The Bench at the End of the Road


3. All Figured Out

    I took my pencil in my hand and wrote, The psyco-killer gets hit in the face with a water balloon. Sure enough Carl gets hit in the face with a water balloon, and his pocket knife dropped to the ground. I wrote, I run away as fast as my legs could take me, And I ran to my house.

     When I got to my house, I had a cold sweat. I decided to erase what I had wrote in the book, and return it as soon as possible. I got out my magirub eraser and started to rub off my story. Then I felt warm water running down my left arm, and noticed I was bleeding. My fingertips were dissappearing. I took out my ace bandage and wrapped it aroung my bleeding fingers. I then picked up my cell phone and dialed the store's number. Rinnng Rinnng Riin- Hello, you have reached a disconected phone line, if you need more options pleas- I hung up. I decided that I would have to go to the store to return it myself. I put on a hoodie and went outside, clutching my fingers.

     I went down the road to the department store and found it had closed down.

     "I guess I can Just leave it here..." I put the book down and walked down to the bench at the end of the road. It isn't really the END of the road, just where it splits into a crossroads. I looked down and saw that the ten dollars I had left on the store's table, was there, surrounded by a circle of rocks. It could be a fairy circle, so I decided not to touch it. I fell asleep in the warm afternoon light, on the bench at the end of the road.

     "Heh Heh, I found Erin's diary book, I guess It would do no harm to write, Erin loves Carl. I'll leave it in her arms. I may as well erase the stupid part about me being a psyco-killer. Cool! ten bucks! I'll go to a game stop, Mario Kart, here I come!" Carl walked down the street, not knowing the pain he would cause me, when I Wake.

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