A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


51. Shooting stars and sunrise

Harry's POV:

"Ugh, whose ringing you at this time of the morning?" Jodie sleepily asks. I sigh and lean over to reach for my phone. The alarm clock says it's 4am. Whoever's ringing me best have a good reason for waking me up at this time. "Hello?" I groggily speak into the phone without taking a look at the caller ID. "Harry" Louis' voice sounds through the phone. "What is it? It's 4am Lou" He speaks almost straight away, it sounds as though he's been crying, "I'm officially a dad Harry". I jump up from my laying position, "What?! Shall we come up?" Jodie turns to face me, "What is it?" I move the phone from my ear a little, "Eleanor's just given birth". Jodie smiles, "Oh my God! Tell him I said Congratulations!". I put the phone on loudspeaker so we can each speak amongst ourselves. "They're both ok" I can tell he's smiling tons on the other side; you can hear it in his tone. "I need to ring the others but you're welcome to come to the hospital to see him if you want". There's a small ruffling noise and mumbles from Louis just before he hangs up the phone. "Wanna go up there?" I ask Jodie and straight away she nods. I throw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms, a plain t-shirt, a zipped jacket and a beanie to cover up my hair. Jodie does the same; instead she scoops her hair into a high messy bun, puts on leggings and one of my jumpers.

"It's freezing out here" Jodie shivers as we walk from the car to the hospital. It's a long enough walk when you're tired and freezing. I pull her closer to me, "Warmer now?" "Not really, but thanks anyway" she laughs. Once inside, we ask for directions on where to go and end up waiting outside with Zayn and Liam. "Where's Niall?" Jodie asks. "On his way up still" Liam yawns whilst letting us know. "I haven't been up this early in like forever" Zayn giggles. Louis comes out of the room where he, Eleanor and their newborn baby are staying. "You can come in- two at a time" he smiles widely, "She want's Jodie in first though".

"Awh, he's so cute!" Jodie gasps as she leans over Eleanor and the baby. "He definitely has Lou's eyes and your nose". Eleanor nods with tears in her eyes as she cups the small baby in her arms. "What are you calling him?" I look between both Louis and Eleanor. "We're calling him Tommy" "Well that's a mouthful- Tommy Tomlinson" I giggle and the rest follow my lead. "Well done El and congratulations both of you" Jodie smiles and I nod to show I agree. "We'll let the others come in now and we'll see you whenever you're not busy" Jodie laughs a little before giving Eleanor a quick hug and the same with Louis. I too do the same.

When Jodie and I get home, it's nearly half 5. "Wanna watch the sunrise?" I ask Jodie. "If you want" she replies. Whilst she sits on the couch waiting for me, I to do large hot water bottles and collect, a load of pillows and 2 duvets, then set it all out in my back garden. "Ready" I tell her as I grab hold of her hand. We lay down underneath the cover; snuggling right in close together with the hot water bottles either side of us to keep extra warmth. There are still some stars out because the sun doesn't start rising for about another half hour or so. So at the moment, we're just watching the stars. "It's strange because that would've been us in a few months" Jodie keeps looking up to the sky. Her eyes look glassy. "I know. It will be us one day, just not yet" I kiss her cheek and nuzzle my head closer to hers. "That was a shooting star! You've gotta make a wish babe". I smile as she closes her eyes tight and her lips move slightly. I do the same but make my own wish. "Now don't tell anyone that wish because you know what they say" I smirk. Jodie smiles and edges her body closer to mine, "If you tell anyone the wish, it won't come true" she finishes. "You know we've come a long way Harry". Her face is close to mine and I can feel the warmth of her breath hitting my skin; causing a small shiver to extend its way down my spine. "We've been through a lot but that's only made us stronger" she smiles again. "Jode?" I pause and she nods. " 11 months ago, before I met you, I would've laughed right in your face if you'd have told me a few months along the line I'd be in a committed relationship and completely, utterly in love. But I'm being serious.. I honestly can't see my life without you anymore. We've been together for a year next month, it's gone so quick and I just don't want it to end anytime soon". She sighs a sigh of happiness, "Me either Harry, I love you so much you know. I've never really told anyone I loved them. Not actually meant it anyway. But with you, I do mean it" she lowers her face into my jumper which she's still wearing. "Same here". I pause and scan over her body. "Are you cold?" I laugh. "A bit, but I'm fine. I like this- it's cozy" she replies; smiling into the jumper. "Good". I wrap my arms around her; hoping to use our body heat put together to warm us both up. I've finally found her. That one girl that can change my whole life around. And that girl is the one laying in my arms right now.



A/N: I'm so sorry that I've hardly updated! I've been trying to alternate between the three fanfics I'm writing, plus I've been really busy too. I should be updating a lot more frequently now though! Sorry again.

Also, thanks to everyone reading this fanfic and getting it so many views, favourites, etc- I really appreciate it. Thank you. Xx

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