A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


2. Crash Landing

Harry's POV:

I don't know what is going on; the plane has just jolted twice, pushing me onto the seat to the right of me. As I fall, I notice the same girl from earlier sitting there. I felt so guilty. Not only did I just fall on her, but she seems really panicked by the shudders from beneath the plane. I hear the Air Cabin Crew announce "We are having some problems with the aircraft at this moment in time. Would everyone please take the nearest seat to them and place their seatbelts back on." As I look back towards the brunette haired girl and apologise, I see the panic in her face. "I never caught your name.." I say after apologising. "I'm Jodie" she replies sweetly. "Well I'm Harry Styles, if you hadn't already guessed" I laugh back, winking at her. She laughs a little. Her laugh is adorable. Everything fell silent within the cabin for the next few minutes, only several mumbles coming from various parts of the aircraft.


Jodie's POV:

I can't believe I'm sat here talking to Harry Styles, I mean me of all people?! I feel excited but the nervousness takes over me because of the aircraft problems. The Air Cabin Crew has just updated us on the problems. We have to make an emergency landing as two out of the four engines have gone. They're going to start the landing in an hour when we get to the nearest airport. Let's just hope we last that long..


**Half an hour later**


We've just been informed, another engine has gone and we're now flying by only one. This means serious problems. I feel my face drop as I try to catch my breath. The plane is suddenly going a lot quicker and the use of my oxygen mask isn't helping much. I suddenly feel an arm around me, pulling me close, "Don't worry, everything will be fine, I'm here and I won't let you go til' we're safe and landed. Ok?" I hear Harry say calmly.


Harry's POV:

We're now three engines down. The plane is going down faster by the second; forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing now. I saw Jodie's face drop as the announcement was made. The terror in her face was obvious. Her tanned complexion was no longer there, instead it was replaced with a white pale look. I haven't known her for long at all, but something drew me to her and I really liked her. Seeing her terrified like this was painful, I didn't really know how to help. I wrapped my arm round her; pulling her close and giving her as much comfort as possible. "Don't worry, everything will be fine. I'm here and I won't let you go til' we're safe and landed. Ok?" I spoke, trying to keep calm. However, I, myself wasn't even sure if everything would be fine but I had to keep her safe and protect her.


Jodie's POV:

15 minutes later and we're nearly on the ground. I just hope we make it down ok. I feel freezing, my body's cold, frozen in one position. The terror is running through me. Harry let go of my waist but kept onto my hand; still comforting me.


Harry's POV:

For the past 45 minutes, she hasn't let go of my hand. They fit together perfectly. It's time to land and the runway is in full view of our sight. I hope we make it down safely.


Jodie's POV:

The aircraft lands, crashing against the ground, causing friction along the bottom of the plane. A flame is noticed outside as the plane still speeds down the runway, desperately trying to slow down. As it comes to a halt, the whole cabin in panic, everyone desperate to get out as flames continue to spark.

I see four familiar faces make a fast exist out of the plane; it was the rest of One Direction. Oh, how perfect they are.. After a few more rows, we were next in line to get off. I feel weak at my knees and stumble through panic as I make my way out of the aircraft with Harry alongside.




"Thank you Harry, I really appreciate what you did for me on that plane. You must have so scared yourself. But you kept calm and held me all the way. Thank you." I say as we enter the baggage claim, where we waited for our luggage. "No problem, seriously, I don't mind. Especially since you're really cute" he replied and winked, with a smile spread across his face. I grinned, blushing masses.

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