Niall's Love Story

Niall. Love. Life.


1. Chapter 1

Liam's  Pov

I walked into my flat to be hugged by my Girfriend Danielle. I loved her. I heard giggling in the kitchen. Apparently Daniele asked all the girls to come here. And when I say girls I mean Niall's gf, Harry's gf, Louis's gf, and Zayn's gf. My flat was filled with girls. Great. Suddenly The boys walked in. Harry ran to Melanie, Louis ran to Adrianna, Zayn ran to Cassidy, and wait Niall didn't come in. What was he doing?

I walked out the door to see him sitting on the curb. "Hey Nialler whats wrong?" I asked him. He looked up at me and I could see that he was crying. "Liam I've been away from her for so long. Im afraid that she isn't going to love me as much as she used to." I looked at him. "Ni don't say that!" I helped him up and we walked into the house. Niall was looking down when all of a sudden he was jumped on by Cecelia. She missed him. I could tell. He hugged her back. She was crying so much lately thinking that Niall found a new girl when he was away. To be honest, Niall thought she got a new guy. We all walked upstairs into my room and left Cecelia and Niall downstairs.

We walked upstairs and we all sat on the floor. "So boys tell us about the tour." Melanie said. "Okay well it was actually fun until last month when we heard we were coming home to see our girls." the girls just looked at us and smiled. Zayn and Cassidy left to go to Zayn's flat. Louis and Adrianna left to Louis's flat and Harry and Melanie to Harry's. I think I heard Niall and Cecelia leave. It was Danielle and me alone in our flat. She came up and kissed me on my cheek. I kissed her back. We started laughing and when we finally stopped we went and sat on the bed. "So did you miss me?" I asked. She shook her head and I hugged her really tight. "OKAY LIAM I SURRENDER I MISSED YOU TO MUCH" she said. I laughed and let go.

It was 12:30 at night. I was going to my room to lay on my bed but saw Danielle fell asleep there. I laughed and went over to the bed. I kissed her forehead and picked her up and put her on the other pillow so she wouldn't roll of the bed. I went to the pull-out couch and fell asleep thinking of Dani.

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