A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


49. Are they not together anymore?

Jodie's POV:

"Where are we going? Just let me go- I won't say anything to anyone. Please don't do what you did last time" My voice trembles as James' large hand cups mine and he pulls me out of the car. He hadn't let me look out so once I exit the car, I then notice we're at the airport. He smiles sickly and turns to me, "I told you we're going away". Something tells me there's a lot more to all this.. A lot more. "You won't be needing this" he reaches into my pocket and takes out my phone; throwing it aside in the car we had previously been in. I don't say a word. To be honest I don't think I can; my mouth feels glued together. Scared is understatement right now. "Why are there people following us? With cameras?" A guy; who I don't know is also joining us and leans over to whisper to James, except he didn't really whisper seeing as I heard. "JODIE! Are you and Harry not together anymore?" "Where are you going?" "Who are the people you're going away with? Does Harry know? Are you still an item?" Various paparazzi shout out as we walk past. I keep my head low and say nothing.

"Where are we going James? I don't wan-" He hushes me by talking over me, "Turkey" "Turkey? But -when's the flight?" "Half 3" "So we have 3 hours?" "Yep". His answers are really short and blunt. Hopefully, I'm not letting on how petrified I am because if he gets the slightest thought of that; he'll enjoy it. He's sick- he really is. I shake my head, "I need the toilet". He observes me before speaking, "Fine but hurry back". There are still some paps here and there- trying to see why I'm with another guy and not Harry I suppose. After finishing in the toilet and fixing my hair and make-up, I step outside the stalls. "You took your time" the man who is still unidentified to me slams me against the wall where it's more isolated. "I-I. Sorry" "James sent me to get you so hurry up" I gulp and stay back from him slightly as he turns on his heels.


Harry's POV:

"Jodie, where are you? I thought we sorted everything out. Ring me when you get this please". "Did she say anything else?" Liam looks more than confused. "She always tells one of us where she is. She'd never just leave like that" Zayn also talks from behind me. "It's not right. She was fine when I dropped her off" I finish. Each of us have confused expressions on our faces.

About 10 minutes later and we've all started doing our own things. Niall and Louis are watching the TV, Liam looks as if he's having a little snooze, Zayn's listening to music and I'm in a world of my own. We have little TV's in this car. And right now Sky news is on. I haven't bothered listening to it or even watching it until now after Niall starts speaking. "Um, Harry you might wanna see this". "No. I don't want to Niall" I snap back; still annoyed with him from before. "No, you need to see it. Just trust me". For some reason, his voice makes me curious so I sigh and switch my TV on but let it play out loud; making each of the boys crowd round mine seeing as I'm at the front. Various images flash on screen of the same girl and two men.

"Now doesn't this girl look very familiar? A girl you may have heard or seen to be dating One Direction's very own Harry Styles? Well, from this pictures, we're gathering that her and Harry may have split, seeing as she's been spotted with two other men here; just only 10 minutes ago. So for all you One Direction fans; It's probably likely that Harry may be back out on the market again! " She lets out a smile before finishing her story.

"That was Jodie?!" Zayn rushes out and takes his phone from his pockets. I have no words; I don't know what to say. "And that was James right?" Niall adds. Surely, this can't happen again. I have no words; I don't know what to say. Surely, this can't happen again. My face is obviously showing how nervous, worried and scared I am, because Liam shakes my shoulder gently. "She wouldn't go anywhere with him. This is his doing" Louis reassures himself."It's alright mate, we'll get this sorted". "Oh really? Because she's at the airport, if not on the plane by now and we're an hour from just the Gatwick. I don't really see how this is easily going to be sorted Liam" I frown at how easy-going he's being about it all. Paul gathers what's going on from the front and interrupts us, "Harry, we can stop off and I'll get you a taxi to the airport. I'll have a couple of security meet you there".

I haven't a clue where they're going and the only easiest thing to do is ask around with the paps that are still here. I ask one who looks somewhat friendly and she lets me know that they headed toward the gates for Turkey. Each step closer, I feel more relief knowing I'll soon be with Jodie and she'll be safe again. I spot her long brunette hair; cascading way below her shoulders looking out the tall glass windows. Then a man; who places his hands on her hips. She wriggles away before shooting him a glare. I need to stay away from crowds of people otherwise I'll be noticed- hopefully having a beanie on will also somewhat disguise me. I notice Jodie coming towards this direction. The toilets are the only thing she can be going to seeing as that's all thats round this area of the airport now- plus I would've thought thats the only place she's being allowed to go on her own. "Can you stay here? Ring me if either of them two come near the toilets" I politely tell one of the security members who's with me. They nod to give me my answer as I head off to the womens' toilets, then hide myself just round the corner. I watch as Jodie walks in; her face full of sadness and worry. After several minutes she exits.


