A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


53. Back on tour

Harry's POV: **a month later**

"We aren't allowed to take anyone with us this time. I'll come and see you whenever I can and I'll Skype you everyday. Sorry I can't bring you" The boys and I are back on tour- we leave tomorrow morning. Even Louis isn't allowed to take Eleanor and they've not long had a baby together. Personally, I think that's unfair, they could at least let him, they're just starting a family but no, management don't want them on tour. Apparently, it'll tire Louis out too much. Well, I'm pretty sure he'd want to spend time with his girlfriend and baby but they won't listen to him- he has tried. "It's fine Harry. I understand". She says she's fine but I can see in her face she doesn't mean it. "Eleanor will probably enjoy your help- she's on her own for 2 months or so". I try and cheer her up but I can't help but feel guilty, I'd much rather take her with me.


Jodie's POV: **2 months later**

From: Niall      To: Jodie

Have a safe flight, me and Liam will be waiting for you three at the airport over here :)

I quickly reply to Niall before switching my phone to flight mode. Liam, Niall and Zayn had arranged to have me, El and baby Tommy fly over to America to see them. It's a surprise for both Louis and Harry- apparently they've been really irritated and down lately so they're guessing they're missing us.

"I can't wait to see Lou, I've really missed him" Eleanor tells me. Just by her face you can tell she's really excited. I think she's found it difficult without Louis since they went away- you know with looking after Tommy and all. She'd never admit that though. "Well, a few more hours and you'll be reunited with him!" I grin. Eleanor turns her head away from my gaze to avoid eye contact, "Jode? Is everything with you and Harry ok? I mean you don't really seem that excited to see him.." Great, something I didn't want to be brought up. But Eleanor tells me everything and I can trust her so I suppose I shouldn't get the hump over her asking as a friend. A sigh falls from my mouth and I look down to the palms of my hands as I fiddle around with the seatbelt, "I don't know- we've been arguing loads since he left. I think there's been two or three nights where our phone calls don't end up in an argument. Everything was fine before they went away.. It all seems to be falling apart". "Well he must miss you because the others seem to think so from the way he's been acting" Eleanor looks up at me; still trying to be reassuring. "Mmm.. Or he's been irritated because we keep arguing and sad because of all the arguments?" I speak with a suggestive tone. After taking a short pause I speak again, "The thing is we've been arguing over silly little things and he even said maybe we should take a break 2 weeks ago and we haven't spoken since so I really don't know how he's going to take this whole thing when I turn up". "Oh" Nothing else seems to sound from her mouth as she looks back down to Tommy who is sat in her lap. "I'm sure you'll sort it out- you always do".


Louis' POV:

"Don't you miss Jodie?" Harry just shrugs without making a sound as we both lean across the kitchen side; both taking a sip of our drink. "I miss El and Tommy". Harry's been really off these past 3 weeks. I'm guessing he misses Jodie but won't tell any of us that for some reason. It wouldn't bother us if he told us- they're inseparable so it's not as if its unexpected. "Yes?" Harry looks agitated toward Zayn who's now stood infront of us both; not moving and staring at us intently. "We're going out so get ready" he shakes his head. "I'd rather wait until Eleanor calls or something". Zayn shakes his head again, "Nope- you can do that while we're out". A frown spreads across my face as I speak once again, "Fine. Where are we going?" "Liam's having a little gathering in his apartment because you two" he points between Harry and I, "Are doing nothing but mope around all day and putting an act on for the cameras when you have to. Now get ready and don't take ages". Harry groans and slides off the stool he was slumped on before with me following his lead but instead rolling my eyes.


"I don't see the point of this, Liam isn't even here and nor is Niall" Harry says whilst he rearranges his jeans. He looks how I feel right now. I too don't see the point of this- we're at a gathering with everyone here but the most important ones aren't here. And even Liam- the 'holder' of this event isn't here! How great. "I'm going to the toilet" Harry hands me his drink of beer.

