The Bench at the End of the Road


2. Strange Happenings

Chapter one: A New beginning.   As Sheila strode down the sidewalk she came to a bench. Little did she now that that would be the place she met her true love, and die. “Ugggh! No, that sounds way too unprofessional! It’s not fair!” I put the book in the drawer, but before I closed it, I hesitated. It called me, I had to write more.

“Now I want to know where you are going to in such a hurry.” Said the well-dressed man.

“I shouldn’t have to tell you, we just met haven’t we?”

“I shall meet you later, at the bench at the end of the road.”

     I must have dosed off, as when I had awoken I was late for school. I rushed to get my things and put the book in my backpack. I ran down the sidewalk and turned down the side alley, when a boy stopped me. He had blonde hair and was wearing a formal T-shirt.

     “Hey, where are you going in such a hurry?” he said, and then it clicked, it was carl.

     “Where are Mikey and Jimmy?”

     “Hush, don’t worry about them right now, where’d you get that book?”

     “Don’t touch my book!” I started running as fast as I could and I could hear him running behind me, then he stopped and called out. “We will meet at the bench at the end of the road!”

      When I got to school I was out of breath, yet I couldn’t help but get the feeling of déjà vu. When I entered the classroom, Mikey and Jimmy were nowhere, yet I suspected they may have just slept in like I did.

     After school, I found myself wandering through the town park, and walking to the bench. It was always there, and I wondered how many countless people sat there, met there, kissed there, and proposed there. Then HE showed up, Mr. UglyMCButtface, Carl.

     “Hey beautiful, we meet again"

     “If I am to be beautiful in your eyes, I hope I’m ugly!” I ran down to the bench at the end of the street and the only thing I thought to do was write. As I ran from the psyco-killer, I went down to the bench at the end of the road. I layed my head down on the bench waiting for the blade of his knife to kill me, as I knew he had done to his friends. Suddenly, my head smacked into the bench, and I could hear a knife unsheath.


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