A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


37. Only a week

Harry's POV:

I sit Jodie down at the kitchen table. "Jode, me and the boys have to go to America on Tuesday. And," I bow my head slightly, taking hold of her hands, "And, I can't take you with me, it's only for a week" I hated not being able to take her with me, even though it is only a week. Whenever she's alone, there's no one to protect her and I can't bear the thought of her having no one to help if need be. "It isn't just you- none of us are allowed to take anyone with us, so the others won't be coming with us either. You're staying here in my apartment- I'm not having you stay at yours alone. I don't want you staying here alone, let alone there ok?" She looks at me slightly disappointed that she can't come with me, "Its fine, it's only a week. I'll have the girls too, I won't be on my own all the time" she smiles trying to reassure me.

I make my way to the kitchen where Jodie was making food. "Something smells nice- what we having?" "Spaghetti Bolegnese" she quickly turns her head and smiles at me. "Well, it smells really nice". I walk over and hug her from behind, "And it looks really nice too". She giggles, looks up to me and places a quick peck on my cheek. "What was that for?" I chuckle. "No reason" she shrugs smiling.


I enter the bedroom wearing only my boxers as usual; Jodie placing a nightshirt on. "So, seeing as I have to go tomorrow mid-day, I was thinking want to give me a good send off?" I nudge Jodie's side. She bites her lip looking deep into my eyes and nods slightly. The tension between us soon snaps as we both lock lips and I take off the nightshirt she hadn't long had on.


Jodie's POV:

Harry lays me down on the bed; him hovering over me with our lips locked together. He slides himself into me, letting our hips glide together perfectly. He gradually picks up the pace and strength. He removes his lips from mine and whispers in my ear with his deep voice "is that alright?". The heat from his breath gives me butterflies as it hits my skin. I tremble beneath him; only able to nod. He locks our lips once again and entwines our fingers. Every now and then he reduces his speed and strength, then picks it up again. I let out a moan as he fills me with pleasure. He smacks his lips against mine was again; silencing the noise which had escaped my mouth.


Harry's POV:

I could tell she was nearly at that point as I began picking up the pace and strength within my thrusts once again. Her back arched from the bed slightly as our breath became more rapid. I soon felt her relax and lay back in her normal position as she took her hands to my back; letting them wander across my bare skin and upto my curls. I gradually slowed down and pulled out to lay by her side. She rolled over; straddling my waist. "Your turn" she whispers in my ear at the same time entering herself into me. She did the same as what I had done; moving her hips back and forth toward me. After a while she too began to pick up her speed and strength; at the same time keeping our lips locked and fingers entwined. I watched her as she seemed to become tired after a while. "Jodie" I went to carry on but instead it carried into a moan as she thrusted stronger; sending pleasure all over me. My breathing was an uneven pace as I pulled her head to my level, "Jode you can stop if you're tired" She looks at me, shaking her head, "You're nearly there now". She was so right because without further a do, I let myself relax, pulling her face to mine, kissing her gently followed by another moan. She pulled out and kept her position on top of; snuggling her head onto my bare chest. "I love you Harry" she whispers. "I love you too babe" I reply after regaining my usual breathing pace.

"You look tired" I say to Jodie as she brings the tea she had just made to the kitchen table for us both. "That's because I am" she replies smiling. "Was it last night? I told you to stop if you were tired" "No Harry- you do it for me, I wanted to repay you" she smiles once again. I love it when she smiles; she has slight dimples that you can see if you look carefully; they were so cute just like her. "I'm grateful to have you in my arms every night so don't ever feel like you have to repay me. Next time if you're tired, you stop right?" I get up, leaving a kiss on her cheek. She simply nods. "We've only got two hours til you go". "I know, you're coming to the airport with the others though yeah?" "Course I am!" We both take a shower and get ready.


Jodie's POV:

"I'll see you soon babe, stay safe. If you need or want me just call or text. I love you"  Harry said clutching onto me tight. There were a lot or paps around, all taking photos and shouting, asking questions; each of the boys ignored them and continued to say goodbye to us. Louis and Eleanor were next to me and Harry, I heard him whisper in her ear "Keep our baby safe won't you" before gently rubbing her stomach secretly. They hadn't told the fans yet so were keeping it low key. "See you soon Harry, I love you" I say before letting him go. We make our way through the crowds of paparazzi and fans, back out to the car. I had drove me and Harry up here in my car so us girls had some way of getting home. I dropped off each of them at their houses.