"SURPRISE!" Liam and Niall barge in shouting with huge grins spread across their faces. "Really? It's not exactly a nice surprise when you two walk through the door" I smirk. "No" Niall laughs and punches my arm lightly, "This is your surprise". My smirk fades as tears form in the corner of my eyes. "El, Tommy!" I take Tommy from Eleanor's arms and hug them both at the same time. "I hope you crying is a good thing" Eleanor laughs into my shoulders. "They're happy tears" I chuckle.


Jodie's POV:

Louis told me Harry's in the bathroom. Well this is a pretty big apartment and somehow I've managed to get myself lost. I've obviously taken the wrong turn and ended up at the balcony- it's a lovely view so I've kind of just stood here for a couple of minutes taking it all in; the surroundings, they're so pretty it's unreal. My phone starts buzzing and I take it from my pocket to see Harry's number flashing up on screen. Why is he ringing me? Surely he knows I'm here by now. He must've heard everyone welcoming us in. "Hello?" I answer. "Jode- don't say anything just listen to me". I do as he says. "Eleanor and Tommy are here and watching them just now made me realise we don't need a break. They've had their problems but got over them without taking a break from one another and look at how they've ended up. Perfect- a proper little family. I'm sorry for saying we needed some time apart. We don't. I was wrong.. At the time I thought it was right but it's not". All falls quiet between us both until Harry soon interrupts it, "Are you at a party? I can hear the music" I laugh a little seeing as I can hear the same music on his end because we're in the same place. "Sort of" I smirk, "I can hear music on your side too". "The same song's playing" Harry lightly giggles to himself. "Harry- go to the balcony" I sigh. Short pauses of muffling encounter through the phone and you can hear him moving through people; making his way to the balcony.


Harry's POV:

"Ok.. I'm out here" I tell her confused. She speaks calmly, "Now turn around". As I turn around my eyes focus on a girl stood not far from me; just down the other end of the balcony. As I walk further down, the light beams down on her face and I then recognize the person. "Jode!" we hug each other for a fair while; neither of us speaking- just holding each other tight. "How did you get out here?". She smiles lightly, "You have Liam, Zayn and Niall to thank for that one".


We went back in for a few drinks and to chat with the others but after a while Louis and I could tell both Eleanor and Jodie are starting to get tired. They've done a whole days travelling, then coming back here with everyone and staying up til early hours of the morning, they just need some sleep. First, Eleanor, Louis and Tommy head off to their apartment. Secondly Niall and a lot of the others have gone now. "Do you want to stay with me or one of the others? I don't mind"  I ask Jodie. Although, I do mind- I don't really want her staying with the others. Liam- I trust but 'd rather she's with me still, Niall and her were together at one point and we all know of his recent feelings for her. Lastly, Zayn- he won't tell anyone because he's with Perrie but I see the way he looks at her. They're like brother and sister but given the chance he'd probably have a different kind of relationship with her aswell. "No, we need to talk" she bats her eyelids almost as if it's to keep her eyes from closing shut. I know she's really tired because she's just yawned like 3 times in the space of 40 seconds.

"The arguing needs to stop Harry- I can't do it anymore, not like that. It's too much, we've been arguing everyday and that's just over the phone; we hadn't even seen each other for more than a month". She's right, it does need to stop and I'll be doing everything I can to make sure that happens. "I know babe- we both need to stop picking at one another for silly things". "And you need to stop asking if I'm out somewhere and with who. If I was, I'd tell you but I haven't been. Yet you still don't trust me". Well, yeah.. I do ask her that all the time, especially when I hear music from her side of the phone. "I know" my head bows down a little, "I just worry about you and I don't like the thought of people thinking your single when you're not. We both need to trust each other more". Jodie nods before rubbing her eyes hard, "We need to sleep. I'm glad this is all sorted out. Night". She pushes herself away from the bed. "Err- where do you think you're going?" I grab her hand gently. "To sleep, on the sofa bed". "You're staying here. I haven't slept next to you in 2 months and believe me thats more than long enough. I want you to- infact, no. I need you to stay here and you will" I smirk before pulling her back down. "Harry! Let me go!" She laughs rather loud whilst wriggling. I continue to pin her down beside me, "Nope- you're staying here, next to me" I laugh too. After a short time of both of us ending up in fits of laughter, I smile and relax as she gives up and stays put by my side.

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