A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


38. It all adds up

Jodie's POV:

It takes us hardly any time to get to the hospital, I leave the others behind as I run to the A&E department. "Is there anyone named Harry Styles here?" I say to the woman behind the counter. She shakes her head lightly, "I can't give away that information, sorry" she replies. "Please just tell me- I'm his girlfriend. He would have been bought here because of the plane crash" I continue. "There's no point trying- we've had many fans in here saying the same thing already; it's no use.. I can't give you any information" she bluntly replies. I soon have the boys behind me, "She is his girlfriend and she's with us" Louis pants from the back.  An 'o' shape forms on her face as she notices the boys and looks at me apologetically, "I'm so sorry- I thought you were a fan". I nod, shaking it off, "So has he been bought in?" She checks amongst the computer; situated at her desk. "There's been no one brought in by that name.. I'm sorry" she shakes her head. I sit to the nearest seat possible; my breathing becomes uneven and I start to lose breath whilst crying. "I can't lose him El, I can't" I cry into her shoulder as she comforts me. "Just stay here for a bit, you never know they might bring him in" Louis says with hope in his tone. "Lou, don't give me false hope- you know it's not going to happen". He kneels infront of me and takes hold of my hands, "I know Harry. And I also know that he wouldn't leave you, no matter how much pain he's in. He'd always fight for you Jode; he will be brought in" I cry at his words. "Calm down babe" he says pulling me tho is chest as he sits down beside me and rubs my back. "You don't understand, I really can't lose him" I continue to weep into his chest. It had been half an hour since the plane had crashed; 20 minutes since we found each of the boys, all except Harry. The doors of A&E open with a loud crash as someone is brought in. "He needs to be wired up now, BP is dropping low and heart rate too." I hear the words but don't bother to look up; my eyes too tired. "He was involved in a plane crash" That's when I look up and notice the brown, curly haired boy who lay there; unconscious with an oxygen machine attached to his mouth. I jumped from my seat, following the doctors; the others all doing the same.


Eleanor's POV:

Jodie's in a world of her own. She hasn't spoke to any of us since Harry was brought in over an hour ago. “How is he?” I ask the doctor who had just left his room. “He's stable, he's attached to a machine so we can monitor him for now. He's still unconscious but you're free to go and sit with him if you wish” She nods toward me and turns away. “Oh, just one thing!” She quickly adds, re-positioning herself in front of me once again. “When we found him- he was slipping in and out of consciousness. He kept asking for someone named Jodie, I just wondered, is she here? He didn't stop on about her; it'd be nice if she's there when he wakes up” “She's over there” I point to where Jodie is sat, “Could you tell her please? She won't talk to any of us- she's in shock” The nurse nods before walking upto Jodie.


Jodie's POV:

“Are you Jodie?” a nurse kneels down infront of me. I nod as she continues to speak, “When we found Harry, he kept slipping in and out of consciousness; he kept asking for someone named Jodie, that's you” she smiled. “Is he going to be ok?” I ask with tears falling freely down my cheek. “We can never be 100% sure but I think he's determined to pull through.. for you” she said. I half smiled and nodded toward the nurse. “You can go and see him if you wish- he is unconscious but if you talk to him; it might increase the chance of bringing him round”. “I need to call Anne and Gemma” I say looking to Liam. “It's ok, I'll do it. You go and see Harry”.

I walk upto the door, my legs trembling. Harry looked so pale and weak as he lay there attached to wires and a machine. The oxygen mask was still on his face. The others had let me go in on my own and said it was more important for me to go first and alone. I sit down by his side, not knowing what to say. The only noise you could hear were the bleeping of his machine and the feint breaths escaping his mouth and into the mask. I held his hand and looked at his face. His eyelashes touched his lower lids and his chest rose up and down gently; I began to cry as I thought about how I could still lose him. “Harry, I know you can't hear me but I can't lose you. You need to stay strong and hold on for me like I did for you” “I have something to tell you when you're awake” I bow my head, letting tears flow from my eyes and drop to my jeans.

