A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


17. "I guess it makes it more.. Fun"

Jodie's POV:

I lay in my bed, not being able to sleep. My mind continuously scanning over; trying to work out who it could be. I eventually fall asleep to be woken by my phone buzzing shortly after-


From: Unknown                  To: Jodie

You look pretty when you sleep..


I read over the text again and again. There’s no way anyone could see my through the curtains and blinds. They must have gotten in somehow. My whole body froze; not allowing me to move. Too scared to walk out of my bedroom door, I text Harry;


To: Harry                   From: Jodie

Harry come to my room please x


Within seconds, Harry appears in my room. “Whats wrong?” He asks; his voice low and sleepy. I couldn’t tell him, he’d go mental and try to find the person, then I’d have no one to keep me safe because management would find out about us.


Harry’s POV:

I walk into Jodie’s room to find her laying their frozen and as white as anything. “What’s wrong?” I ask her. She starts crying “I-I” she gives up “just hold me Harry”. There’s something wrong, I can’t work out what though. I play with her hair until she falls asleep. Her phone soon buzzes from the counter. Who the hell texts someone at this time of the morning?! I give in to my temptation and unlock her phone to read the text:


From: Unknown                               To: Jodie

I’m not going to go away, not til I get what I want.


I re-read the text over and over again. Confused, I reply;


To: Unknown                     From: Jodie

Who is this? And what do you want?


Almost straight away the phone buzzes again.


From: Unknown               To: Jodie

What I want is YOU and I won’t stop til I get what I want. You’ll find out sooner or later who this is..

Still confused, I scroll up; reading the previous messages. I can’t believe my eyes when I read them, someone’s been watching her and she didn’t tell me? This is why she looked so pale and scared earlier. I squeeze her tight in my arms, pressing her against my body.


Jodie’s POV:

I flinch when I feel someone squeeze and pull me closer. “Shh, it’s alright Jode, it’s just me”. I turn around, nuzzling my face into his chest. “Harry. There’s something I need to tell you” I couldn’t keep it in any longer, I was scared to death. “You need to promise you won’t do anything stupid. I need you here to protect me and if you let anyone know by flying off the rails about it, everyone’s going to guess we’re together and you won’t be here for me” I cry.


Harry’s POV:

That’s the reason she hadn’t told me already; management finding out about us. “I’ve been getting some really weird texts- I don’t know who they’re from. Someone’s been wa-watching me” she murmurs. “I know” I bow my head down to hers. “Don’t be mad but your phone vibrated and I wondered who would text at 3am so I read it and saw the others” “I’m sorry for not telling you Harry” she interrupts me. “Look, I don’t know who this is, but we’ll find out. No one will find out about us and if they do, well they find out. I don’t care. I’ll always be here to protect you no matter what anyone says. No one’s going to hurt you- not while I’m with you” I say, calming her down. “Harry, can we stay at mine tomorrow? I’ll ask the others to come round too, I’d feel more.. safe” she huffs. “Oh. Am I not good enough then?” I joke. “Yeah but it’s just- I don’t know.. I’d feel safer with more people around me”.


Harry’s POV:

“Hi Liam, Jodie wants to stay at hers tonight but said can we all stay with her, make a change?” I try to sound convincing. “Yeah, I’ll let the boys know and we’ll be over at 6.” “Ok, bye”. Me and Jodie had some time alone for another 3 hours.


“Seeing as we have company tonight, we should make up for that now” I say, grabbing her waist and tickling her sides. “Don’t ignore me” I take her away from where she stood making something to eat. I sit her on top of the counter by the sink. “Harry” she squeals as I tickle her. “I told you don’t ignore me or I’ll carry on..” “Fine, what do you want?” she laughs. “This” I say before locking our lips together. I feel her hot cheeks against my skin as she blushes masses. Just as the kiss was getting heated, the door knocks. “We’ll finish this tonight” I look at her grinning wide. “You know we can’t” she giggles. “I guess it makes it more.. fun” I imitate her words from before. She smirks; biting her lip slightly.


Jodie’s POV:

“Did you tell Harry?” Niall asks. “Yeah, I kind of had too” I trail off. “Why?” “I got another text at like 3am, it freaked me out so I text Harry and told him to come in my room” I saw his face slightly drop. “And?” He provokes me to go on. “He just stayed there with me, I must have fell asleep and gotten another text. He read it and saw all the others.” I finished by showing him the most recent texts.


