A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


63. Got to go.

Harry's POV:

"No-no-no" I shake my head quickly turning my focus away from the girl beneath me to the cuffs round her hands. "Jodie?!" My eyes tightly close to try and escape the view I have. She lightly looks up as I unclose my eyes, "Ha-Har" is the only murmur to escape her mouth before her head rolls to the side. "Jodie" I shake her; but no movement. "Jodie" after keeping her head steady with my hands her eyes begin to focus on mine. "Jode, its me- Harry alright? I need you to listen to me. I'm gonna get you out of here babe. Ok?" Her head nods a little whilst the rest of her body lay flimsy against the bed with covers propped by her side.


Somehow, I've managed to bring her round since we left. I bought bottles of water from the shop and just sat in the car for a while.

"C'mon I've run a bath" I speak whilst walking her toward the bathroom. "Harry-I don't want you to see me like this" she whispers with a tear strolling down her left cheek as I undress her from head to toe; revealing her body. "I'm not looking, promise" I tell her and keep to what I said. I help her in the tub, then take my own clothes off and get in; sitting behind her. Gently, I wash her body; letting her lay back against me to relax. I then move on to her hair; pulling the shower head over to let the luke-warm water run through from the top of her head to tips of her hair. Once finished with myself too, I step out first, grab my towel and place it round my lower half. Secondly, help Jodie out and hand her the towel I'd previously sat out for her.

I throw a pair of boxers on myself. I then grab a pair of underwear she left here ages ago; along with several other clothing items she left behind. I never threw them away, hoping one day she'd come back to get them. But she never did. After letting herself dry off, I place the knickers on her and a t-shirt of mine too, "Jodie, you're black and blue!" I rest on my knees and let my hands run rapidly through my hair, "What the fuck happened to you? Who did it? How many Jode?" My voice raises. "Harry" her voice breaks with tears, "I don't want to talk about it. Not now". I don't go against her wish; she's too fragile right now. Without further ado, I then proceed on laying her down in my bed. "Oo I'm sorry" I whisper as she winces whilst I set her down. "Everything's gonna be ok now. I'm here, no one else. Just you and me" I craddle her; rocking her back and forth a little as she lie against my chest. Using one hand, I gently play with her hair and with the other hold her body close to mine. "You're going to be fine Jodie. I promise".


Jodie's POV:

Rays of sun beam through the bottom of the blind; giving a small light throughout the entire room. I don't remember much of last night. Except Harry.. His room seems different. The walls are a different colour, infact all the furniture is different too. I know exactly where I am though; its Harry's scent of aftershave and perfumes lingering through the air. "Jode, you awake yet?" I hear his voice speak and his knuckles hit the wood door gently. "Er, yeah" I bow my head down as he enters. I never wanted him to find out what I've been doing. What must he think of me? He must think I've turned into a right slut and all sorts. Great, this should be fun, him seeing me like this.. Not.

"So we need to talk" he stares at me intently. "No we don't.. I'll go, just give me a few minutes to get ready and you'll never see me again. Promise" I shakily stand on my feet. "You're in no fit state to be going anywhere and even if you was I wouldn't let you walk away either" Harry pauses for a second before he sits down; pulling me with him. "What happened Jode? Where's the old you gone, this isn't like you.." his eyes wander mine with sorrow across them. The touch of his warm palm connects with my cheek as he cups it ever so softly, "You're so distant and fragile.. Vulnerable. This is not who you are or what you want to be Jodie". "I-I'm sorry, I just didn't know what else to do Harry" I sigh; stuttering a little at the beginning of each word. "What do you mean?" I guess now is the best time to tell him everything.


Liam's POV:

"Alright mate!" I greet Harry with a boyish hug before even stepping in the front door. "Ssh, keep it down. You gotta be quiet" his lips tighten in a worried way. "Oh right.. Why?" I lower my voice, this time stepping in and taking a seat on one of the sofas in his living room. "Its someone I know- she's just had a bad time and sleeping upstairs at the moment" he shakes it off seeming as though he doesn't want to talk about it.

"So how was that night out for your mates birthday the other night? Turn out good in the end?" I quickly change the subject. "Fucking dreadful, that's what it was" he pipes up, shaking his head and holding it in his hand. "Oh.. Mate you look tired, what's up?" I ask. "Liam.. I called you because I really don't know who to turn to with this.. It's Jodie. That's who's upstairs". "Mhm, so you're back on then?" The tone in my voice changes to a more relaxed one. "No-no its not that. She's in a bad way. And I mean really bad. I'm literally so worried- I just don't know what to do". His head falls lower to which he rubs his hand across to wake himself up a bit. He obviously wants or needs to say something so I'll just listen, won't say a word til he's finished. That's best. "The other night at that place- she was there. And I'm telling you now, that place should be shut down. They act like its some lap dancing sorta place. But its way more than that. The girls are drugged up to the dozen and then if the guys lucky, the girls become prostitutes. And Jodie? She works there. She told me earlier why.. She said after everything with Niall and the stuff that happened between me and her. It was too much and she ended up going out alot- drinking. Then she caught the owners eye in a club one night and since then, its just got out of control and she can't leave- they've threatened her and all sorts. Christ knows where she's staying- told me she lost her apartment, was too much money" he pauses for what seems quite a while, as if he's thinking it through. "There's loads more and its like everything got on top of her again. But this time she didn't try overdosing herself, she went the opposite way; out of control but not wanting to be. She's not herself. She's black and blue with bruises; scratches all over her body where men have been rough. I can see it in her eyes. She looks so lost and vulnerable.. Like there's nothing of the old Jodie left; so distant. What do I do Liam?" he finishes; looking at me with pleading eyes. "Shit" is all that manages to escape my mouth whilst it stays agape. "She's gonna need you Harry. No matter how close any of us, including Niall; are or were to her, you've always been the closest. We've got 2 free months left right? Take her anywhere away from here- get her sorted and when she feels ready bring her back to us. We'll help- all of us. I promise you".


"See what I mean? How fragile she looks, even when she's just laying there asleep". I nod, not really knowing what to say. Part of Jodie's body is uncovered from just below her chest; she'd pushed the cover off and her top had rose up a little. "She cried herself to sleep last night. I used to be able to calm her down Liam, but not even I could. She winces at the slightest thing and half 4 this morning, she just burst into tears. She was sounds asleep; didn't wake once through the whole thing.. Not even when I pulled her really close and just held her". My voice cracks as I get ready to speak. I've seen her bad before, but this is different; I get what Harry's saying, she seems so unrecognizable. I know its her but Harry's right- she's distant you can just see it. "It'll be alright. You're gonna take her somewhere out of London; anywhere. Start getting her right and bring her back when she's ready. All of us will be there wherever you are. Alright?" I make myself sound so reassuring, yet in my mind all I'm thinking is how unrealistic it seems. I mean, looking at her now, I don't know what will happen to her.

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