A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


12. Hospital

 Harry’s POV:

“Harry listen, we’re at the hospital” Liam pauses on the other side of the phone. “What? Is everyone ok?” “Yea well, we’re all fine.. its Jodie” he continues. “What happened?” I ask, quite worried. There sounds like a rush on his side of the phone; machines bleeping loud and doctors rushing to someone. “Harry I’ve got to go” he says in a panic. As I put the phone down, it begins to add up; that rush with ‘someone’ was Jodie.. I sit there and wonder what could be wrong. Was she really hurt? I just need to get back to London as soon as possible. I pack the rest of my items up and make my way to the airport earlier than what I’m meant to be. It won’t make me get there any quicker but I’m eager to get home.


Liam’s POV:

I’m on the phone to Harry. I was just about to let him know what’s going on, but machines start bleeping and a load of doctors run into Jodie’s room. Put the phone down and follow them in panic. Everyone’s been pushed out of her room and the blinds pulled down so we can’t see. “What happened?” I look at Louis- the last one to have been in there. “I don’t know. She was laying there and then the monitors, they all started bleeping. I didn’t know what to do” he says worriedly. The next few minutes, we all stand in silence outside the room. “How is she? Zayn asks one of the doctors as she makes her way out of the room. “Sometimes when people faint, in more serious cases, their heart can go out of rhythm and we have to shock it to get it back to normal. She’s suffering from slight concussion and is very weak. Jodie is very ill at the moment we’ve sedated her for now, and will bring her round within the next 2 days.” The doctor states. “But why have you sedated her? What’s wrong?” Niall asks with worry in his tone. “We did tests to find out the cause of Jodie’s fainting spell. Within those tests, we found that she has taken a lot of pills these last 2 days” “What do you mean? What pills? Everyone takes them for headaches and stuff” Louis stops her. “Yes, but Jodie has taken way over the dose she should have had for the last 2 days. It’s caused her body to go into shock; it shuts down, which is why we have sedated her. To giver her body time to readjust.” We all nod in unison. Before the doctor walks off, she stops in her tracks, “Another thing, has she always been this skinny?” “No, she’s lost a lot of weight. It’s the first time we had seen her in 2 weeks and she’s lost so much” Louis says, looking down to the ground. “So you’d say she’s lost all this weight in just two weeks?” she confirms with us. “Yeah” we all nod. “Ok, thanks for your help” she says; turning on her heels.


“Can I stay with her?” Niall asks the doctor. “If you wish but only one of you.” She replies. “Boys, I’m gonna stay here with Jodie tonight, I’ll see you all tomorrow.” He says tous.


Niall’s POV:

I feel so guilty. I should have seen this coming. It adds up now- she found out about Harry and Taylor and she’s locked herself away. God only knows what went on in that apartment for her to be in this state. I should have told her why Harry was being off with her, then she might have understood and realised it wasn’t her fault. And maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I just didn’t want to be the one who told her; it wasn’t my place to say. But now I feel as guilty as ever, I should have seen it coming. The boys have all gone home and it’s just Jodie and me in her hospital room. I stare at her face; so pale and lifeless. My eyes start to tear up- none of us even realised she was this bad, I just wish we had done something sooner.

My eyes start to feel heavy. I take hold of Jodie’s hand, “Night” I say and give her a quick kiss on the forehead. I lay my head down on the bed, her hand still in mine.


Zayn’s POV:

When we arrive at the hospital, it’s half 9. “How did you sleep?” I say to the others. “Hardly slept”, “Same, I couldn’t stop worrying all night and ended up just sitting there thinking instead.” I continued. We entered Jodie’s hospital room where Jodie was still sedated and Niall was still asleep; his hand holding hers and his head lying on the bed. “Niall, wake up” I lightly shake him. He soon awakes. “How has she been? Anything happen through the night?” I ask. “No, there’s no change” Niall said staring straight at Jodie’s face, not even bothering to look up at us.


Harry’s POV:

I rushed my way to the hospital. Lou had text me the ward she was on earlier, but not the room number so I’ll just ask for that when I get there. Finally, I’m at the hospital. I run up the stairs, trying to get there as quick as possible.

