A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


24. "I miss her"

Jodie’s POV:

I wake up in Niall’s arms. I turned around and face him; staring at his beauty. He told me he loved me last night, I don’t know what to think. I know it’s only been a week since me and Harry last spoke to each other- but he seems to have moved on so why shouldn’t I? After all I do kind of like Niall; he’s always been there for me. “You alright?” I was taken out of my thoughts as I noticed him staring at me. “Yeah, just thinking” I smile. “About?” he provokes me to go on. “Nothing, its fine” I reply, hopping off the bed.


I sprawl out on the bed; laying myself out in the starfish position. It was really nice today; but definitely hot. “I bought you some water” Niall says. I don’t even have time to sit up before I’m covered in water; soaking my clothes. “NIALL” I laugh in hysterics. “You should have seen your face” he laughs loudly. “You’ve soaked my clothes” I laugh, standing up and walking to the en-suite. I fill the bottle up with water and follow Niall out to the balcony. Just as he steps out, “Niall, wait”. He turns around as I throw the water to his face; laughing uncontrollably. “You’re going to regret doing that” he smirks; pushing me against the wall. “Really? Am I?” I smirk back. “Mhmm”. Before I know it, he smashes his lips against mine. After a short time, he pulls away, grabbing his top, “Here take this, just for the moment” he laughs; throwing me one of his tops. “No, it’s fine I’ll go and get something from next door” I continue to laugh. My clothes were still in Harry’s apartment; I’d just been getting one the boys to go round and get bits for the week. I guess I should go round myself and get the rest. I walk out to the balcony, “Jodie, look over here!” Liam, Zayn and Louis shout from Louis’ balcony. I turn round to be blasted with water through water-guns by each of them. “OMG! Niall just did the same thing” I laugh, “I’m even more soaked than before!”  I finally manage to pull myself together, “I will get you all back!” I smirk. I grab a towel from the balcony; the only one that’s actually dry. I walk round to Harry’s apartment; still soaked.


Harry’s POV:

“Oh, I didn’t think you’d come round” I half smile whilst opening the door and revealing Jodie. “I’ve come to get my clothes” she replies before pushing her way through to the bedroom. “Why are you soaked?” I ask awkwardly. Me and Niall had a water fight, then the boys got me again on the balcony” she giggles. I miss that little giggle she’d always do. Why was I so stupid to let her go? “Oh” my face dropped.  “Jodie, can we talk?” I ask bowing my head. “We don’t need to talk about anything” she says packing everything from the wardrobe to her suitcase. “Don’t be like that Jode” “Be like what” she replies sarcastically. “You know what. Just hear me out” I continue. “Another time Harry” she says wheeling her suitcase out the door. I can’t believe I was so stupid to let her go. And as for everyone else; they’ve spoken to me but it’s not the same as it used to be.


I hear squealing coming from Niall and Zayn’s balcony. I walk out to mine; giving me a clear sight off everything. I look to their balcony to find Danielle, Eleanor and Jodie sat on Liam’s, Louis and Niall’s lap and Zayn on another chair. There weren’t any other seats so I’m guessing that’s why they were sat on their laps. Each of the boys had a beer in the hand. “El, what you wearing tonight?” I hear Jodie speak. “I was thinking just jeans and a top, maybe heels”. I watched Niall’s hand move around Jodie’s waist as she leant back; grabbing her drink of orange from the table. My jaw and fists tensed as I watched him. How could he do this? I shake my head before walking back inside. “Harry, it’s me Lou” I hear the voice of our makeup stylist knock at the door. “I need to start getting each of you ready- thought I’d start with you” she smiles as I open the door.

“What’s up Harry? You’ve been quiet the last week” she asks whilst finishing my hair. “I messed things up with Jodie” I shake my head. “Oh, anything you wanna talk about?” “I kissed another girl when we went out; brought her back here and then Jodie stormed out. She won’t speak to me and I guess I just went with any girl I could find for the sake of it for the past week” I tried to stop the tears from falling, “I miss her.” “Harry, I know what you did is bad and she does have the right to be mad with you. But if she means that much to you, don’t give up; make her see you’re really sorry” and with that she packed up her stuff making her way to the next room.


Jodie’s POV:

“Jodie, I know he doesn’t deserve it but can you speak to Harry. He’s pretty upset- I know he’s done wrong. Just speak to him at some point please?” the boys’ stylist Lou says to me before proceeding to do Zayn’s hair.


Niall’s POV:

“So what did that kiss mean earlier?” I grin at Jodie whilst lying in bed next to her. “Erm, I mean, I don’t know” she blushes. “Want me to kiss you again and see if you can make up your mind this time?” I wink. I place my lips to hers; my tongue waiting for acceptance. After a small time she gives in; letting our tongues dance together. She pulls away after a short while and looks into my eyes. “So, how was it?” I grin. “Perfect” she replies; slightly biting her lip. “What does this mean, you know like..” she trails off. “Well it means that if you want to be, you’re my girlfriend?” I giggle. She blushes and nods. “Night princess” I whisper in her ear; keeping her in my arms.

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