It was 3am and everyone had gone in to see Harry; they were leaving and coming back tomorrow. The doctors said I could stay here as long as I need to. I take my phone from my pocket and find Anne's number. “Anne, is that you?” My voice breaks slightly. “No- it's Gemma, we're about 10 minutes away, we'll see you in soon” her voice also sounded like mine.

“Jodie! Are you ok? How's Harry?” Anne's familiar voice echoes through the empty waiting room. “He's unconscious- no one's said anymore. He'll just wake up whenever he can. You can go and see him, he's in there” I point to the room opposite. I leave Anne and Gemma to it; letting them have alone time with their son and brother.


Anne's POV:

After a short while, I re-enter the waiting area. I watch Jodie as she sits with her knees to her stomach and her head leant against the wall; staring into thin air. “You ok?” I say sitting down beside her. “I'm just really worried” she nods, looking to the floor. “We're all going to stick together and make sure he pulls through this” I tell her, giving her a hug. “If you need to stay anywhere whilst you're here in London- you can always stay at Harry's; he won't mind” Jodie sniffs and passes me her set of keys.


Jodie's POV:

I've been left alone again; Anne and Gemma have gone to get some sleep at Harry's. The shock and travelling added up and made them even more tired than usual. I take my phone from my pocket and scroll down my Twitter feed. I take a quick look at my mentions; some were hate, some were nice and then there was one from Harry. It read;

@Harry_Styles: Can't wait to see my beautiful girlfriend soon, missed her so much. xx @Jodie_


I hadn't seen it til now and it bought tears to my eyes as I re-read it over and over again. I re-tweeted it and then checked the boys' profiles to see if they'd tweeted anything.


@Louis_Tomlinson: Just to let you all know, we're ok, Harry isn't so great but we're keeping our fingers crossed


@Real_Liam_Payne: We're ok guyss, fingers crossed for Harry; he's in hospital, the best place for him


@NiallOfficial: Hope Harry's gonna be alright! I'll let ya all know how he is tomorrow


@zaynmalik: Hope Harry's gonna be ok, fingers crossed for you bro x


@1DHQ: The tour dates have been rescheduled until further notice. We do not know which dates they will be refreshed too just yet. Lets all hope Harry will be ok #hopeharrygetsbetter


I had several new mentions so I decided to scan over them, the majority of them were asking how Harry was. I decided to tweet an update of his current situation as the fans seemed pretty upset and worried.


@Jodie_: Harry isn't that great, he's in the best place though.. Just hope he gets better. Love you @Harry_Styles xx


I knew he wasn't going to see it, but when he woke up; I wanted him to.


My interactions start exploding with fans tweeting me. I reply to several of the questions;

@harryscurls: are you with Harry now? Is he awake?!

@loving1D: Hope you're ok aswell as Harry :( x

@niallsperf Please let us know when you hear anything?? xx


@Jodie_: @harryscurls yeah I'm with him now :) no, he isn't awake x

@Jodie_: @loving1D Thank you :)

@Jodie_: @niallsperf I will don't worry, promise :) x


@EleanorJCalder: @Jodie_ how are you both doing? Any more news?xx

@Jodie_: @EleanorJCalder could be better and nope, will ring you if there is. Xx


I put my phone away and re-enter Harry's room. “Harry you have to wake up, you can't leave me please” I say taking his hand in mine.


It's been 4 days and Harry still hasn't woken up, the doctors have said everything is fine with him; he just needs to let his body rest and if all goes to plan, he should wake within the next few hours. Thank God he is going to be ok- I don't know what I would do without him.

