The Order of the Ashes

A young boy Bartholomew was sent to find a man on the grounds of a grand Manor House. Sent to fulfil a role only he can take to save others around him.

The 'present time' being set in the 1920s with the rest of the story shifting time. We follow the man's lifetime of secrecy and service and discover his past and truth.The winding road of his life that was headed towards the boy.

Unveil the secrets guarded by death and dare to delve into history...


2. Saddler’s Cottage - Amos

"Mother, Mother!" I had to bellow as I ran through the already open back door. "Mother, I'm home now!" I shouted again. I often thought that with Mother's velvety soft voice she had gentle hearing too.

"Yes sweet pea? I could hear you shout Amos, I was out in the garden." Mother explained as she followed us in through the back door. "Sorry Heather. How's your father dear?"

“He’s feeling better thank you, just a bit more rest at home. The Doctor visited yesterday but Mother would still like to think she knows best!” Heather gave a little giggle.

“Well we’re missing him, especially Cecil, having to keep up with all the work in the saddler without him .He’s out there all day. But he’s tending to his horses now: nursing Alice after birth two days ago.” Mother was just rambling on, but Heather was too polite to show her disinterest.

“I’ll tell Father… may I stay for a while with Amos?”

“Of course dear, as long as you like, I’ll be around the kitchen or outside children.” Mother told us and she swept away into our cottage.

Heather’s Father worked with mine. They went to school together and opened their own little Saddlery, mind you I’d say they’re the best in all the villages nearby. People are always coming in to us; we once even had a man in a grey striped suit all the way from London! Heather and I go to school together, she’s born in 1896 but I’m 1894! I’m 9 now, I don’t really see Heather at school because she doesn’t like the other boys in my class.

“What are you day-dreaming about Amos? You look like you’re going to just topple over!” Heather joked, but she certainly liked me.


Heather and I had been playing all evening, the Autumnal breeze was cool outside but the sky was so warm, with all of its pinks and oranges. We went and saw the horses too, she stayed for dinner, Mother made the best steaming hot pies with creamy sauce and vegetables. But I had to wave Heather off when her Grandma walked to our house to get her.

“Florence that was lovely dear. I get to eat the best looking plate that tastes even more wonderful!” my Father proclaimed. He was a cheerful man: even if Mother had served the vegetables raw with the clumps of mud in between neither would he have complained or changed his verdict of the meal. “Amos son, how has your day faired? I noticed you playing with Heather by the horses earlier.”

“That’s right. Fine thanks. Can you take me to the square tomorrow? All the boys are meeting there and walking to the meadow to play football.”

“But what about Heather, aren’t you seeing her tomorrow?” Father inquired, again on my case.

“I suppose not, we don’t have to see each other every day.” I was confused why he was so interested but answered anyway. Heather has got other friends and so have I, what’s the problem? My parents started talking in hushed tones at the counter, there was no point in trying to listen or even bother asking so I sauntered up to my room.


“But Florence, I went to visit him today. Heather’s Mother isn’t too positive about his improvement. They think he might be seeing his last days draw closer.” Cecil whispered to his wife.

“Surely time with him is what they all want, including Heather.” She tried to reason hopelessly.

“That’s the thing, nobody will tell her. They must know everyone’s time is limited with him. I think they want to spare her the pain and ticking time for as long as possible. Being with a friend like Amos is what they want for her for now… until she has to know.”

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