Niall’s POV:

I bowed my head when Jodie said she’d told Harry, I know I told her to, but part of me didn’t want her to actually tell him- I wanted to be the one she confides in and can trust. When she told me she called Harry to her room and he stayed there with her, I felt my heart drop. I wanted to be the one who comforts her to sleep- just me. “You should really contact the police about it Jodie, it’s not right” I suggest. “I don’t know” she puts her head down. “The thing is someone’s obviously been in the house to see you sleep. That’s messed up. You need to get it sorted” I say; comforting her by rubbing her back gently. “Ooo who should go to the police about what?” Louis near enough shouts; overhearing our conversation. She tells them everything, showing them the messages she’s received. “OMG, Jodie why didn’t you tell us before?” Zayn says pulling her in for a hug. “I thought I’d be able to deal with it by myself, or that it’d go away, but obviously not” her voice trembled. “When did you find out Niall?” Liam asked. “The day after she got the first text. Harry had just gone shopping and she received another one- so she asked me to come round as soon as I could.”


Harry’s POV:

I can’t lie, I was annoyed that Niall knew before me but I couldn’t be mad with Jodie. She needs me to protect her; not argue so I chose to ignore it.


“I’ve got one spare room with a double bed. Two of you can sleep in that and then I can blow up the double airbeds for the rest of you” Jodie says smiling. Her apartment was pretty big; situated in the centre of London. She had an en-suite that linked her bedroom and the spare bedroom together. It worked out perfectly because now I can make out I’m going to the toilet and go straight through to Jodie. Perfect.


Louis’ POV:

I help Jodie blow up the two double airbeds and set out all the sheets and covers. All the boys enter the room once we’ve finished. “I’m having the bed” Niall says leaping onto it. Zayn follows his lead “Yeah me too”, they both start making themselves comfortable. “I’ll share an airbed with Liam because he doesn’t move around as much as you” I say pointing to Harry. “Fine by me, I get a double bed to myself now” he jokes back.


Harry’s POV:

I wait til I think everyone is asleep and exit the room- entering the en-suite. I lock the door, so anyone who wakes up will think I’m in there. I walk into Jodie’s room and jump on her bed. “Harry!” she jumps up; startled. “We have something to finish I believe” I say; connecting our lips.


Jodie’s POV:

Harry smashes his lips onto mine, his tongue waiting for access. I easily give in and let our tongues dance in rhythm and sync. The kiss becomes more and more heated. Harry leans over so he is hovering over me, I feel his warm hands travel underneath my pyjama top and to where my bra sat; not once parting his lips from mine. “Jodie, you awake?” We both turn to the door and Harry starts laughing. “Shhh!” I put my finger over his mouth, trying not to laugh myself. “Yeah, is that you Niall?” “Yeah, um can I use the toilet?” he asks. Harry plants kisses all over my neck and cheeks, “Harry stop it” I giggle quietly. “One minute, I’ll just check it. It’s locked, someone must be in there” I lied. “You can use the other one down the hall if you want”. “Oh ok thanks” I hear his footsteps fade as he walks down the hall. It’s lucky I have a lock on my door otherwise, we would have been caught right there and then. “Right, where were we?” Harry grins before kissing my lips once again. He then proceeds down to the side of my neck where he sucks against the skin, leaving a bright red mark. “OMG Harry stop!” I laugh. “What did you do that for?” I laugh again. “Because you’re mine and I wanted to” he said- looking me straight in the eyes.


Harry’s POV:

“I guess I should get back in there before they suspect anything” I say, still leaning over Jodie. “Do you have to?” she pouts. “I’ll come back when I think there all asleep again, promise” I say stroking her cheek. “One last kiss” I continue before placing my lips on hers. “Night babe” I whisper and hop off her bed- exiting through the toilet.


Jodie’s POV:

To: Harry              From: Jodie

Harryyy, can’t I come sleep in there with you and if anyone asks why I’m there, we can just say I didn’t want to be in my room alone? ;) xxx


From: Harry        To: Jodie

Good plan. Get in here now. xxx

I laugh at his attempt to be demanding as I make my way through the spare room. I creep into Harry’s bed; the pair of us sniggering under the cover- trying not to be loud. “Night gorgeous” he says before wrapping me in his arms and playing with my hair- sending me to sleep.

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