A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


35. Last week of the tour break

Harry's POV:

We haven't been out clubbing for several months; not together anyway. The others have; me and Jode have just chose to stay in each time and enjoy our time together. Tonight we both thought it'd be nice to go out with everyone. I was already protective of Jodie but now even more so. This was both mine and Jodie's first time out since what happened with James just over 5 months ago. We'd stayed down at the bars whilst we was in Dubai and the Caribbean but that's a completely different surrounding. After everything that's happened to her, I made a promise; to never let anyone harm her ever again. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

My mouth games slightly when Jodie enters the hallway, "I'm ready" she says smiling, "Do look ok?". "You look gorgeous as always" I smile back at her. She was wearing a tight-fitting peplum dress which had diamonds amongst the top- the whiteness of the dress showed off her tanned complexion even more than usual. Finishing off the outfit, she wore dainty silver heels, a small bracelet and earrings.


"What drink do you want?" I shout over the music. "Cocktail please" she replies. I order our drinks from the bar and turn around smiling as I see Jodie dancing around with Eleanor and Perrie; all enjoying themselves. "Here's your drink" I hand it to her. We continue to dance throughout the night, hardly taking any breaks just staying on the dance floor. I had noticed several people stare at Jodie; I don't blame them, she looks stunning. But she was mine so I hated the fact they were doing so. "I'm gonna get another drink, want one?" She smiles at me. "Just the usual please". She wanders off to the bar. I watch her as she stood there alone, waiting. "You alright Harry?" Louis joins my side and engages me in conversation. I take my eyes of Jodie for a split second as I talk to Louis. I turn back round to see a man standing by Jodie's side; his arms wrapped around her waist; pulling her in as she tries to wriggle out and away from him. My legs carry me over to where they are and the words fall off my tongue without giving myself time to think about what I'm saying, "Get the fuck off her now". He looks at me and steps away, smirking and throwing his hands to the air. "I only took my eyes off you for a split second" I half giggle, returning my eyes to Jodie. "Sorry- it wasn't my fault", I laugh at the way she says it so honest and innocently. "I know that; it's everyone else, they all want you, I see the way they stare-you're stunning why wouldn't they?" Her head drops and I notice her cheeks turn a slight pinky colour, "It's just a good thing you're all mine and I'm here to protect you" I say, lifting her face to mine and place a kiss on her lips.

"So who's house are we all staying at tonight?" Eleanor asks Louis, "we're all staying at Harry's" he smiles, hugging her.


Niall, Demi, Liam and Danielle are in one room, Eleanor, Louis, Zayn and Perrie are on the airbeds downstairs. Me and Jodie are in my room. "Can you wear one of my tops?" I observe Jodie as she picks out a nightshirt from the wardrobe. She giggles and turns "why?". "Because you look quite hot in them" I smirk and throw her my Ramones t-shirt. She shakes her head grinning and slips it on; covering up her body. "You know, it might look better off actually" I whisper flirtatiously in her ear and hug her from behind. She looks up, turns around around facing me; hugging my waist too. "Mmm I'm not sure about that" she smirks. I gaze into her eyes; our faces only centimeters apart, "Well I am". She bites down on her lip and links our hands together. The tension between us soon snaps as Niall bursts through the door and jumps on our bed. Louis and Zayn following his lead.


Niall's POV:

Once landed on the bed and Zayn and Louis have joined me, I turn to look at Jodie and Harry. Harry was wearing nothing but his boxers and Jodie only wore Harry's Ramones t-shirt; which barely covered her body. They were cuddling; their faces barely apart, I hadn't noticed til now. "Oh, did we interrupt something?" Zayn chirps up. "Um, no" Jodie smiles and breaks away from Harry's grip. I can't help but smile when I realise we obviously did interrupt them. She looked so pretty even with her make-up off, just better in one of my t-shirts rather than Harry's. Wait, what am I saying? I have Demi, I shouldn't be thinking like that. "I don't care I'm staying here anyway" Louis continues; sprawling out on the bed. "Yeah, you're bed is comfortable" I add in. I knew what I was doing; staying there to interrupt even further whereas Louis and Zayn were only joking with him. I suppose I didn't realise how jealous of their relationship I really am til now..

"Come downstairs and play spin the bottle?" Zayn says jumping up. "Only for a bit- we was kind of planning on sleeping" Harry quickly replies. "Yeah, with one another" Louis retorts, chuckling. "We was not!" Jodie slaps his arm playfully. "It didn't look like that" I add in, grinning; although I wasn't really joking.

