A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


3. Short Farewells

Harry's POV:

After receiving several calls from Louis and Liam, I decide to answer, seeing as they're probably wondering whether I'm ok and where I am. "Harry! Finally you answered! Are you ok? Where are you?!" Louis says in a rush across the phone line. "Calm down Lou, I'm fine" I'm by the baggage claim area, where are you?" I reply trying to calm him.  "He's at the baggage claim still" I hear him confirm to the others, "We'll be over in a few minutes!" He alerts me. "Ok, see you in 5 then, bye." I say before hanging up the phone.


Within a few minutes the boys were stood beside me. "So aren't you going to introduce us Harry?" Liam says politely  nodding towards Jodie. "Oh, yeah. Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, this is Jodie." I say, looking back and forth between all five of them. Jodie nervously smiles sweetly and replies with a simple "Hi". "Very nice to meet you Jodie" Liam answers; pulling her in for a hug. The rest of the boys follow Liam's lead and do the same. "Well, it was nice meeting you all, but I must go." Jodie speaks. "Ok, we'll just leave you two to it then" Niall chirps up, before they all begin to walk to the pick-up point slowly.


I didn't want to say goodbye but I guess this was it. I haven't known her for long but I don't want to let her go. "I guess this is it then. We have to say our goodbyes now" I say to her. Her smile fades slightly, "Yeah, I guess. I'll see you around maybe? Thanks again for being so kind on the plane." She replies. "Oh, it was nothing, seriously, my pleasure!" I answer whilst pulling her in for a quick hug. "Bye" she says, waving and turning on her heels to walk away. Before I know it, she's almost out the doors. I run after her, "WAIT! JODIE! I have to give you something" I pant, touching her shoulder. She turns round, "Oh, did I leave something with you or-?" "No, no" I giggle, cutting her off, "Can I borrow your phone?" "Yeah, course", she speaks with slight confusion. "I've text myself so we have each others' numbers. I'll text you later. Gotta' go! Bye!" I say before running off to the tour bus  waiting just outside the doors.


Jodie's POV:

I can't believe Harry just gave me his number! I feel as though I'm in a dream! As I sit in the back of the taxi, I feel my phone vibrate; indicating I have a text.


From: Harry        To: Jodie

Hiiii. Told you I'd text ;)


I smiled and replied quickly;


To: Harry             From: Jodie

Well, someone's eager aren't they? ;)


We continued texting for several hours, but Harry had a signing so he had to go. I wonder when I'll hear from him again.

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