A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


14. Confessions and secrets

“We need to stop off at mine so I can get some more clothes” I say. He nods, “Where’s your house?” He puts my address into his sat-nav and off we go. “So what did you and Niall get upto then?”  he said not taking his eyes off the road. “Oh, not much. Just hung out, we got up at 3 today” I laugh, “Apart from that we’ve just watched films and stuff.” We stop at the traffic lights. He stares at me, with a smile on his face.


Harry’s POV:

Jodie came back to the car with a fully packed travel bag. “What?! I am staying at yours for 5 days, I do need clothes” she laughs; obviously she saw my face drop at how much she packed. “You don’t travel light do you?” I giggle. “I’m a girl. We don’t travel light!” we both laugh.


Jodie came into the living room wearing short leopard-print shorts with a white vest top and slippers. “I’ll show you your room and all that” I say walking up the stairs. “I get my own room?” she asks hesitantly. “Yeah, I have a spare room, unless you wanna join me” I wink and she just blushes. “That’s your room” I point, “And this is mine, come have a look” I lead her in. “Wow, it’s a lot tidier than Nialls” she laughs. “You slept in Niall’s room?” I ask.


Jodie’s POV:

Harry’s face drops as I answer his question “Well yeah, Niall doesn’t have a spare room”. Harry quickly changes the subject “I’m gonna have a quick shower, you can watch TV in here if you want” he says before walking in to his en-suite.

He comes out not long after; a towel wrapped loosely round his lower torso, with water still dripping down his chest. My cheeks turned a bright red colour as he caught me staring.


“Harry you still awake? I can’t sleep” I say knocking lightly on his door. “Yeah I’m awake babe” his voice deeper than ever. “Come here” he pats the side of his bed. I get under the covers and face Harry. “Why couldn’t you sleep?” I ask him. “Just thinking you?” he said pulling me closer. “Same” I replied before finally falling asleep.


Harry’s POV:

I lay on the sofa with Jodie on top of me; her back facing my chest. “Jodie.. Can I ask you something?” I ask, playing with her hands. She nods, “Did you overdose on purpose, was it because of me?” she closed her eyes; squinting away the tears from her eyes. “Sort of- I didn’t want to harm myself. I just wanted to escape for a while..” “And?” I provoked her to carry on. “Seeing all that stuff with you plastered everywhere didn’t really help” she says quietly. “I’m so sorry” I bow my head down. “Harry it wasn’t just you, it was everything- the anniversary of my parents, the situation with you didn’t help and I guess my depression just crept back” she trailed off. “The anniversary of your parents? Depression? What?” I ask confused. “My parents- they died when I was younger in a car accident. I was the only one that survived; I’m an only child so I have no one else- just myself. The anniversary of their death was that day too. Then everything with you- it bought back memories of the past and how I’ve been treated” She sniffled. “What do you mean, how you’ve been treated in the past?” I ask. “I’ve only ever had one boyfriend- everything was fine, I was really happy. Then I found out he was cheating on me with some other girl. When I asked him about it, he always denied the truth. I knew he was lying but I stayed, I was scared. On several occasions he’d get violent and I couldn’t leave, he told me if I ever did he’d hurt me- but eventually I did. I trusted him with everything. Then he took it all away and left me broken; making me feel as though I couldn’t trust anyone ever. When I met you, I felt I could actually trust someone again, then you left me broken, I saw everything in the papers and..” she started crying. I cradled her, “It’s ok, I’m here now. I’m so sorry for everything Jode, I really am. I didn’t realise.” I let my tears fall.


Jodie’s POV:

I turned around so my chest now laying against his. I wipe away his tears “Don’t cry Harry, it’s all in the past. It’s fine and I’m fine.” He breaks a smile through his tears, showing off those dimples that I love.

I’ve spent two days at Harry’s and we’ve gotten really close again.

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