"We're just going to play all different games instead.. it makes it more fun!" Louis grins widely telling us all. We start off with eyes wide open- you have to kiss your partner; keeping your eyes open. The ones who keep their eyes open for the longest wins. As it came to Jodie and Harry, I turn my head not wanting to watch. "You hardly lasted at all!" Liam shouts followed by Jodie, "Harry! You didn't even try" she laughs. I look up at them whilst Harry says "Maybe that's because I can't help but close my eyes because you make me feel something every time we kiss" he smirks. "Get a room you two" I shout, making it look like I'm joking. "How about body shots!" Louis says excitedly, "They're always funny". Harry quickly gets a few sliced lemons, shot glasses, tequila and salt from the kitchen before sitting down. Louis spins the spinner, "It has to be a boy and a girl" he winks.


Jodie's POV:

I didn't really like this game- I've played it before and I never minded but I wasn't in a relationship then. Now I am- it'll just fill weird if someone has to do it to me. The spinner lands on Zayn and then on Demi. He looks at Perrie to see if she's ok with it and she nods, "It's only a game". I lay back against Harry and he wraps his arms around me. "Can we go upstairs, I don't really wanna play this one?" I look upto him. He peers down to me, "Yeah- I don't really wanna play this one either- unless I get paired with you". I get lost in his eyes as he does with mine. "Jodie? Jodie?" Zayn calls out, "What?" I jump up. "It's your turn" "What? I thou-" "We span the bottle again" he interrupts. "Oh we was just going upstairs anyway" Harry starts to get up, obviously realising how uncomfortable I felt. "Well go upstairs after this one" Liam adds, pulling him back down. Great, I guess I'm not getting out of this one. Perrie spins the bottle again, to chose who will do the tequila shot on me. It lands on Niall. Even better. It wouldn't bother me as much if it had of been someone else. But Niall? It makes everything awkward between me, Harry and him. I look toward Harry who's pretty much sending daggers Niall's way. I gulp as Liam speaks and giggles, "Lay down then". "But we was just going upstairs" I say still trying to get out of it. "If she doesn't want to do it, you can't make her" Harry adds. "We're all playing it, it's fine" Demi adds on the end. Louis looks between me and Harry catching onto why we both wanted to go upstairs but looks down instead of saying anything. I lay down, coming the conclusion I'll just have to do it. Liam places the slice of lemon in my mouth, the salt below my neck and the tequila on my stomach. Niall leans over me, licks the salt from my chest, the same with the tequila from my stomach and then sucks the lemon from my mouth. Except before taking it away, he brushes his lips against mine leaving a slight kiss; but doing it so no one else could see. I pulled away leaving him to take the lemon away. Sighing, I sit up and pull back down my top. I had a feeling Harry saw because he was sitting beside.


Niall's POV:

I purposely kissed Jodie slightly as I took the lemon from her mouth. I did it so no one else saw; the only ones who would know are me and Jodie. I grinned as she sat back up. "Weren't that bad was it?" She shakes her head and Harry pulls her to her feet, "Right we're going up now; tidy up this mess before you all go to bed".


Harry's POV:

"What does he think he's playing at?!" I grit my teeth with my jaw tensed as we enter the bedroom. "I don't know Harry- I'm sorry". "It's not your fault is it! We wanted to come up way before that anyway. I just can't believe he had the audacity to kiss you while taking that lemon. I mean even in front of me, and everyone else" my fists clench slightly. "I think the whole point was that he didn't want anyone to see" "Yeah- well I did see. It's pretty obvious I'd see if I'm sat beside you". "Just forget it Harry, he's probably had a bit too much to drink" Jodie calms me down; pulling me to the bed. I pull her into my arms, "Just promise me one thing?" She nods, "You won't leave me for him will you?" "What?! No" she raises her voice. "I only asked because you were together before and then he did that- I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't lose you again". My lips brush to hers as she speaks, "It's fine, I understand and you won't lose me don't worry".


Jodie's POV:

As I lay in Harry's arms, I can't help but wonder why Niall kissed me. He has a girlfriend, I have Harry- who I love and he know that. Maybe he is just a bit drunk and doesn't realise what he's doing because I don't fancy having any drama between him and Harry. I let my thoughts fade as I feel Harry's arms pull me in toward his chest. "Night my princess" is the last thing I hear that night.

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