A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


5. Coney Island

It's 2:15pm and the sun is at its hottest peak of the day. I lay there catching rays as my phone rings. "Oh, hey Harry, what did you want?" I ask in a cheery voice. "Well, I was just wondering, it's my day off and I thought maybe you wanna go do something? It's alright if not, I understand" he started babbling off. "Yeah, I'd love to" I stated. "When will you be over?" "In about 15 minutes" "Ok, see you then!" I say happily before ending the phone call. I gather all my items from the sun lounger and proceed to my apartment. Once there, I quickly slip one of my sundress over the top of my bikini and head down to the lobby area, where I wait for Harry. He soon arrives, "Jodie there you are!" He says happily. "I was thinking the beach would be quite fun, it's upto you?" "Yeah, fine by me! Which one are we going to?" I ask excited. "Coney Island, we'll get a taxi though, it's about half an hour away." Harry tells me.


We arrive at Coney Island; I must say it's fantastic. There are so many rides and the beach is lovely! We made our way down to the beach. “This is the perfect spot here, right in the sunlight!” I say to Harry, whilst laying out my beach towel. As I take off my sundress and reveal my beige coloured bikini, I notice Harry staring, his mouth slightly agape. “You alright there?” I say winking and nudging him. “Oh yeah, I was just looking over there at something” He said, blushing and laughing. He continued taking off his top, revealing his perfectly toned stomach. His body was so perfect, I felt my cheeks go a bright crimson as he caught me staring “Like what you see do ya?” He winks at me, giggling. “Well, you can’t shout, I saw you staring earlier!” I joked. “Me? No, never?!” He put his hands up in surrender, smiling wide and showing off his dimples. We both fell into a fits of laughter.

Outift- http://www.polyvore.com/beach_with_harry/set?id=77528370

After an hour of sunbathing, we decide to go into the sea. “Come on Harry! Let’s go in the sea now” I smile at him, pulling him up. I run off towards the sea, Harry following close behind. As we reach the water, he grabs me from behind and carries me further out. “HARRY! PUT ME DOWN!” I screech, trying not to laugh. Before, I have time to do anything he throws me in. He starts laughing, tilting his head back in hysteria. “Oh now look who’s laughing” I say sarcastically as I push him down into the water.


Harry's POV:

She’s just so pretty.  I couldn’t help but stare when she took off her sundress and revealed her bikini. The way she’s so carefree with everything, I just love that about her..

“C’mon let’s go along the boardwalk?” I suggest, since we’ve been in the sea for about an hour or so. “Yeah, let’s go!” She exclaims, leaping happily towards where our towels are laid out. We pack our towels away into Jodie’s bag and head towards the Boardwalk.

“OMG! Harry, let’s go on this rollercoaster” “No, no no, I don’t do rollercoasters” I nervously laugh. “Aw, but it’ll be fun!” She states. “Which one is it?” I ask nervously. “That one” she says, pointing to the tallest rollercoaster along the entire boardwalk. “NO WAY! I’M NOT GETTING ON THAT!” I screech. Jodie laughs hysterically. “Fine, what about that one?” She says pointing to an average sized ride. “Fine, I’ll go on that, but no more rollercoasters after this” I say grinning. “Aw, thank you Harry” She says, smiling up at me. I love it when she smiles, especially when I’m the reason.


Jodie's POV:

“I am never going on that again.” Harry says, his face in complete shock. “Well at least you tried something new..” I say, trying not to laugh at the face he was pulling. “Only because you made me!” He exclaims, laughing. “Oh you loved it really Harry” I say, winking and pushing his arm.


We’re about to head off to catch a taxi when Harry pulls my arm, making me follow his lead. “Wait, I need to do something before we leave” he tells me. “Ok” I say, observing him as he makes his way to one of the stalls. “I’ll have 3 goes please” he asks politely. He misses the first 2 shots and on the last one he gets the ball through the hoop. “Which item would you like?” The man behind the stall asks politely. “I’ll have the little ginger cat please.” Harry replies. As we turn around to continue our walk for a taxi, Harry passes me the teddy and says “Here, I won it for you” with a massive smile on his face. “How did you know I wanted that one?!” I happily asked. “Well, I saw you keep looking at it when we walked by twice earlier, so I just guessed..” “Aw, thank you Harry. It’s really kind, I love it.” I said, pulling him in for a hug and squeezing him tight.


“Bye Harry!” I shouted and waved to the taxi after stepping out, ready to walk back into my hotel.


Harry's POV:

I knocked on Liam and Lou’s room, to find all the boys sat inside. “And where have you been all day?” Louis asked cheekily. “Oh, me and Jodie went to Coney Island for the day.” “Have fun?” Niall chirped up from the bed, where he lay sprawled out, as comfortable as ever. “Yeah, it was really good, had such a laugh” I said, smiling to myself and look down toward the floor.


I sent Jodie a text before getting into bed. Today had been one of the best days. EVER.


Jodie's POV:

My phone buzzed as I sat down at the bar of my hotel.

From: Harry               To: Jodie

Today was so good! Had so much fun :) Night. xx


To: Harry                     From: Jodie

I know! I had a really nice time, see you soon :) xx

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