A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


4. Dinner with One Direction

The sun beams down against me; tanning my skin, as I lay on the sunbed, sunbathing. I wonder when and if I'll hear from Harry again. He hasn't text in 4 days.. Just as I'm about to lose myself in deep thoughts, my phone rings. I pick it up, without looking at the caller ID. "Hello?" I speak. "Hi Jodie. It's Harry. Sorry I haven't text, been so busy with signings and stuff. Anyway, I was just wondering, do you want to come out with me and the boys tonight for dinner?" "Yeah, course I would!" I reply excitedly. "Ok, great! We'll pick you up around 6:30, is that ok?" He says. "Yeah, fine by me!" "Oh and one last thing, where are you staying? It might help if knew" I hear him laugh on the other side of the phone. "I'm staying at Sheraton Manhattan Hotel" I giggle. "Ok, be ready for 6:30!" He says happily, before hanging up the phone.


Harry's POV:

I just got off the phone to Jodie. We're all going out for a meal tonight, I can't wait! As the boys and I arrive at our destination for the album signing, masses of screaming fans run our way. We step out of the mini bus, greeting fans, signing items and taking photographs quickly before entering inside.

Several hours pass and we're eventually back in our hotel rooms; getting ready for this evening. Only 2 hours til I see Jodie again.. Can't wait!


Jodie's POV:

I got 2 hours til' the boys collect me. I make my way to the bathroom which is twice the size of mine at home. I slip off my clothes and take a quick shower. After 15 minutes, I step out and dry myself off. I shove on a baggy nightshirt for the time being. Meanwhile, I begin applying my makeup and styling my hair. Once finished, I step over to the wardrobe, where I scan all my outfits. I decide to go with the casual but smart look. I wore black skinny jeans, a white peplum top with embroidery and detail along the top. I then paired the outfit with plain black loafers and a beige coloured leather jacket to match. I put on small diamond earrings; completing my look. Whilst adding finishing touches to my hair and makeup, I receive a text.


From: Harry           To: Jodie

Outside already, we're in the black minibus :)


To: Harry                From: Jodie

Ok, be out in 5!:)


Before making my way out of the apartment, I double check my hair and makeup, and ensuring my outfit is perfected by smoothing it out. Outfit- http://www.polyvore.com/dinner_with_one_direction/set?id=77309791


Harry's POV:

Jodie walked out of the lobby wearing a casual-smart outfit. She looked absolutely stunning. Her hair cascaded way beyond her shoulders; stopping just below her hips. She had styled it in loose curls. Her makeup was spotless and perfect. She looked beautiful. As she makes her way towards the minibus, I hear Niall mumble to Zayn "Wow, she looks gorgeous.." I give a quick glare towards Niall, to which he puts his arms up in surrender "I said nothing" He says sarcastically, making the others chuckle continuously. "Hi boys" Jodie speaks as she steps in. Liam offers the seat next to him and she accepts. Our journey to the restaurant isn't long. About 10 minutes or so.


Jodie's POV:

We've just arrived at the restaurant, it's lovely. We get inside and our waiter takes us to our table. "Jodie! Come sit over here with me" Niall politely offers. I accept and sit next to him. I see Harry frown as he takes the seat next to me. He leans over and whispers "You look so pretty tonight" before smiling and turning away to continue his conversation with Louis.


After an hour, we've all finished our meal. I feel so full it's unbelievable; it was a lovely meal though. We split the bill between all 6 of us. As I go to put down my share; I feel Harry's hand gently push mine back down. "No, you're not paying, I'm paying for you" he says. "Harry! No, I can't let you do that" I reply before leaning across him and giving my money to Liam. Except before I could hand my money over, Harry pulls me back and holds me against him. "No, you're not paying. I am." He says sternly but in a joking manor and hands his money to Liam. "Well thank you Harry, you're such a gent" I giggle as he lets go of me.


We take a walk into Times Square together. Liam, Louis and Zayn are infront talking about something- I'm not sure what though, I can't really hear them. Then there's me, Niall and Harry at the back. As we're walking along, I feel someone put their arm around my waist. I look down and notice it's Harry's arm. I smile and look back towards him. "What are you staring at?" he laughs. "Oh, nothing." I chuckle and blush. After about 3-4 hours of simply exploring, we make our way back to the centre of Times Square where the minibus is now waiting for us. I step in and sit next to Harry. The journey back to the hotel feels a lot longer and I slowly start to feel myself drifting off to sleep, and before I know it, I'm out.


I wake up to Harry gently nudging me and saying "Jodie, we're at your hotel". I open my eyes to find myself lying against Harrys shoulder. "I'll just take Jodie upto her room and then I'll be right back down, won't be long" He tells the boys. "No, Harry, I'm fine. I can walk to my room, it's ok" I reply. "No, it's fine. I'm taking you" he says, smiling. So I give in and let him come with me.


Harry's POV:

"This hotel is massive!" I say, observing my surroundings. "Yeah, I know! Wait til' you see my room!" Jodie says whilst unlocking her door. "Come in, have a look" She smiles at me. "Whoa, it's pretty nice in here. Definitely big! It's about the same size as our ones!" I giggle. "Wouldn't yours be bigger seeing as you all share though?" Jodie enquires. I laugh, "No, we don't all share. Only two of us in a room. There's Lou and Liam in one room, then Zayn and Niall in another, and then I'm on my own." I tell her. "Aw, Harry's all on his own!" She teases and nudges me. We both start laughing. "Anyway, I best get going. Thanks for coming tonight, I'll text you later!" I say whilst pulling her in for a quick hug. "Bye Harry" I hear her say as she stands at the door, waiting til' I disappear round the corner.


"Well you took ya time" Louis jokes as I step onto the bus. I make no comment. Zayn then adds in "If you get what he means" before winking. "Shut up both of you." I reply bluntly, blushing and taking my seat at the front of the minibus. "Leave him alone you two" Liam tells them off, giving them a light slap on the head. Making us all laugh plenty.


I get into bed and the last thing I do is send Jodie a text.


Jodie's POV:

I'm lying in bed, nearly asleep when I hear my phone buzz against the counter beside me. I pick it up and read;


From: Harry      To: Jodie

Thanks for coming tonight, had a good time. Have to do it again.. Night. xx


To: Harry            From: Jodie

It's fine! I had a good time:) night. Xx


I quickly responded, before setting my phone back on the counter and switching the lamp off. I fell asleep with a massive smile on my face.

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