It's now 1:30am, I haven't been able to sleep. I wanted to hear from Harry; he said he'd call when they were off the plane. 

I wander back down the stairs, I haven't parted from Harry since everything with James nearly 6 months ago now. It felt so lonely and weird being on my own and in Harry's apartment without him. I jump up from the sofa when my phone rings on the table. "Hello, Harry is that you?" "Yep, it's me" I hear his deep voice on the other side. "I thought you'd never call" "We only just landed, gotta go get our luggage now, I'll talk to you later babe, love you" he says before hanging up the phone. I made my way back upstairs, throwing one of Harry's t-shirts on to remind me of his scent and fall asleep.


**End of week**

I made my way to the toilet; I've been sick and felt quite rough this last week. For the third time this morning, I threw up into the toilet. I sit back against the wall and my phone rings just as I do so, "Babe, we've gotta stay out here another week, apparently theres a new lot of interviews they didn't tell us about before we left, I'm sorry." "Oh, ok, well I guess I'll see you in a week" I say with disappointment in my tone. "I'm going to Skype you every night ok? I love you" I replied the same and hung up the phone. My phone started to ring once again. I didn't recognise the number, "Hello?" "Hello, is this Jodie speaking?" "Yep, can I ask who's calling?" "It's the police- we'd just like to inform you that James has been let out of Jail with a restraining order against you. If you feel under any danger or he comes near you, you must ring us". I gulp, "Hi-his out prison? I thought he was in there for a while?" "Yes, he has had psychological tests and has been allowed out. He has to come to prison every weekend and for the rest of the week, he is free- with counselling to help his thoughts" I can't believe my ears when she tells me all this. I'm staying on my own for another week and Harry isn't here to protect me. I try and put the thoughts of what he is capable to the back of my mind, "Ok, thanks", without further a do, I end the call.


"I told you I'd Skype you!" Harry beams into the camera. He's face drops when my camera turns on, "You don't look well Jode, are you alright?" He asks as I lay there in one of his tops and buried under the covers. "Oh, I keep being sick and feeling rough, think I've picked up a bug that's all". "I wish I was there to cuddle you right now" He pouts.


Harry's POV:

I was annoyed that we had to stay out here another week, I know it isn't long but I don't like the thought of Jodie being on her own. "So how's everything over there?" She stops my thoughts, "It's alright, been really busy though" I stop what I'm saying as Jodie jumps up from the bed turning her head to the door. "What's wrong? Is someone there?" My voice trembles slightly worried. She lays back down, shutting her eyes tight before replying, "No, I thought I heard something that's all." "I'll let you sleep now, love you and I'll see you soon" I blow a kiss into the camera. She pretends to catch it and does the same back smiling, "I love you too" then ends the Skype session.


Jodie's POV:

I decide to take myself to the doctors seeing as I'm still being sick and have still felt fairly rough. Eleanor wanted to come with me; she said I looked to ill to go on my own.


Eleanor's POV:

"What did they say?" I ask Jodie as she comes out from the room as pale as ever, "you really don't look well". "They said it's just a bug and they can't do anything- just gotta take tablets if I feel rough" she replied. "Well by looks of it, you need some now" I giggle.

"El, if I tell you something, you've gotta promise you won't tell anyone.. Not even Louis" Jodie says as we sit at the table in Starbucks. I nod, "What is it?". She looks out the shop window, not looking at me once, "It's James; he's out of prison". "What?! After everything he did to you" She simply nods her head and I could tell she wanted to cry. "Do you want me and Danielle to stay over til the boys get back? We can just tell her it's so we all have company" I look at her sympathetically. "I can't- if he finds out where I'm staying and comes after me again" she shuts her eyes trying to hold back any tears, "If you're there; you can't get hurt, it's not just you to look out for anymore". "Well, we're staying. I'm not having you there on your own Jode".


Jodie's POV:

Although I've known Danielle longer than I had Eleanor, me and El are a lot closer now. I think it's because our ages are that bit closer than mine and Danielle's. I still get along with Danielle really well and we are still close, it's just I'd say me and Eleanor are more like best friends now; we both tell each other everything and we're always texting or doing something if we're both free.


