A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


62. Honesty.

Harry's POV:

Niall basically had Jodie for the whole day to herself yesterday and wouldn't let her come see me- or that's what she told me anyway. So we arranged our little meeting for today.

"Guessing you've not seen the papers this morning then?" I toss the morning paper to Jodie. She gazes over my face then looks down. "Great" she murmurs under her breath. "Niall's going to know thats me. Just wait til he sees this" she clenches her mouth together. "Well maybe thats good? He'll realise theres still something between us. He knows you still love me and I still love you. No ones ever going to replace either of us so he'll understand" I coolly reply; laying back against the chair. "FOR FUCK SAKE HARRY! Just shut up will you" she curses and stands up at the same time, "Don't you realise I can't and don't want you anymore?! This-" her hands indicate between our bodies as I stand to my feet, just infront of her. "This-" I copy her actions, "Is love". Her hand pushes her hair from her eyes and then she drags both hands to cover her face, "No Harry, this was a mistake", she shakes her head a little. "So if its a mistake," I pull her hands down by her side; walking into her. Of course her immediate reaction is to back away but there's nowhere to go. Expect the wall behind her. I carry on walking to her with my hands still latching onto her arms until she can go no further. "You would walk straight past me right now". I lower my head to hers, "C'mon Jode, I know you inside and out. I know when you're lying and you're lying to yourself right now". Her face drops to the side; away from my stare. "Harry, I just-" I swoop my head round to hers and shut her off by kissing her lips hard. She doesn't resist. I know she's enjoying it, that she wants it. A minute or so passes and we finally break apart our foreheads touching gently still. "If you didn't want it, you would have stopped that straight away". A tear crawls down her left cheek, "I don't care if you tell Niall Harry" she sighs, "I'm going to break up with him anyway. Do what you like but just don't bother me again please". So she just leaves again?


Niall's POV:

"Wassup babe? Miss me already ay" I wink as I enter Jodie's flat. "Uhm not exactly Niall.. We need to talk" her voice cracks. "If I don't get straight to the point then I'm never going to say it but I'm sorry. I-I" she stops. "You what?" I nudge her arm. "I slept with Harry and it was a mistake. I was drunk and we couldn't find my area so he got me a hotel room, everything led to another and I just- ah.. We kissed this morning too and I'm sorry". Well, I don't know if its a shock or not. I mean this is Harry and Jodie we're talking about, they're will probably always be something between them I guess.  "Oh right" my mouth stays agape as I don't really know what else to say. "It's not because of what happened between Harry and I last night but I just know myself, things don't feel right but I can't be with you anymore, we need to break up" she speaks. A short silence falls before she pipes up again, "I feel so awful because you're innocent in all this and look what I've done? I'm just so sorry Niall". Me.. Innocent?! So wrong. I guess now would be the right time to tell it all.

"No, I understand. You and Harry still love each other- I can see that and whether you're telling yourself you don't, deep down you know you do.. But I'm not all innocent either Jodie, just hear me out before having a go at me please".

I sigh as I finish telling her how I set Harry up that night and how I know they'd still be together if it wasn't for that. We all know there were other things going on in their relationship which caused the break up but it was all down to that night and what I did. Jodie started getting doubts whenever Harry was with another girl all because of me and then they just started arguing constantly. Everyone agrees they'd still be together had things of been different. And yes of course all the other boys know what I did too- Harry included. But we made a pact to forget about it and move on, not only because I am truly sorry and realise it was a terrible mistake but for Jodie's sake and because we all miss how close we used to be and understand people make mistakes sometimes..

A tear shreds down her face, "Niall. Do you realise this whole set up thing broke us two up? If it hadn't have been for that I wouldn't have been so suspicious of him and girls all the time. Harry tried convincing me when it happened, saying it was you but I didn't really know what to believe.. I understand your side too so just don't feel bad ok? I guess we're even now" she finishes looking rather upset. We both agree on her staying here for the night and then I'll help her pack her stuff back up so she can stay back at her apartment again. The best thing is, like the boys she's agreed we all stay friends still. I'm really lucky to have her; anyone else would have said the complete opposite really.


Harry's POV: **5 months later**

Niall told us about everything that happened with Jodie. But since then, none of us have heard from her. Eleanor text her asking how she was and after that- the conversation was pretty much over. I guess she just wants and needs to move on with her life.

Anyway, a few friends of mine are all coming up to London- it's one of their birthdays and as much as I don't like the places, we're taking him to some club that has girls dancing everywhere.. Not a strip club but something a little less- maybe a step down from that you could say.


