A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


58. As months pass

A/N: I'm so sorry for hardly updating. I went on holiday again and then I've just been busy since I got back. I promise, I'll be updating as frequent as possible from now on though :-) xx


Harry's POV:

Everyone's being so nice to me but they really shouldn't. I'd rather them be shouting at me; telling me its my fault, that I'm in the wrong. It wouldn't make a difference- whatever they say or do won't change what Jodie did to herself so they might aswell tell me what they think. 3 long hours have passed, it's 1:30 am now. I'm still here. Still waiting. "Harry, mate- we've gotta go home now. You heard the doctor" Liam pats my shoulder and leans down to my level. Liam and Niall had stayed longer than anyone else; they all left a little while ago. I think Liam stayed because he saw what a state I'm in and Niall just stayed for the same reason I did. Niall stands by the window next to the bed in which Jodie had previously been lying in. Tears fill his eyes when he stares at the bracelet on the side. They must've taken it from her when she first came in. She never takes it off; it means a lot to her. I think it was the last present she ever got from her parents before they died. Niall gently nudges his fingers over the gold; picking it up gently and cups it firmly in his hand. Tears flick against his skin and he doesn't bother to wipe them off. I'd been so occupied with watching Niall, I hadn't even realise Liam is gone and over to Niall. Soon enough both of them are by my side as we walk out the hospital doors; ready for a quiet journey home. "Liam, I can't go home, not without her, not yet. Can I stay at yours please?" I ask. Liam agrees on letting me stay. Infact, he almost insists I do.


Liam's POV:

Niall dropped us off over 2 hours ago. Since then Harry's been in the spare bedroom and all I've heard is the faint sobs coming from him. I sent Danielle home when we got the news- I doubt Harry wants a reminder of relationships at the moment. She didn't mind though. Earlier the doctors moved Jodie from a normal ward to ITU. We weren't allowed to see her after that; not that she was awake when we could either. Obviously everyone's upset and really worried but Harry and Niall are much worse. You can see they both don't know what to do with themselves. One of the doctors who was looking after Jodie before we moved was telling us how she's been moved because of the seriousness. With the way its looking, they don't expect her to make a great recovery so these next few days are critical; to whether she'll be ok, whether all her vital organs will be fine and most importantly, whether she will actually be able to wake up. Only time will tell I guess.


Harry's POV:

My fists clutch the bracelet and clothes she last wore tightly. My knees pulled in close to my chest as I lay in a ball. What if something's wrong when she wakes up? What if she doesn't wake up? If I lose her- my thoughts run along whilst I break down in tears. I did this to her. Me- only me. Memories flashback from when we first met; our first dates. Tears stream from my eyes; soaking the pillow in which my head lay firmly against.


Jodie's POV: **3 months later**

"You still don't want to see him?" Zayn sighs and Louis carries on from, "It's been 3 months Jodie. You're recovering well. Infact you've recovered now; the doctors told you that last month. He's worried about you. All he wants is 5 minutes. That's all". I listen to his words but take no notice. Firmly, I shake my head. "I may have recovered and now got myself sorted out but I can't see him and I won't". Niall takes me aside; to his kitchen, "Look, I know it's hard but please Jode. Just go see him. For 5 minutes. That won't hurt will it?" Niall has been really good to me since all this happened. As have the others. I can't help but feel smothered by them though and I shouldn't be thinking this- not after the counselling I'm having but I kind of still wish I wasn't here. Part of me still wishes I'd never have made it through them two crucial nights. I'm patching it up though; moving on. Like my counselor said "It won't happen straight away, but give it time; soon enough you'll get past this and be happy again". I just hope that comes true- I mean I suppose I'm half way there already.


Niall's POV:

"Are you sure that's a good idea Niall?" Liam gazes over my outfit, whilst I re-arrange it all to straighten everything out. Zayn dropped Jodie off in her new apartment earlier this morning so I've not seen her all day since then. We're going out for a meal in less than 10 minutes and I still have to pick her up yet. "Dunno" I shrug my shoulders; not listening to Liam's 'helpful' information. "Well I wouldn't tell Harry-" Zayn's cut off by the footsteps against the hard wood flooring and Harry's deep voice echoing through the house. "Tell me what?" he speaks with a look of agitation in his eye. "Well I-" my voice cracks as I pause. Liam nudges me on, "Go on Niall". "Me and Jodie.. We're going to dinner.." Harry shrugs whilst shaking his head, "Yeah. Whatever". I occupy myself by putting on my jacket; letting the material flow over my skin covering myself up, "And I was sort of gonna ask her.. To well you know, be, um.. My girlfriend?" The tone in my voice sounds as though I'm asking for his permission but I'm not. I just can't be too forward with the way I put it. He'll deny it, but I can see he's hurt. The expression on his face turns even more sour, "So? Ask her to be your fucking girlfriend. Like I care" Without further ado, he storms off toward the playroom where Louis, Eleanor and Danielle are sat playing with Tommy in the ball pit.


Jodie's POV:

This restaurant is gorgeous. The decor, the food, the people who work here- all of them are lovely. Not one fault for this place at all. "So, I was wondering.. I know it might be too soon and that's fine but we're quite close yeah?" My head bops up and down, "Mhm". His voice echoes between our table and through to my ears, "Would you wanna be my girlfriend? It's just we're close. And I like you. Alot." The sweetest smile spreads over his face when he blushes and looks away from my gaze. "It's not that I don't like you because, well we've been here before. I just don't want to rush things". Is this what I need though? Maybe it is. Niall does genuinely like me, he never did anything to hurt me before and we are close. "We don't have to rush things, I promise. Just be my girlfriend and we'll take it slow from there. I want to be able to call you mine" He smirks and looks down again. "O-k" I stutter just a little. Almost instantly, he's leaned across the table; leaving a print of semi-wet from his mouth as he kisses my cheek. As he sits back in his seat, whilst we wait for the bill, his hand sits within mine with his thumb gently caressing and stroking my hand, "My princess aye?" His words and stare make me weak at my knees. Maybe he is what I need after all. We'll find out I suppose. But as of now, I guess for the first time in 3 months, I can say; I actually feel happy.

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