A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


10. Harder than I thought

The boys got back from New York about 4 days ago, I’ve been so busy and haven’t been able to see them yet. I was so busy at the moment so we decided to go for a quick catch-up session in Starbucks.

I stood at the counter in Starbucks, waiting to be served. “Hi, what can I get you?” The employee asks me. “Can I just have a Café Mocha please” I smile. “Coming right up” He replies, showing off his pearly white teeth. “Here you go” He says handing over the drink. I hand over my money, before taking a seat on a table big enough for the 6 of us. I soon here Louis’ voice and Niall’s laugh storm through the door. They crowd round as I greet them all in a hug. “Ahh, I've missed you boys!” I laugh. “We’ve missed you too” they all say squeezing me tight, one by one. Harry just stayed away in the background. “You alright?” He half smiles at me. He gave a half-hearted hug, but it felt so awkward. Why was he being so awkward and nervous around me.. Had I done something wrong? The waiter came to our table “Can I get any of you a drink?” Louis, Liam and Niall order a hot chocolate, Zayn and Harry order tea.

“So how’ve you been Jodie?” Louis chirps up. “Great, thanks! Really busy though!” “Been doing anything nice?” Zayn adds. “Well, I went for an audition for X-Factor the day after I got back an-“ “WAIT! You can sing?!” Niall interrupts. “No” I laugh, “I auditioned as a dancer. I found out the day after, that I got in, ever since then I've been busy with rehearsing and that.” “Well, we’ve got ourselves a little dancer here then aye?” Louis says smiling. “Yep, anyway. How’ve you all been?” I ask back. “Been doing fine, spent the last 4 days with family back in our home towns mainly” They all nod in unison. “Not me though, I’m going tomorrow, but I’ll be back in 3 days” Niall added. Except Harry- he sits there head in his phone. Does he even want to be here? I look over at Harry where he doesn't look up once. I sigh and turn to Liam “Oh, Liam! I just remembered I met Danielle yesterday, we’ve been doing some dancing together!” “Oh lovely! Take it you get along fine with her then?” He joked. “Yep! We’ve been out a few times too” I smile. “Great, it’s funny she did mention someone new and said really enjoyed the girl’s company.. It must have been you!” He exclaims, chuckling. I look down at my diamond encrusted watch and notice the time.


Harry’s POV:

When Jodie text me, saying she’d landed, I didn't even reply. If I can’t be with her, I can’t be friendly with her or I’ll fall for her all over again. I thought it’d be best if I had as least contact with her as I could. Even though it killed me inside. However, the boys made me come today.

When we walked in Jodie was wearing a pink top; leaning off her shoulder, with leggings and Nike Blazers. Her hair tied up into a curly ponytail along with eye makeup. She looked stunning as always. This was so so hard. I stood at the back whilst everyone greeted her with hugs. When it came to me, I tried my best, but it just didn’t work. The hug- if you can call it that; was awkward.

I sat there scrolling through Twitter but listening to the conversation. I wanted to join in so bad but I couldn’t, because I knew it’d be too much. Jodie looks over to me several times but sighs and carries on her conversation with the others.

“Oh, I need to go like now, or I’ll be late for rehearsals!” She says, standing to her feet. “Its been lovely seeing you all again, talk to you soon! Bye” She gives us all a quick hug before dashing off.


Jodie’s POV:

It’s been a few days since I last saw the boys and the same questions constantly run through my mind. Why was Harry being so distant with? He never replied to my text when I got back to London and now he seems to be ignoring me.. What had I done? I lay there on my, deep in thought. My phone rings “Oh hey Niall” I say, trying to be cheery. “You alright? You don’t sound it?” Niall said. “Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry” I reply, trying to sound convincing. “Well, I just got back from Ireland, wanna do something?” “Yeah, you could come over, give me some company?” I offer. “Yeah, I’ll be right over!” and with that he hangs up. All the boys except Harry have seen my apartment in London so they know where it is. For some unknown reason, whenever I tried to speak to Harry he was always ‘too busy’ to talk, let alone come over. I don’t know what’s wrong with him at the moment. I snap out of my thoughts when I hear Niall shout behind the door “Jodie! Open up its me!” I laugh and open the door. We stayed in watching films all day. It hit half 6 and we were both getting hungry; I looked at Niall “Nandos?” “Yeah, let’s go” He jumps off the sofa.


“Niall can I ask you something?” “Mhmm hm” he murmurs. “Well Harry’s been off lately and I just- have I done anything wrong?” “No, it’s not you, it’s jus- maybe you should talk to Harry about it” “But he won’t even talk to me, I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong Niall” I say looking down at the ground, as we walk back to my apartment. “I don’t want to be the one to say anything, just know it’s not your fault. Ok?” he reassures me. I realise I’m not going to get an answer out of him so I just agree with his words “Ok”. We arrive at my door, “See you soon Niall! Thanks for keeping me company today” I shoot him a smile.


Niall’s POV:

I give Jodie a quick hug before leaving her to enter her apartment. I can’t help it but I think I like her. I know I can’t because of Harry. But he can’t be with her, so does that make it ok? NO-NO it doesn’t I say to myself whilst I sit in the taxi to my home.


Harry’s POV;

I sit indoors; complete darkness. As I scroll through my pictures, I find one I’ve never seen before. It’s of me and Jodie. Her last night in New York. Before we fell asleep that night, I took a picture of us, together in each other’s arms. Tears start to roll down my cheek as I lay there thinking of that night and how perfect it was.


We have a meeting with management today, to view our schedule for the next two weeks. “Harry, can I borrow you for a sec?” One of them say. I step out of the room. “Harry, I know you’re not going to like this but, you have to date Taylor Swift” “What? I’m not dating someone just for the sake of it. I thought you said I couldn’t date anyone anyway.” I say in a huff. “Well, this is different. We’re doing it to help both of Taylors and One Directions’ publicity. You don’t get a choice in this Harry” “What another choice made for me? I’m 18 years old, I should be free to do what I want” I state. “Sorry Harry, but it’s final. We’re flying you out tomorrow where you’ll need to be seen in public together, holding hands, etc. It won’t be for long, 2 weeks, that’s all.” I realise no matter what I say, I have to do this. I grab my stuff and head home, not bothering to return to the meeting. I’m pretty sure the others will let me know anyway.

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