlfriend right?” I grin at her once my breathing has calmed to its usual pace. “And I have the best boyfriend too” she smiles at me. I keep her on top of me; cuddling her as we both fall asleep.


Jodie's POV:                **skipping to 2nd week- Caribbean**

It doesn’t take long before the hotel is surrounded by paparazzi. It’s a good job we don’t need to leave it; we’re all inclusive so there’s no need. . Me, Harry, Eleanor, Danielle and Louis are each in the pool. Somehow several of the paps have managed to get inside and are now trying to question each of us “Harry! Is it true that you have a girlfriend?” one of them asks as me and Harry step out of the pool. “Yep, she’s with me right now” he says pulling me infront, leaning in and whispering “just let them take a few photos, then they’ll go”. I stand next to Harry; smiling and finally he pulls us both away.

Niall, Demi, Zayn and Perrie HAD been rather quiet all last week- they seemed to spend more time alone than with the rest of us. “Does anyone want a drink?” I ask as they either lay in the sun or lounge in the pool. “I’ll come help you” Demi stands to her feet. We order everyone's drinks and take a seat on a sun lounger; the waiter said he would happily bring over the drinks. “You coming in the pool?” I ask Demi, “No, I’ll get in in a bit” she smiles. Harry picks me up bridal style and throws me into the deep end of the pool and then jumps in to join me; the pair of us laughing.

After swimming around the pool and messing around with Harry my bikini top comes lose. Holding it up, I swim over to him, “Harry, can you do this up; it just came undone” I say blushing. “What it just fell down?” he starts laughing hysterically. “Yeah- when you move a lot; it comes lose because it’s a tie up one”. “Maybe I shouldn’t do it up then?” he jokes around. “Harry, just do it up, unless you want everyone seeing!” I joke back. “Oh yeah, didn’t think of that” his tone turns more serious as he ties it in a bow.

Everyone was in the pool; either swimming or just relaxing round the edge. “Liam, pull down Harry’s swimming trunks” I hear Louis whisper. I don’t bother stopping them as it’d be quiet funny. Laughing, Liam makes his way behind Harry. Louis on the other hand is telling all of us “Watch this- it’s gonna be funny” Within a split second, Harry’s trunks are down at his ankles. He quickly pulls them up- looking round embarrassed whilst all of us hail with laughter. “I’ll get you back” he scowls at Liam trying not to laugh. One thing for sure is that, it’s a good thing this hotel is for adults and not children.

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