A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


54. Arguing again

Jodie's POV:

Louis and Eleanor are going out to dinner; they're taking Tommy too, Harry's spending some time in the studio, Liam, Danielle, Zayn and Perrie are all going out tonight seeing as they had them flown over here for a couple of days too so that just leaves me and Niall. "What you gonna do tonight babe?" Harry asks as he sprawls out along the bed watching me change clothes. "Um, Niall suggested we go get something to eat.." I trail off slightly nervous knowing Harry won't be too pleased. "You're coming to the studio with me. We'll get dinner after" he sits up to stare at me sternly. "Harry it's only dinner" I furrow my brows at him. "With Niall" he raises his left eyebrow whilst giving me a displeasing stare. "Yes. Everyone else is busy and we aren't. It's to keep us occupied til you're all back." Harry stands up and throws on a shirt along with a snapback, "Fine. Don't bother waiting up later- I'll be at the studio for a while tonight". Seriously, is he really annoyed about this? It's dinner because everyone else is busy. That's all. "Harry are we arguing again? I don't want to leave it like this- I won't go if you really don't want me to," I sigh. He pulls his lips into a tight line with an agitated look on his face, "Guess we are. And no, we will leave it like this, you go have dinner with Niall. Like I said, don't wait up for me". He forces a fake and sarcastic smile on his face before leaving the hotel apartment.

"What's up? You've been off all through dinner?" Niall looks at me caring. Before thinking I speak, "Oh. Harry wasn't too pleased about us going to dinner and we sort of got into an argument.. Again".


Niall's POV:

From what Jodie's just sat and told me it sounds like her and Harry aren't getting on too well and haven't been for a couple of months. I shouldn't be pleased because she's obviously upset with it all. "I'm sure it's just a rough patch- you'll get passed it soon" I smile and hug her calmly.

We're both back at the hotel waiting for all the others to get back now, I'm watching TV and Jodie's sitting on her phone. Her face turns from sweet to irritated and anger-looking. "Something happened?" I ask. "Check Twitter and you'll see" she frowns. I do so and find a hashtag of '#IsHaylorBack' along with a picture of Harry and Taylor; smiling together and it's recent. Then a tweet saying;

@taylorswift13:  Nice catch-up with @Harry_Styles and others :)


Jodie's POV:

Ok, me and Niall had dinner, that's no biggie. But Harry's seen with Taylor- his ex after telling me he'd be in the studio. Really? That hurts. I've done as he said and aren't waiting up for him. I fly back to England tomorrow so if he wants to play games, let him do that.

Yeah, 2 hours ago I tried sleeping but I can't- too much is on my mind. The door slams shut alerting me that Harry is back in. I stay put in the bed. It doesn't take long before he's in the bedroom; taken off his clothes and laying by my side. "Jode" the softness of his hand gently touches my arm as he shakes me. The smell of alcohol extends from his mouth as he speaks. Great; he's been drinking too, god knows what he's been upto then. I keep quiet and still; pretending to be asleep. "Jodiee" his voice gets louder when he whispers in my ear. The presence of his body hovering over my side gets stronger as he continues to try and wake me up. "Jodie get up.. Oit. Jode" after a few more attempts he gives up and moves off the bed; stumbling over as he opens the door and making a rather loud noise. "Ouch- fuck that hurt!" He groans as he holds his foot. I'm guessing he fell into the dresser and stubbed his toe then. "Oh so you are awake then" he half smirks but with a slight bit of an agitated look on his face. "You woke me up.. when you fell" I lie and rearrange my pillows to a much more comfortable position. "Cuddle?" he jumps back in bed and leans in to give me a kiss. However I move my face so he catches my cheek rather than my lips. "I'm going back to sleep".


Harry's POV:

Geez she's in a bad mood. "Yeah and we can cuddle til we both fall asleep". "Why won't you let me just cuddle you?" I ask. She just about lets me finish before talking back, "Why don't you cuddle with Taylor? You seemed rather cosy earlier". Letting out a large breath, I sigh. "I met up with her for like 20 minutes, there's no harm". The tone in her voice changes as she turns her whole body on her front; making it harder for me to even try and pull her close. "She's your ex Harry; how do you expect me to feel?" he head shakes in the pillow. "Niall's your ex but you went to dinner with him" I snap back. "Whatever. Goodnight Harry" she sighs; still not looking at me or making much conversation. "Fine. Night then.. I love you" I nuzzle my head into her neck but she just turns her face so her hair covers me. We usually always settle our arguments and never sleep with them still going on. This however is the complete opposite, she won't even look at me.

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