A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


8. Goodbyes at the Airport

Liam’s POV:

I bound into Jodie’s room to wake her for breakfast. I’m the only one awake; probably because I’m the only one who didn’t drink loads too. As I open the door, my eyes fall straight to a curly haired boy who lay next to Jodie; Harry. They were both curled up together. Harry’s clothes splattered along the floor beside of the bed. God only knows how he got in there. Instead of waking them, I leave the room quietly and make myself breakfast. Within 10 minutes or so, Louis makes an appearance. “You look rough” I laugh to him. “I feel it too” He says, “Promise, you’ll never let me drink that much again” he tries not to crack a laugh. “I’ll try but I doubt you’ll listen”, we both laugh. The door knocks and Louis opens it up. “Hi” Niall and Zayn both enter the room, both looking as bad as Louis. “Looks like you’re not the only one who drank too much” I say smirking at all three of them. I fetch some aspirin from the kitchen and three bottles of water. I hand them all the same, “I suggest you three have a lazy day and take these” I giggle. “Want any breakfast?” I ask. “Yes please!” They shout fairly loud. “Will a fry up do?” I offer. “Perfect!” I hear them all mumble. As I start the breakfast, they all make their way round to the table situated within the kitchen. “Jodie’s not up then?” Zayn asks. “And Harry” Louis adds in. “That would be because they’re both in there” I say, pointing toward the spare room. “What?!” They all screech and laugh in unison. “I thought Jodie stayed in there, and Harry went back to his room last night?” Zayn asks. “Yeah well that’s what I thought. I went to wake Jodie up about 20 minutes ago no; see if she wanted breakfast and saw Harry laying there too” I smiled.


Harry’s POV;

I wake with Jodie in my arms; pretty much in the same position we fell asleep together in. My head is pounding. I turn round to the counter where my phone is and check the time. It’s 11:30am. I hear loud noises of clashing pans and laughter coming from the kitchen. I don’t wish to be up this early when I’m extremely hung-over. As I roll out of bed, and tucking the sheets around Jodie, she starts to stir. I quickly throw on my clothes from the previous night, before leaving a kiss on Jodie’s cheek. I enter the kitchen to find a very rough-looking Zayn, Niall and Louis. Liam on the other hand looks quite well. “Well, well, well. How did you get in here?” Louis asks, inquisitively. “Erm, I came back round last night and Jodie let me in. Then I sort of stayed in her room.” I said, trying not to smile. “And..” Zayn said. “And what? Liam have you got any aspirin, my head is thumping” I ask both Zayn and Liam. He hands me the aspirin and a bottle of water. “Do you want some Harry?” Liam offers and I nod. “AND I mean did you? Ya know..” Zayn said smirking, pronouncing the ‘AND’. “NO! WE DID NOT!” I shout; more of a loud whisper. The boys continue laughing. “Hi boys” Jodie says whilst walking into the room.


Jodie’s POV;

I walk into the kitchen where all the boys are sitting; laughing, except for Harry who’s trying not to laugh. “Hi boys” I shoot a smile at each of them. “Oh, here she is” Louis exclaims. “What’s this I hear about Harry ending up in your bed last night then aye?” he continues, winking and nudging my arm. “Nothing.. He just stayed in my bed last night, that’s all.” I said, smiling but I could feel my cheeks turning a bright crimson colour. I took the seat opposite Harry and next to Niall. “So what’s your plan for today Jodie?” Niall said, changing the subject, once Liam had placed everyones food down on the table. “Well, I suppose I need to go back to my hotel, pack everything up and then by half 6 I need to be at the airport..” I replied. I didn’t want to leave. Over this last week and a half, I’ve spent near enough everyday with the boys and we’ve gotten really close. I don’t want it to end. “Boys, can you promise me something?” “Course, what is it?” they all ask in unison. “When we’re all back in the UK, can we still see each other? I’ve really enjoyed this and I’d hate our friendships to all just fade away.” I say; my eyes starting to tear up at the thought of it. “Of course we will!” Liam says. Niall puts his arm around my shoulder noticing the tears and cuddles me “As soon as we’re back in London, we’ll come see you. And we will keep in touch wherever we are in the world” He smiles, the rest of the boys nodding in agreement.


I’m packing everything into my suitcases; ready to go home as my phone rings. “Hello?” I say without looking at the caller ID. “Jodie, we’re all taking you to the airport so we can say a proper goodbye. We’ll pick you up at 6, be ready! Bye” Zayn shouts down to me before hanging up the phone.

It’s time for me to leave the boys now. The tears fall down my face, I don’t want to leave them; I’ve had so much fun with them. “Don’t cry babe, we’ll be back in London in time, you’ll see us then” Liam said trying to soothe me. “Yeah, we can call and text each other everyday too” Niall and Zayn agreed. Harry was just quiet, standing at the back with Louis; both simply nodding along to the others’ suggestions. “See you soon Jodie, text us when you get back in London! Love ya!” They all say, suffocating me in a group hug, before walking away; leaving me and Harry alone.


Harry’s POV;

“We’ll leave you two alone, let you say goodbye properly” Liam whispers to me. “Thanks” I reply, dropping my head to the floor. I don’t want her to leave. The boys start walking off, leaving me and Jodie alone. She looks up into my eyes; tears filling both hers and mine. “I want you text me as soon as the plane lands, ok?” “I will” she whispers. “Harry.. I’m scared. What if the same thing happens in flight? I won’t have you there to protect me, it won’t be like last time.” She says, sniffling. “Everything will be fine, don’t worry” I say, rocking her slightly. “I’ll call you everyday on Skype. We can text each other all the time. It won’t be long before we’re back in London again anyway. Only two more weeks.” I tell her, hoping to cheer her up. “I know” She says wiping away the tears. “Goodbye Harry” I hear her say. “Goodbye babe, see you soon” I whisper in her ear before leaving a sweet kiss on her forehead.


Jodie’s POV;

I walk off into the distance; leaving Harry behind. I just hope these next two weeks go quickly and I can see the boys again. That’s if our friendship doesn't fade apart..

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