**End of week 2**

"I can't wait to see Liam! I've missed him so much!" Danielle exclaims excitedly. "Same with Harry" I smile, "are we getting a taxi up there?" Danielle nods and continues "yeah then we're meeting Perrie and Demi at the boy's gate in the airport". Their flight lands in 40 minutes so we're leaving in 10- it doesn't take that long to get there anyway. "You two need to get in here and see this" Eleanor appears in the kitchen doorway with the remote in her hand and glassy eyes. "Just listen" she says turning it up as we each take a seat.

"A flight coming in from America has crashed 40 minutes away from London Heathrow. It is believed that the boys of One Direction are on this flight. The majority of those on board have sadly been confirmed dead, leaving the rest on board seriously injured. We've heard nothing on the One Direction boys yet- no one knows if they are included in either of these categories. All we do know is that any survivors will be making there way to the gate within 30 minutes." The news reader finished.

Each of us were in tears, "We need to get there now" Eleanor stands up, slipping on her shoes; Danielle and I doing the same. The journey to the airport was quiet, not one of us speaking.


Harry's POV:

"Lou, I need you to do something for me" I lay in the same position. "Tell Jodie, I love her so much and that she's the best thing that's ever happened to me". I kept repeating my words as he was pulled out and away from me. "Harry, someone's gonna get you in a minute ok, just keep awake for me" his words start to fade as everything starts going black; only seeing Jodie and I before my eyes.


Jodie's POV:

"Have you all seen the news?" Perrie looks at us with tears in her eyes. We each nod in unison. We take each others hands as we stand waiting at the gate; hoping our 5 boys will walk through. A ton of upset fans and paparazzi are stood not far behind us. A woman opens up the gate, "This is it" Perrie says, squeezing my hand tight. Several people walk out, no sighting of any of the boys. I feel Perrie's hand let go of mine and watch her run to the familiar face of Zayn. Then Danielle to Liam. Demi soon runs to Niall who makes his way through the door. Mine and Eleanor's hand doesn't part as the woman goes through to check for anyone else. She walks out with one more person. That's when I feel Eleanor's hand let go, "Lou, I thought you weren't coming" she runs upto him. The woman shuts the door behind her. I stand there alone, not believing what was going on. I crumble onto a seat nearby; crying into my hands as fans and paparazzi crowd the others.


Louis' POV:

Each of us had a few minor injuries, nothing major. "I need to get to Jodie, where is she?" I say to Eleanor. "I don't know, she was holding my hand and then I came to you. Oh my god" she shakes her head, "Harry- he didn't come out". The tears swell in my eyes and I let them fall freely down my cheeks. I hadn't had chance to speak to any of the others as we was rushed to the gate; away from the plane, so we'd all come out separately. I push my way through the fans and paps; Eleanor linked with my arm, letting the security get rid of all of the paps and fans. "Lou, you're alright!" Zayn shouts from the corner. He's face soon drops as he scans around looking for Harry. "Where's Harry?" Niall looks at me. Me and Eleanor have joined where they're standing, "I need to find Jodie, where is she?" I turn my head to see a familiar face, sat across, crying into her palms. I make my way to her and the boys doing the same. "You're all here" She cries even further, "Where's Harry?" she continues. "I don't know, he was next to me, he was mumbling just after we crashed and then I was pulled away from him"  I sit down on the seat nearest, running my hands through my hair. The others following my lead, "He was in a bad state I-" "Maybe someone got him out and has taken him to the hospital?" Liam questions. "I don't know Liam, he was pretty bad- he just kept saying the same thing over and over again". "What was he saying?" Danielle asks. I gulped before replying, "He just kept saying; Tell Jodie, I love her so much and she's the best thing that's ever happened to me" I paused, "Someone started pulling me out and he's eyes started closing- I couldn't get to him, I told someone to go in and get him but they wouldn't tell me whether they would or not; just that I had to get to the gate." I comforted Jodie as she began to cry harder. Everyone's faces turned serious and upset; all with tears in their eyes; coming to the realization that Harry more than likely didn't make it out alive. "Look, we're all going to the hospital, we're going to see if he's been taken in. And until then, we're thinking positive ok?" I pull Jodie in for a hug.

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