A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


61. Regrets.

Jodie's POV:

As I wake and peel open my eyes, memories of last night come flooding back. That spark was there; the spark I felt when I first ever laid eyes on Harry, when we had our first kiss to everything we did together. I snap myself out of it. No, I can't think like this- I need to remember how he's hurt me. It's a mistake and I'm with Niall. Oh my God. Niall! How could I do this to him? I knew it shouldn't have happened last night but everything happened in that moment and I was just so drunk. But its no excuse what happened, happened and I can't change it. Unfortunately.

"Jode, where are you going this early? It's only 9am" Harry's voice makes me jump as I sit myself at the end of the bed. His body shuffles closer to mine to sit behind me. Wet kisses are left along my neck and all the way to the side of my face. "Just like old times aye? Show's you still love me" Harry whispers; still hovering his face over my cheek. My head leans to the side; slightly turning to face him, "No Harry. It was a mistake; a drunken mistake. It can't and won't happen again. I'm with Niall now". He moves his head back to improve his sight of me. I resit the sheet around my body to make sure I'm fully covered when I notice him look me over a little. "So? Break up with him. We're meant to be- you and me. Us, together forever right?" I shake my head briskly, and stand up with the sheet still draped round me, "That was before you hurt me Harry". I gather my clothes and take them to the bathroom where I change.


Harry's POV:

I've really messed this one up. Again. Why did I even think last night would mean something to her? She was drunk. Drunk out of her head. If there ever was going to be a chance of us two even talking at least, I think its all just been crushed. I gaze over at Jodie's phone that's now ringing again, for like the 9th time this morning. Niall's caller ID flashes up on screen. I let it ring off onto voice-mail, then pick it up and listen to what he says, "Erm, if you get this call me back. I'm starting to get worried now". "Did you answer my phone?" Jodie interrupts me, looking rather agitated. I shake my head, "No it was Niall".

The journey down in the lift from our floor is silent and awkward; neither of us saying a word. Jodie's head is buried in her phone. The bell dings as we reach ground floor. "Shit. Jode, turn around" I frantically panic and close the doors back up. She briefly looks up and then immediately does as I'd said after realising the swarm of paps and fans stood infront of the hotel but close enough to see into the elevator. "They must've found out I was here last night". "Niall can't find out- not like this Harry" Jodie says with a little panic in her tone herself. "Look we'll go out the back way. Here, take this" I hand over my jacket she'd previously been wearing last night when I took her to the car. "When we get to the last floor, make sure the hood is up and then you'll need to keep your head down as we go past reception. I'm fine to be seen but you're obviously not because of the situation".


Niall's POV:

"So where were you this morning? I went round to yours, you weren't there. I rang you tons of times and you didn't answer any. Where the hell were you? I started panicking" I observe Jodie as we meet in a local coffee shop situated in a fairly quiet part of London. "I-I was in work" she stutters. "You only work evenings". She smiles at ease, "I had some meeting about schedules, etc then I went for a walk and my phone- it was on silent. Sorry, won't happen again".


Jodie's POV:

From: Unknown number       To: Jodie

Everything ok with you both? H xx


Straight away I know its Harry. Just by the way he typed the message.

To: Unknown number            From: Jodie

Yeah, fine. How did you get my number?


How he managed to get my new phone number I do not know. I've had my job for about 2 months and bought myself a new phone. Hoping that Harry wouldn't be able to text me but that obviously hasn't worked seeing as he's got my number from somewhere or someone else.


From: Unknown number        To: Jodie

Meet me, half hour at mine. We need to talk. H xx


I sigh- we do need to talk. And I know what about. How can I sit here and lie to Niall. He's done nothing; all innocent and then there's me. A liar. A cheat. I'm no good. I guess I have to speak to Harry and see what we're going to say or do.

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