“I got here as fast as I could, what’s wrong with her?” I ask Liam. He looked in a daze of worry and did not reply. Louis interrupted “She’s lost loads of weight. We went to see her yesterday and then she fainted whilst getting out of the shower. She’s got slight concussion, but they had to shock her heart yesterday” “They say she’s taken way over the dose of tablets you should take a day.” “So she overdosed herself?” I ask, starting to panic even more. “Yeah, basically. We won’t know whether it she’s done it deliberately or not until she wakes up.” My mouth is slightly agape, in shock. “S-so what are they doing?” I stutter. “They’ve sedated her, her body’s in shock and has shut down, because of the pills. Sedating her will give it time to readjust itself” Liam says, looking at me blankly before walking off to sit down. Louis follows. I enter the room to see Jodie lying there; weak and lifeless. Zayn half-asleep in the chair and Niall staring at her, with his hand holding hers. “Oh, Harry” Niall looks at me, “You wanna stay in here with her for a bit?” he asks and I just nod. Him and Zayn leave the room; leaving me and Jodie alone. I take the seat next to her, where Niall had previously sat. I looked at her pale face. Then to the wires which hung from various machines and monitors; all linked up to different parts of her body. The tears started to swell in my eyes. I let them fall, not bothering to wipe them away. I knew I was the cause of this. “Jodie, if you can hear me-which you probably can’t, it’s me. Harry.. I-I’m really sorry. For everything. When you they bring you round, I’ll explain everything. I’m so sorry.” I say whilst leaning over her. I wipe away the hair by her eyes and leave a gentle kiss there.


Liam’s POV:

I know Harry couldn’t change what management told him to do, but he could’ve done this differently. Told her; she might have understood. Then we probably wouldn’t be here. Instead they got really close and in her eyes, he ditched her for another celebrity. I can’t help but it’s his fault. I know deep down it isn’t but it’s the way he did everything- we could have stopped this. “Liam, Liam” Zayn clicks his fingers in my face. I jump, “What?” “You were in a daze, sorry.” “It’s fine” I say before stepping over to the window of Jodie’s room. The others follow my lead. “He does love her you know” Louis says looking at the two. “I know but he could have gone around this so differently and maybe then we wouldn’t be in this mess if he had of done” I say staring intensely at the back of Harry through the window. “I know but what matters is that we’re all here now and we’re going to help her get through this” they nod, “together.” Niall says.


Harry’s POV:                                      ***2 days later***

There bringing Jodie round today. I’m going to be there every step of the way. I’m not leaving her bedside at all; I need to be there when she wakes up.


“We’ve started the end of sedation process and she should come round soon” I nod at the doctor as she leaves the room. “Do you think she’ll want to see me?” I ask Louis, whose sitting the other side of the bed. “I honestly don’t know mate. All we can hope for is that she’s going to be ok and we’ll deal with the rest later.” He smiled. I bowed my head down; thinking of what I must have put her through.


“Lou, did you see her hand move?” I say. “No” he gives me a weird look. “No, look her eyes are fluttering as well, she’s coming round!” I say happily. We both stand up looking over her as she begins opening her eyes. “Jodie, Jodie, can you hear me?” I say as Louis goes to get the others.


Jodie’s POV:

I feel so weak and drowsy. My eyes flutter open revealing a figure standing above me. I hear a soothing, deep voice speak “Jodie, Jodie, can you hear me?” “Harry” I try to speak but nothing comes out. “It’s ok, don’t speak” I see the tears fill in his eyes as he looks at me. I turn my head to see Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall. I shoot them all a smile-as best as I can give. “Jodie, we were so worried about you!” Niall grabs my sides; hugging me slightly. “How do you feel babe?” Liam asks. “Do you need anything?” They all bombard me with questions. “I’m sorry but we need to ask Jodie a few questions. You can all wait outside, we won’t be long” the nurse says. “Jodie, we did some tests when you first came in. We found that, over the last 2 days you’ve taken too many tablets; causing an overdose. We need you to be honest with us, was it on purpose?” The nurse looks at me, sorrow in her eyes. “An overdose?” I say acting shocked. “No, I mean maybe I lost track of how many pills I took, it wasn’t done on purpose” I said, covering up the truth. “It’s just your friends told us how within two weeks you’ve lost a lot of weight, they’re pretty worried.” She says rubbing my shoulder as if she knew I was covering it up. “We’ve looked at your previous records and you’ve had depression before..” she waits for an answer. I look down and gulp. “Please don’t tell them.” “If you wish for me not to then I can do that” she smiled. “I’ve been really unhappy lately and I shut myself away. I’ve hardly eat anything in 2 weeks.” I took a deep breath. “The pills, I didn’t take them to cause myself harm- I guess I just wanted to escape for a while.” I sniffle. “It’s ok” she held me in her arms, “please don’t tell them” I ask. “I won’t. Is there anyone else I can call? Your parents?” “I live by myself, there’s no one else to call.” “Well, you’ll be able to go home in the next couple of days. I suggest you stay with of your friends or get one of them to stay with you, just for a week or so.” She says before exiting the room. “We’ll get you some tablets for your depression and give you all the details before you leave” she smiles.


