A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


50. Kiss and makeup

Jodie's POV: **2 weeks later**

Harry should be back anytime soon- him and the boys had a couple of interviews today. I've settled in rather well in Harry's house or should I say my home? To be honest, I was more-a-less staying here the majority of the time anyway. All that makes a difference now is that my apartment has been sold.

Several hours pass and Harry still isn't home. "Are you with Harry still?" "No- we finished hours ago. Why?" Louis tells me through the phone. "He hasn't come home yet, just wondered if he might be with you still. Doesn't matter." A short pause comes over us as if he knows something I don't. However, I don't bother on questioning- it won't get me anywhere anyway.


Harry's POV:

"You've got two options" I pause. "You take this money and stay out of Jodie's life for good or I can make your life hell; depending on how long you'd live". "What exactly are you going to do? Get your little band mates on me? Yeah- nice one" Sarcastically, I laugh, "I'd take the first option if I were you" I step closer to him and peer down seeing as I'm taller. He shoves me back which only makes me angrier. I throw a punch to his face and before I know it, a fight has broken out between us. Not long after, I can only feel myself becoming stronger and him weaker. Something snapped and I just couldn't stop. I was re-thinking everything he'd done to Jodie, what he put her through, what he deserves and I just constantly attack his body until he no longer fights back and just lays there still. "ALRIGHT! I'll take the fucking money" he sits up a little as I pry myself away from him. "And you'll leave her alone for good. Won't bother her ever again?" He nods as I hand him the money. "You best not be lying because if you are, I'll do so much more to you than I did just now". He nods, "Deal". Each of us walk separate ways.

"Harry where have you been? Everyone else left ages ago" she stands to her feet and makes her way into the hallway. "Oh my God Harry! What the hell happened to your face?!" "Not now Jode" I flip off my shoes and enter the kitchen. She follows me in, "Did you get in a fight or something? At least let me clean you up". "I'm fine. Just leave it. It was nothing". "Yeah because it really looks like nothing when your face is all cut up Harry" she frowns. "I said I'm fine now leave it". My voice becomes sterner as we continue to talk. "I'm only trying to help" she lowers her voice. "Well don't fucking help! I said leave it but you won't will you?!" I'd raised my voice at her- something I'd never done to her up until now. "Fine then, I won't help and I will leave it. Don't bother speaking to me Harry" she sighs and I can hear her voice trembling; ready to cry. "And don't bother sleeping in the bedroom tonight. I don't want to sleep next to you if you're going to be like that". "Fine by me" I shout back as she goes into the bedroom.

This couch really isn't as comfortable to lay on as I first thought. For starters, I'm too tall to lay on it. Secondly, my back's now starting to hurt and thirdly, I just want to lay with Jodie. I really shouldn't have shouted at her earlier- I feel awful for doing it. She's done nothing wrong but because I was still fuming with James, I just took it out on her I suppose. I've had to listen to her sobbing for about an hour. It's like torture because I wanted to go in there and see if she's ok but I know it'll only push her further away if I do, so I've just had to sit here and listen. Although, I'm guessing she's asleep now because all has gone quiet. I could sneak in now.. she'd never know. Not until the morning anyway.


Jodie's POV:

I think I've run out of tears. What have I done? I was only trying to help. The door opens to reveal a little light which shines against the wall. I know it's Harry so instead of turning round to face him, I just pretend to be asleep. He gets under the covers and shuffles closer to my body. He starts mumbling into my ear, "I'm too tall for the sofa. My back hurts and it's uncomfortable. I just want to lay with you". He pepper kisses from my shoulder to my neck and whispers in my ear again, "I'm sorry. I never meant to shout at you earlier. You didn't do anything. It was me. Sorry Jode". Between open-mouthed kisses which he places on my cheek, he continues to ramble on, "I love you. I love you so much. Like, no one could ever know how much I love you because it's too much and I j-" I cut him by turning over and kissing his lips. "Sorry" "Mhm" is all I reply whilst snuggling into his chest.

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