"And you young boys will get our best girls all night tonight" a man; I'm guessing the owner tells us as he places us at our booth. I seriously hate these places, they're full of seedy men and half naked women dancing on a pole/stadium in front of you. Not to mention, each and every one of these girls look drugged up to the dozen.

As I make my way out of the toilet, I hear the same man giving a strong word to one of his girls. I keep my back pressed firmly against the velvet coated wall as I listen in on the conversation. "We have celebrities in here tonight so you need to be on top form for this tonight. And one of them is certainly a special guest, so his friend- you'll give him a little extra for his birthday yes? You may be fairly new but you're our top girl in this place and I need you working hard tonight. Got it?" His voice is not only aggressive but also threatening. There's not even a murmur from the girl- nothing. She must have just stood there and agreed. I sigh and return back to my seat as I can hear our table being called for Lewis' birthday surprise.


Lewis' POV:

Ever have that strange feeling you really recognize someone? Maybe its because I'm a bit drunk, I think it all the time really to be honest! Anyway. Tonight has been the best night ever- I'm spending it with my 5 best mates and stunning girls doing sexy dances.. What more could a guy want? Right now though, I've been pulled up on stage and am rather enjoying what you could call one hot lap dance but one of the girls here.

The music soon comes to an end and I'm led down the steps with the girl leading in front. She turns round to whisper in my ear, "I've been told you get extras.. Follow me". Much to my pleasure, I agree and follow behind her. I throw a quick thumbs up and wink to the others as we pass my table to which they all start whistling and cheering. Except Harry- who's face I see turn white and eyes bulge out.

"So what can we do now we're here?" I politely ask not wanting to step over the mark where I'm not supposed to. "You get to do whatever you like to me, as long as you wear this". The girl throws me a condom that she'd just grabbed from the side. The room is all done nicely; posh, sophisticated and strange. It must also be some sort of usual thing where they bring back a guy to this room and they do whatever they want to the girl. "Anything you'd like? Music, props, outfits, toys, etc?" The girl once again speaks up; each time sounding less and less more capable. Each girl here seems so drugged up..


Harry's POV:

I throw my drink down on the table infront of me. Now, I'm either seeing things or I did just see what I think I saw. Sweaty bodies stand in the middle of the floor; girls dancing on tables and bars. Its all too much. My heads in a mess trying to add everything up although it doesn't seem to want to. My curiosity and worry gets the better of me and here I am, finding myself walk down a corridor, leading to what seems like fancy rooms.

"Excuse me, you can't be down here unless you're booked in" a tall, stocky-built man stands infront of me. His a bodyguard.. The worst thing is I know what for. "Ahh, Harry! Harry Styles!" the man from earlier who I now know is named Steve from his name tag; the owner shouts out. "Looking for a little fix up aye?" I'm going to have to do this. I don't want to but I have to- I won't do anything but it'll get me in at least. "Give him our best girl. End room. She's with someone right now but you don't mind having her second do you?" he laughs and points for the man who had stopped me previously to walk me down to the correct room.

This whole place just feels dirty. I can see into one of the rooms, where the door is open. There lays a girl; she seems so out of it.. Maybe she's just sleeping? That's until 5 seconds later, a man comes to the bedside and she props her head up a little before he shuts the door for all to be hidden. Great- now I know for definite what's happening.


After some time, a seedy looking man makes his way from the bedroom; zipping up his trousers and smirking away to himself. Disgusting. The same bodyguard from earlier walks inside; leaving the door open so I can both see and hear just a little of whats going on. "You have another customer" he looks her over- eyeing her body up. "I can't do another one" she slurs, "That's 3 in a row. Give him to another girl.. Please" she murmurs whilst her head flops back down on the pillow. He lowers his face closer; his face tensed to the point where veins are showing, "You will fucking do this one or you'll find yourself having the majority of the customers tonight. You're our top girl and you will do it. Got it". If she's their 'top girl' maybe they should treat her with some respect.

"She's ready for you. You can do whatever you like- just no intentional pain or injury to be caused please. Condoms and everything else are on the table next to the bed. Oh and you have as long as you want" he reassures me before shoving me lightly into the room. It has that seedy, horrible smell. You can smell it all- the drugs, sex, alcohol; all churned up in one. How revolting this must be for these girls I don't know.

"Um, I guess I have to unlock you from those handcuffs?" I shyly speak as I can just make out how she's been handcuffed to the bed. There's literally the tiniest light in here- they must turn the lights out for you once you've gone in. "Mhm" her head rolls from one place to another. I sit down on the bed; grabbing the key from the table and then begin unlocking the cuffs. My eyes widen as I look down to face the girl who's head lay beneath me. In absolute shock at what I'm definitely seeing hits me. I can't believe it.. I just can't.

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