Harry’s POV:

“They’ve been in there ages, what do you think they’re talking about?” I ask the boys anxiously. “Just give them time Harry, they’ll be asking her a lot of question about it all, I presume.” Louis tells me and I nod in agreement.


“All done, you can go back in now. We’ll be sending her home tomorrow, one of you will need to stay with her or have her at your house to keep a check on her; she’ll be feeling pretty weak.” The nurse says to us, holding open the door.

“So you can come home tomorrow?” I say to Jodie happily. “Yeah” she says awkwardly smiling. “So where you staying then?” “At mine” she replies bluntly. “They said you’ll need to have someone you for a week.” “I’ll be fine on my own” she smiles. “I can stay with you or you can stay with me? If you want..” I suggest. “Erm, thanks but I don’t know right now.” She says changing the conversation when the other boys walk in.


Jodie’s POV:

I don’t get Harry, one minute he tells me he loves me, the next he cuts off all contact with him and now he’s trying to talk to me as if nothing happened..

“So, Jodie! Where you gonna be staying for the week or with who?” Niall chirps up. “Take your pick, you’ve got 5 of us to choose from!” Louis giggles. “It’s ok, I already offered” Harry says. “I don’t know yet, I’ll decide later.” I smile to them all.


As the night draws in the boys get going. “Right we’ll be back in the morning. Make sure you decide who you’re staying with!” Louis yells before exiting the room. I receive a hug from each of them.


Niall’s POV-

I run back upto Jodie’s room; leaving all the boys to make their way back to the car. “Oh, hey Niall. You going back upto?” Harry giggles. “Yeah, I left my jacket in the room, won’t be long.” “Oh alright.” Harry lets me go in first whilst he waits outside. “Jodie, you awake?” I say as she faces the other way. “Niall, what are you doing back here? You only just left” she laughs. “I left my jacket up here” I tell her as I grab my jacket. I notice the tears in her eyes “Have you been crying?” “No” the tears spill over the edge of her eyes. “Well if you weren’t you are now” to which she giggles. I wrap my around her. “Jodie, don’t cry, I don’t like seeing you cry” I rub back. She swings her arms round my back; squeezing me tight. “The others will be waiting for me but I just want you to know, you ever need anything- I’m always here ok?” I say. “Thank you Niall” she manages to speak.


Harry’s POV:

I watch from the window as Niall says goodbye to Jodie. The way he looks into her eyes isn’t the same as a normal friendship.  He sees her as more. I feel my jaw tense when I watch him hug her. Did he like her? He wouldn’t do that to me, surely? I’m quickly snapped out of my thoughts when I hear Niall shout “See you tomorrow” before exiting the room. “See ya Harry” he says before heading off. “Bye”.

“Jodie, can I come in?” I knock, holding the door open slightly. “You’re going to anyway” is all she says. I pull the chair closer to her bed. “Look- I’m sorry, really sorry. For everything” I let the words fall out of my mouth. “I just don’t understand you Harry.” She sighs. “We got real close; you told me you loved me, and then cut all contact off with me. And now? You’re dating someone else- really? How can you get over someone that quick or was it just a game with me?” She raised her voice a little. “I’m not with her anymore” “So now you want me back because you’re not with her? Typical.” She argued. “No it’s not like that at all and no you wasn’t and aren’t a game to me.” I state. “Let me explain it to you” “You better have a good reason.” This was going to be harder than it seemed.


Jodie’s POV:

Harry’s still with me, after the others left he came back. He’s told me all about management and how they said he can’t be dating anyone. “Well then why did you date Taylor? If you have to be single, how does that work?” I ask, slightly annoyed. “It was a publicity stunt, I didn’t want to but they told me I had no choice. They told me after 2 weeks I could ‘break up’ with her. I hated it the whole.” “Well you seemed pretty loved up to me, all the pictures I saw..” “They’re fake, I had to do it. I hate her and I hate management. Now they’ve all probably ruined my chances with you”. I hear his voice fade slightly. I turn round to see his head bowed down and tears running down his cheeks. “Why didn’t you tell me Harry?” “I thought it’d be easier on both of us if we didn’t have any contact with each other- I don’t know. Sorry.” He looked up at me. Tears filled my eyes “It’s ok Harry, I understand. I just wish you had told me all this in the beginning” I say rubbing his back. “Please stay with me this week?” He pleads. “I don’t think that’s a good idea Harry. I’d love to but I don’t want you getting in trouble or anything” I sigh. “Thanks for listening to me Jode” he leant over, pulling me into a hug. “Jode?” I say mocking his new nickname for me. “Yeah it sounds cute” he shrugs. “Well I’ll see you tomorrow I guess” a say smiling. “Bye babe” he bends down and kisses my cheek.

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