A Day to Remember

When Jodie; a normal 17 year old girl flies across the Globe to New York, will everything run smoothly or will her worries come true? When she finds out singing sensations One Direction are on the same flight, will it be a day to remember for a good or bad reason? (15+)


59. A night out

Zayn's POV:

Its been a month since Niall and Jodie started dating. It doesn't feel right- not to me anyway. I suppose I'm just used to it being Harry in Niall's place. Today, we're on an interview in Central London and then later on I think the others were on about going out tonight seeing as we're all free. Plus it'll be nice for Lou and El; it'll be their first night out since having Tommy, who I think Eleanor's parents are looking after for the night. Should be good though. My mind wanders off into more thoughts as the interview gets started, all the usual questions- 'Which of you are single? Getting to know us type questions'.

"And Harry. We heard you've been through a recent split with Jodie.. Have anything to say about it?" Harrys face doesn't flinch one bit. He props himself up to comfort himself against the chair, "Yeah.. Um, I'd just like to say if she's listening now, I'm sorry for hurting you and I hope one day we can still be friends" a sigh follows after his words. This time, I think it's for good. He's gone too far and by the looks of things, she's not coming back.


Harry's POV: **Later on in the evening**

"Can we just talk? Like normally, nothing in it?" The music thumps loudly over my voice but I know she's still heard. Jodie shrugs her shoulders carelessly. This is actually the first time I've seen her since everything- 4 months ago. Well, apart from the first week she was still in the ward. She'd told everyone I wasn't allowed to visit but I'd go every night when I knew she'd be asleep and just sit by her side. It was peaceful I guess but it kills to know she wants nothing to do with me. "So was you listening to the radio earlier?" I scratch the top of my head lightly as I speak nervously. As she stands beside me, propped against the bar, she simply shrugs her shoulders once more, "Nope. I was working". "Ohh.. Where are you working then?" I ask. Her shoulders tense a little and soon enough she hops off the stool she was earlier propping herself up on, "Oh, just some.. Bar. Nothing major. I'm gonna' go dance now.." she trails off; leaving me stood there alone. Why is she being so edgy about her new job? Maybe there's more to it than she's letting on.


Jodie's POV:

I haven't drunk in over 5 months or so and I'm guessing that's the reason why I feel fairly tipsy already. Usually, I wouldn't feel anywhere near feeling drunk by this point but I am tonight.. Either I've drunk more than I realise or I'm a lightweight for this evening due to not drinking for several months. Whichever it is, I really don't care, just want to enjoy myself for tonight! Talking of enjoying myself, that's difficult to do when Harry is constantly hanging round me, trying to get me to talk to him.

"Woaah! Don'tyou think you should slow down a bit?" Liam grabs hold of my drink and tosses it down on the table. I stumble; following after him, "I think I'm just fine thanks" I grab the drink and go to Niall who isn't that far from us. "Ahh! How's my girl doing?" Niall almost shouts loud enough for the whole club to hear. Josh looks the drunkest one here, then again Niall looks pretty much the same. They're both singing along to the music, their arms draped over one another's shoulders and stumbing about the place. I laugh a little; it's quite amusing. It's now 2:15am and although tonight's been fun, I have work tomorrow. Or should I say later on? "Niall, I'm going home now". His hand rests against my shoulder and the smell of alcohol flows from his mouth right under my nose as he speaks, "How you getting home? You can stay at mine". "No it's fine. I'm getting a taxi to mine. See ya' later". I give him a quick kiss on the cheek as he does with me.


Harry's POV:

"I think I'm gonna head home. See you later" I tell Zayn, then one by one say my goodbye to the others. I haven't even had one alcoholic drink tonight. Some are worse off than others. And by others I mean Josh and Niall. Pretty funny really. Oh and Louis- he's fairly drunk too. Eleanor's just at that giggly stage.

As I step outside the club and onto the curb, not far down Jodie is stood waiting; putting her hand out to taxis, which all seem to be passing her. "You know they won't stop, they don't want to be picking up drunk girls" I smirk. Her speech is a tad slurred, "Well I'm not drunk". "Really? That explains the slurred speech and the stumbling" I laugh, stepping closer to her. She shuffles around in the same spot, trying to regain all her balance. 3 taxi's pass her, each one she huffs at. "My cars just around the corner, I'll take you home". "C'mon" I gently place my hand round her hip to support her and direct her in the way of my car. "Thanks".


Jodie's POV:

Everything feels so awkward. The walk to his car and now this journey to my apartment. "I need to stop off at the petrol station" Harry licks his lips as he usually does; wetting the outside of his mouth a little.

"I got you some water and chocolate" he grins, handing me the Crunchie and bottled water. "Your favourite" he winks. That kills me; he knows it does. It drives me crazy. Harry drives me crazy. Always has and always will. This is exactly why I said I couldn't see him! All those feelings come rushing back. I smile but sigh at the same time. "Harry,you're going the wrong way". "No, trust me this way will get us there". It won't but he's adamant it will so I let him carry on.

25 minutes later and we've ended up in a completely different place. "Oh. Any idea on how we get to your place then?" Harry frowns. London's a pretty big place, especially at night. You can easily get lost, just by taking one wrong turn. Harry reckons he knows how to get us back to his so we'll go from there.


Harry's POV:

"Jode, this isn't funny. I've never been to your apartment. The sat-nav isn't working, I haven't got a clue where it is and you don't know how to get there from here. We should just give up now" I can't keep a straight face and for the first time in 4 months, a genuine one is spread across my face. Both of us are in fits of laughter. She's too drunk to get herself from my area to hers. Apparently its on the other side of London. "Right, serious now. Where the hell am I going to stay? Its gone 3am!" Jodie pulls her mouth to as much of a straight line as she can. "I can book you in to a hotel?" I know she won't stay at mine so that's all I can offer her.


"It's a one bedroom but can sleep two. Enjoy your stay!" the man behind the desk hands me a set of keys and switches his eyes between myself and Jodie. "Oh, no. We're not together, I'm just taking her to the room and I'll be leaving".


Jodie's POV:

"Well, thanks for the eventful journey!" I laugh. I feel even more confident now than I did half an hour ago. "Anytime babe. Lets get you to bed then aye?" Harry tells me, leading me to the bedroom. I lay down on the bed and he takes off my heels. The relief I feel once they're off, it's like bliss! He takes off the red and black checkered shirt he is wearing to leave the white t-shirt on instead. "Right, you can where this to bed" he says whilst placing his hands beneath me to lift me up, where he then peels off my dress and places his shirt on me. I fiddle around with the buttons to try and do it up. For 'drunken' reasons, my hands miss and Harry ends up doing the buttons up for me. "Harry" I barely whisper. He turns his face, "Mm?" Before I can even think or stop myself, our faces are creeping in closer and closer; until our noses are touching. The tension is broken by a kiss. Sealed tightly together; neither of us coming up for air. Harry's body gets closer and more forceful when he leans over me; still kissing hard. One thing leads to another. His hands wander my body under the shirt. My fingers fiddle with his belt; unlooping it and pulling the jeans down; over his legs. Then both of us go for each others' tops. Soon enough, we're left  in only our underwear. Neither of us are talking, instead just an intense flow of kisses. Harry lowers himself down; unhooks my bra and each of us take off one anothers' underwear. "You don't know how much I've missed you Jode" he whispers in my ear deeply. Within seconds, Harry is thrusting himself into me, once again no speaking just intensified kisses and intercourse. Pleasure is sent through my body; from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Light groans exhale from Harry whilst he carries on.

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