A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


13. Lazy Days

The boys enter my hospital room “Decided where you’re staying and who with yet?” Zayn asks me. “Well, not exactly.. I decided that I’m not going to stay with either of you three” I said pointing to Liam, Zayn and Louis. “Why us?” they laugh. “Because you have girlfriends, and you should be spending time with them in your time off.” “Well that just leaves Niall and Harry” Zayn adds. “Yeah, which one of you is free?” “I’ve got to go to Ireland for my brothers’ wedding in 2 days, I don’t mind you staying with me though” Niall tells me. “Well what if you stay with Niall those two days and then for the rest of the week you can stay with me?” Harry said with hope in his voice. I guess I will be staying with Harry then. “Yeah if that’s ok with both of you?” I say hesitantly, looking between the two. “Yep” Harry nods; Niall doing the same.


“We need to go to mine first so I can get some clothes for a couple days” I say to Niall. “Yeah, that’s fine” he shoots a quick smile in my direction.

As I’m only staying with Niall for 2 days, I grab 2 outfits along with some pyjamas. I put in my toothbrush, hairbrush and makeup as extras; all into my pink travel bag. “Done” I say walking down the stairs.


The night starts to draw in, “I’m bored” Niall says. “Me too, what do you wanna do?” “Give me a second, I’ll have think” he giggles. “Ok, I’ll go change while you think” I smile at him. I re-enter the living room, this time wearing my pyjamas.


Niall’s POV:

Jodie re-entered the living room; wearing her pyjamas, which consisted of a vest top and little striped shorts, along with cream slippers. She had shoved her hair into a messy bun, taken all her makeup off and she still looked stunning. “Think of anything yet?” she smiles. “Wanna play some video games?” “Yeah!” She says. “Ok, the ps3 is in my room so we can just play it in there” I tell her whilst leading her upto my bedroom. “Wow you’re room’s lovely” “Yep” I reply, inserting FIFA into the PS3. “Just a bit messy that’s all” she nudges my arm. We sat for hours playing various different video games. “Niall can we watch another movie?” She asks tired. “Yeah” I get up and scan my DVDs. “Paranormal activity ok?” I ask her. She sheepishly nods. 10 minutes into the film I hear Jodie speak “If anything jumps out please tell me before” she says nuzzling into the cover; hiding her face. “Promise” I laugh, watching her trying to hide.

The film gets to a really jumpy part and just as something jumps out “AHHHH” I scream, shoving her. “AHH OHMYGOD WHAT IS IT” she screams, still hiding. “Niall! Don’t do that!” she hits my arm playfully and we both start laughing hysterically. We soon settle down and carry on watching the film.

I turn to look at Jodie, she was curled up in the covers. I didn’t bother moving her, instead I turned off the film and left my room in complete darkness. I take off my top and hop back into my side of the bed. “Night princess” I say before leaving a kiss on her cheek.


Jodie’s POV:

I wake up, my head resting against Nialls' torso with his arm wrapped around my back. When did this happen? Last thing I remembered was falling asleep on my side of the bed. “Hello darling” Niall smiles at me. “Hi Niall” I say ruffling his hair and getting up. “Noo, lets have a lazy day” he pulls me back down and starts tickling my sides. I screech with laughter “Niall get off”. “Only if you promise we won’t get up for hours” he laughs in his Irish tone. “Fine” I giggle as he releases me from his arms.


“It’s 5pm. We haven’t even got dressed today Niall” I giggle, leaning against the bed frame. “Want me to cook some dinner?” “Nah, we’ll order a pizza” he says dialling the number.


Niall’s POV:

Jodie falls asleep on the sofa, all curled up. She looked so cute. It was now 10:30pm. I picked her up and took her to my room; placing her on the bed and tucking her in on one side. I wipe away her hair which fell alongside her face. “Night princess” I say again, kissing her cheek and proceeding to my side of the bed.


Jodie’s POV:

I felt myself being carried up the stairs by muscular arms. It was Niall. “Night princess” he whispers and kisses my cheek. He doesn’t realise I’m only half asleep when he wraps his arm around my wait and nuzzles his neck into the back of mine.


“Jodie, wake up” Niall says groggily. “It’s 3pm, I think we both needed that sleep” he laughs a little.

“Yeah, ok I’ll tell her now. Bye” Niall says before hanging up the phone. “Harry said he’s picking you up at 4” I hear him say as I bury myself under the covers. He pulls me out “Go shower” he chuckles.


The door knocks, “Hi Harry” Niall greets him. “Hi Niall, Jodie ready?” “I’m ready” I say appearing in the doorway. I say goodbye to Niall, “Have a nice time at your brother’s wedding Niall” I say, leaving his hug.

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