“Did you hear that?” I smile at Liam, “He should wake up sometime today”. “They're not certain on that Jode- you still need to prepare for the worst. Yeah, they said he's fine but you know things could still turn” Liam looks at me with guilt in his eyes. I shrug off his words; only wanting to think positive and take a seat in the waiting room as Niall and Zayn were with Harry; Anne and Gemma still at the house; Louis and Liam sat outside with me. I take out my phone and scroll down the Twitter news feed once again. My interactions are filled with hate saying why haven't I updated them all on how Harry is along with the occasional friendly tweet. Louis looks over my shoulder; reading them too, “If I were you, I'd put them in their place. You don't deserve the hate- you've done nothing wrong”. I take his advice;

@Jodie_: I haven't updated anyone because there's been no news til today. Whilst some of you have been sending me hate, I've been at the hospital every night, worried sick; maybe that's a good enough reason not to. Thanks to those who have been kind, it's appreciated. X

@AnneFoxyCoxy: @Jodie_ don't let the hate get to you sweetie, ignore them x


“Harry, I really need you to awake, there's no way I can do this on my own” I bow my head. They had said Harry should wake within the next few hours; he hadn't and it's been 8 hours since that time was up. “You can't do what alone?” Eleanor's voice echoes through the room. “Erm, just everything you know” I lie.


Eleanor's POV:

“You can always tell me anything” I reply to Jodie. She hadn't been the same with any of us since this whole thing. I know she was worried about Harry but there was something more. Something she wasn't telling me. She shakes her head, “Yeah thanks”. I could tell she was hiding something the way she fidgeted in her chair and her eyes watered up. I sat opposite her, on the other side of Harry; drifting off into a light sleep. “El, his eyes just moved” Jodie jumps up from the chair. My eyes open and I watch Harry intently. “I can't see them moving; it's probably you're mine just playing tricks on you Jode”. She ignores me and continues to watch him closely.


Jodie's POV:

“Harry, if you're awake and you can hear me, squeeze my hand”. I feel the faintness of Harry's touch against my hand. “He squeezed my hand! He can hear me” Eleanor looked at me with slight disbelieve. “Put your hand on his and wait” I pause as she places her hand onto his right. “Harry, it's me- Jodie. If you can hear me, just squeeze both your hands ok?”. He does the same again. “You were right!” Eleanor exclaims, jumping up to call a doctor.

“You can go in now; he's awake. He'll be fine by the looks of it but at the moment he's just very tired. He should be ok by tomorrow and after that, he can probably go home” I study the nurse; taking in every detail she spoke. “Harry” I almost whisper, entering the room. "Come here” he replies; he's voice all husky and deep as he gazed at me from the bed.


Harry's POV:

I gaze at Jodie telling her to come over as I held my arms out. She latched herself onto me “I thought I was going to lose you Harry” she whispers. “I know- I couldn't bear the thought of losing you. I kept on like you did for me” I comfort her, still keeping her in my arms. “Did Louis tell you what I said”. She nodded with tears in her eyes. I move myself over; leaving enough room for Jodie to slip her small body in beside me on the bed. “I've missed you” she says hugging me tight. I play with her hair and lean my chin against her neck.


**Next day**


Eleanor's POV:

“You don't look that well again, you still being sick?” I ask Jodie as she made her way from the toilet to the waiting room. “Yeah, was sick just now” she pauses, “I mean, I'm getting better, just taking a while to get it out of my system that's all”. Her response made me think back to yesterday, she acted strange when I asked what she couldn't do by herself and now she was acting odd with this.. Something didn't sit right. “I know there's something you're not telling me. Just tell me Jode; whatever it is I might be able to help”. She shakes her head, “I can't tell you. Not yet anyway.. I need to speak to Harry first” “About what? You're starting to worry me; is there something wrong? We can tell each other everything”. “I need to go” Jodie stands up and runs quickly to the toilet, holding her stomach once again. Something suddenly twigged in my mind. 'She couldn't do it on her own', she can't tell me; she needed to speak to Harry first and being sick every morning, feeling rough.. She couldn't be? She'd tell me.. It all starts to add up. I watch her as she sits back down beside me; cupping her hands round her stomach and looking down to the floor.

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