Jodie's POV:

Muscular hands wrap around my body and I feel myself flinch at the touch. Although, it doesn't feel unusual.. It feels right- warm and gentle. "Its me Jode. You're coming with me" The voice calms me as I realise its Harry. "Harry" muffles come from my mouth as I turn to hug him; burying my head to his chest. "How did you know?" "Paps saw you and thought we'd broken up.. We haven't got the time. Just keep walking ok?" He takes my hand in his. "We need to walk past them to get out so put this beanie on" he hands me the navy blue beanie which was previously covering his curls. Two other security men meet with Harry and I just further out from where the toilets were. Harry and I are in the middle; our hands locked together tightly and a security guard by each of our sides. As we pass where James and Mike are stood; only a few meters away, Harry's grip tightens on my hand. His jaw tenses as he looks toward the two but carries on walking.

We finally reach a car and I can feel the sense of relief from everyone inside."Sorry for my language but if I had the chance I'd fucking kill them pair of-" I stop him in his tracks, "No. I wouldn't want you to" "Why not? After everything his done to you" "Because you'd ruin your career and you'd be sent to prison- we'd hardly get to see you each other" the smallest smile appears on my face. Harry lets out a large sigh, "I know but I don't like what he's done and the fact he still tries to do it again". "I know but it wouldn't be worth losing you over".


Harry's POV:

I pull Jodie's body closer to mine. "I've got to go straight from here to the minibus. The boys are waiting" "Ok" she nods. "But you're coming with me. I'm not leaving you on your own". "Harry I can't do that. You've got to be somewhere" "Yes you can. Paul won't mind at all and there's a spare seat anyway. You're coming and thats final".

"Jodie! You're alright! Thank God for that!" Zayn embraces her in a hug as soon as she steps inside the minibus. She just nods and shyly smiles. They'd swapped over to a bigger minibus so we could also squeeze Jodie in- she doesn't know because otherwise she'd insist she's a pain for making us alter things and then she wouldn't come but I don't want her out of my sight. The only seats left are next to Niall and seeing as Jodie is infront of me, she sits next to him and I sit by her side so she's in the middle of both of us. "So how long from here until we're at the venue for this evening?" Liam asks Paul. "It's about a 3 hour journey left but we're stopping off for food aswell".


Zayn's POV:

Everyone but me and Liam are asleep. Obviously not Paul and the driver- but they're in the front anyway. Liam takes out his earphones and looks at Jodie and Niall, then Harry. Jodie's head has been resting on Niall's shoulder for the past hour and Niall soon fell asleep shortly after so his head is now laying lightly on hers. Harry's head is resting against the window instead. "I get the feeling not everything is running so smooth with their relationship". "What? Why?" I ask, a bit confused. How on earth can them to not be running smooth? I mean yeah, everyone will have their ups and downs but they're made for one another. "I don't know.. Just look- she's lying against Niall like that instead of Harry". A small giggle escapes my mouth, "Liam. Just because she's lying against Niall, it doesn't mean anything. Her head just fell that way". "No Zayn. Usually, you fall asleep on your boyfriend, not on a friend. Both of them used to be all cuddly infront of us.. Now there's hardly any of that." he pauses and then sighs, "I don't know.. They just seem a little distant from each other. Maybe it's just me? I just see this coming to an end soon or having complications with a certain person". He extends his finger to Niall, showing me who he meant. Luckily, just as I'm about to speak back, Harry starts to stir and wake. "How long left?" he stretches a little. "2 hours, stopping off for food in about half an hour though" I tell him. His lips tighten in a straight line when he notices how Niall and Jodie are resting. He cups Jodie's head and moves her from Nialls shoulder to his. Niall's head drops; causing him to wake abruptly. "What did you do that for?!" "Because you were lying on MY girlfriend" he emphasizes the 'my' whilst shooting him a stare.


Harry's POV:           **3 days later**

"So, I took you to get everything from your apartment, yeah?" Jodie nods. "Well, I was just wondering, would you.. You don't have to but if you want the offers always here" "Harry, get on with it" she interrupts. "Do you want to move in with me? You can get rid of your place and all the bad memories that go with it, pleasee?" I expand the last word, almost begging for her to say yes. "Are you serious?! I'd love to Harry!" she jumps from the bed and hugs me tight. "So is that a yes?" She replies almost instantly, "Yes".

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